Monday, April 7, 2014

Until All People Have a Fair Chance to Accept the Gospel - Elder Jake Avery

Written by Elder Jacob Avery, serving in the Peru Lima West Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, speaking Spanish.

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This week was a pretty good week. It'll be a great week when someone is inside their house when we go over for their appointment. We're kind of stuck in the mud with a lot of investigators, so we've been looking for new people to teach this week. One guy heard my companion joke around as we were contacting. The lady we were talking to said ''Oh, yeah I've read stuff from the Witnesses of... of ....'' and my companion said something like, ''Witnesses of Jehoshaphat?'' She laughed and we set up an appointment with she and her husband. We're going to their house on Wednesday. Her neighbor however, when we talked to him, swore at us, called us idiots and lots of other things, then threatened us. My companion got a little heeved, but I just told the guy, ''Thanks for your advice,'' and left.

We were hoping to schedule a baptism for the 12th, but the lady we are teaching is NOT ready. She's been to church four times and her daughter is a member, but neither of them have been to church in two months. She insisted that she'd go to Conference and was even in Caras, by the church, on Sunday, but never came! Sometimes you gotta grab people by the ear.

H** (that pronunciation is really funny in Spanish, and the fact that someone from Peru would consciously name their kid that is even funnier. Sometimes they just like English names) did go to Conference and had a great time. He went to the first session when President Eyring talked about baptism. It was perfect. He had a good time and we're planning on scheduling a baptismal date in the coming weeks.

One thing that I've realized after months of hearing all sorts of things from enemies of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is that they are mostly cowards, just like their coward of a master. They don't make eye contact with me, a 19-year-old boy, they only attack church leaders who are dead, they can't speak for themselves (just spew things other people who don't know anything about our church have told them), and they lack Christian charity and love. They say all these things about Joseph Smith, but look here! Fifteen living men have just declared the same things as Joseph Smith did 200 years ago. They declared the divinity of Christ's church and their possession of Priesthood Keys. The enemies of the church struggle to attack the Living Prophets and Apostles directly because the enemies of the church are cowards just like Satan. They don't have a leg to stand on.

I'm so thankful that even thousands and thousands of miles away I could see the Lord's servants give spiritual guidance and direction. I'm so thankful for the promise of the Lord that we will ''not be confounded before men.'' I'm so grateful that there are humble, good people here that are excited to hear the gospel. And I know that until all people have had a fair chance to accept the gospel, we will continue bring this message to the whole world.

I give my best wishes and blessings to the Averys in Virginia. They've been in my prayers and thoughts. I know that God loves us, and that through Jesus Christ's atoning sacrifice all injustice can be recompensed. I'm deeply sorry for their loss.

Have a great week everyone. Good luck in all of your activities and have fun :) I love you all and miss you!

Elder Jake Avery

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