Friday, May 31, 2013

Visitors' Center Training - Sister Lindsey Jeppson

Written by Sister Lindsey Jeppson


So, in my head I thought I was leaving on a Wednesday...however, I was looking at a calendar and June 4 is a Tuesday!! Best day ever!

My district left Wednesday morning. I got up at 3:00 a.m. to take two of my roommates to the traveling office, then again at 4:45 a.m. to take my companion and other roommate. I went back to my residence hall and was completely alone. It was the craziest thing ever. I got ready, grabbed my stuff, and moved into another room with my new companion. Her name is Sister Creek. She is going to the Idaho Falls Temple Visitor Center, speaking English. She is 24 years old and about 5 inches shorter than me. She graduated from BYU with a Bachelors Degree in Business and a minor in Spanish.

We have two roommates, and they are both going to the Mesa Temple Visitor Center, speaking English. We went to Temple Square on Wednesday morning for an orientation. We got back to the MTC (Missionary Training Center) at 12:00. There are 20 Sisters in my Visitor Center class. Seven of us are going to Mesa, three are speaking English, and the rest of us are speaking Spanish. I'm the only white Sister speaking Spanish.

We have three different classes. The first one is just classroom instruction where we are taught how to apply what we have learned these past weeks into Visitor Center scenarios. The second one is called Resource Center. We have laptops and we answer chats from So yes, I have talked to real people! It is the coolest experience. But, I have had some pretty weird questions.

The third class is TRC (Training Resource Center). Volunteers come in and we pretend like we're in a Visitor Center by greeting them and answering their questions. I've been doing all of this in English and feel like I'm sinning because it's not in Spanish :).

It's great!! I get to go to Temple Square one last time, and we get paired with a Sister Missionary there to teach or conduct tours. It's really cool. Since I've been in the MTC, we've been working on proselyting skills. I've haven't even thought of the Visitor Center until now. I get to do so much!! I'm so stoked!!

With my district gone, the MTC just isn't the same. The first day was rough. I felt the same way I did when I first got here. But change is good. And because of it, I'm more ready to enter the field. I really don't think there is much more I can learn here (besides Spanish grammar stuff). I'm just ready to get out and get to work!!

This week, in my many hours of study, my testimony increased of the Book of Mormon, the Bible, and God's love for his children. Every time we practiced teaching, I always got questions about why the Book of Mormon was so important, and if we believe it is more important than the Bible. Preach my Gospel is amazing. In Chapter 5, it talks all about the Book of Mormon. Read it!! I never really understood where the Book of Mormon came from and why it was so important. Not only does It contain the fullness of the Gospel, but it shows Heavenly Father's love for ALL of his children. Read it so you can understand what that means.

How are your missionary experiences going?? It's cool that the youth got to have that missionary experience teaching about Joseph Smith. That really is the best practice for being a missionary. Share the Gospel with everyone! You don't have to only teach the principles of the Gospel, but you have to live it! Be an example! Love your neighbor as your self. Obey your mother and father. Attend church. Repent. Be kind, humble, patient, and diligent. There is something we can all do to be a better follower of Christ. Kneel in prayer, ask Heavenly Father what you can do to be better, and He will tell you. I do it every day and my life has been so blessed.

Thank you for all your prayers!! Keep up the good work Member Missionaries!!!!

Te quiero,

Hermana Jeppson

Travel Plans  (May 24, 2013)

Last Day at the MTC (June 5, 2013)

Sister Jeppson and her Temple Square companion, Sister Garcia

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Meet Elder Burgess

Brian Alma Burgess was born and raised in Cache Valley, Utah. He is the son of Alma and Cheryl Cannell Burgess. Brian has two brothers, Tim and Cameron, and one sister, Kimberli. He also has a brother-in-law, Brad; a nephew, Simon; and a sister-in-law, Shelynn.

In 2012, Brian graduated from Skyview High School in Smithfield, Utah, and the LDS Seminary program. Following high school graduation, Brian worked for Logan Lanes. He plans to major is Business at Utah State University upon completion of his mission. He enjoys tennis, bowling, good friends, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

In January 2013, Brian received a call to serve in the Mexico Puebla North Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, preaching the Gospel in the Spanish language. He reported to the Provo Missionary Training Center on May 29, 2013.

Elder Burgess's First Week in the Provo MTC


Elder Burgess's Parents
Alma Burgess and Cheryl Cannell Burgess

Elder Burgess's siblings
Left to right: Tim, Kimberli, Elder Brian Burgess, Cameron

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Elder Madsen's First Week in Fresno

Written by Elder Kolby Madsen

My P-day is Monday, but we couldn't email because the library was closed (for Memorial Day). To start off, first day we get off the plane and we are bombarded with missionaries. They all gave us hugs and gave a spiritual thought. They were all the missionaries going home right after we got here.

Then we went out back to go to the cars and saw President Gelwix. He is awesome. Then we went to the mission office and got started with some paper work and stuff. Then we went out and started tracting (walking through neighborhoods, knocking on doors, and talking to people). Pretty scary stuff, but it's easier now. Then we spent the night with the Assistants to the President.

The next morning we got our companions. I lucked out. My companions are the zone leaders over the zone we are in. Our area is pretty big because we are over the YSA (Young Single Adult) Ward. So all of our lessons are to YSAs. It's so much fun.

My companions are Elder Larson from Arizona, and Elder Elkington from NEW ZEALAND! He is so funny. I love them both. They are amazing missionaries and it's just a ton of fun.

So my first day with my kammerats (Danish for companions) we went to teach Conrad (name changed for privacy). Now Conrad is a recovering anything you can think of that involves the Word of Wisdom, so his brain is fried. But he is gaining back his memory and his ability to learn everyday. He has been clean for five weeks. His baptism date is August 3. We are trying to tell him that he is ready sooner, but it's between him the Lord. I have taught over six lessons to investigators. I was prompted to invite Olivia and Monica to be baptized, so I manned up and did it. Their baptism date is tentatively scheduled for June 22.

The work is pressing hard here and the people are ready. It's amazing! I learn so much. Both my companions played football or rugby in high school. Elder Elkington actually has a scholarship to BYU next season to play rugby for them. Crazy stuff. He leaves after this transfer.

All is well. I have learned a ton and have the opportunity to teach investigators daily. I love it. All of what I thought it would be (on the mission) is not true. It's so much fun. I love teaching. Because my trainers are zone leaders and over the YSA Ward, we drive a car everywhere, which is very nice because I kinda, well, tweeked my knee again. I am giving up on all sports for a little while. But don't worry. I am good. I can still run. I will just watch others have fun on preparation day.

We are also teaching two girls right now. They are both 19 years old and very outgoing girls. They both just wait at the door to see us, and can't wait to learn about the Gospel. It's amazing how prepared the people are here in Fresno. We have three lessons planned today, along with some finding to do. I can't wait. I am super excited to just teach more and more.

I am sorry to say, but the hand written letters are going to slow down. It takes three days for mail to get there, and three days back. But I will still write, so you can go ahead and put my email on Facebook. Luckily, here we get 1 hour and 30 minutes to email. We just have to write to the Mission President first, then family, then friends.

It's weird...I thought that because I would not be speaking Danish all the time that I would start to loose it, but I feel like I am still learning. The Lord is blessing me so much. I love it. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be out here. To serve the YSA Ward is so much fun. I get to talk to, teach, and learn from people in college that are around my age. It's a blast because preparation day is on Monday. When everyone else goes out to start proselyting at 6:00 p.m., we have FHE (Family Home Evening). So we get to bring investigators to FHE where they can learn in a better and more applicable environment. It's so much fun.

Well, I love you. I have a letter coming to you soon. I have much to do, people to serve, and this is the Lord's time, so I will talk and write next week.

P. S. Yes, that address is for mail and packages.

Elder Madsen's Second Week in Fresno

Elder Madsen Leaves for Denmark!

Elder Elkington, Elder Larsen, Elder Madsen

Our apartment in Fresno

Our kitchen in the closet of our apartment

Elder Madsen's desk in the apartment in Fresno

Since a wheelchair was available, we had to attempt some wheelies!


Friday, May 24, 2013

Update and Travel Plans for Sister Jeppson

Written by Sister Lindsey Jeppson

So Wednesday is "new missionary day" and all the missionaries come in about the same time as our gym time. That day we decided to go up to the temple to run. So on our way up, we were waving to all the new missionaries. As we were passing this one car, I had the impression to say 'hi'. So, I stopped by the passenger window, waved and said, "Hola, Sister. Welcome to the MTC." As I was walking away, I heard "LINDSEY!" (yes it was insanely weird to hear my first name!). I turned around and it was KAITLYN!! (NOTE:  she is Lindsey's cousin who just left for the MTC). It was the coolest thing ever. We couldn't talk then, but I found her at dinner and we talked a bit. It was super cool!!

This week has been kind of weird. Half our zone left on Wednesday, and this coming Wednesday, the rest of our zone is leaving, my district included. Everyone but me. I'm excited to learn more about being a Visitor Center Missionary, but I'm going to miss my district so so so much. We are like a little family. So, on Wednesday, I will get a new room assignment and a new companion. That will be interesting. I also get to go to Temple Square on Wednesday!! (I better not see anyone up there!)

Yesterday we had in-field orientation. It went from 8-5:30, and then we had class from 6:30-9:30. Longest day EVER. But I learned a ton. We talked about goal setting, faith, working with the members, and of course, our purpose as missionaries. Everything is getting so real, and I am SO nervous, but SO excited. An Elder in our zone had to fly to Las Vegas to get his visa and he had a pretty cool missionary experience. Hearing it gave me just a little anxiety. I was thinking, "Oh my word...when I get to the airport, I immediately start looking for people to talk to." BAH! It's getting real! But I couldn't be more excited.

I JUST GOT MY TRAVEL PLANS!!! YAY!! I"m leaving June 4, and my flight is 40 minutes long, WHOA!!!

This week, Faith was something that I have been working on. Whenever we teach, I get super discouraged. Well, I was reading in PMG (Preach My Gospel) and I came across this quote, "Discouragement weakens your faith." It was an eye opener. That night I knelt in the most sincere prayer, asking for forgiveness. I also gained so much more trust in my Savior. Now, I do all I can to prepare, and I know that the Savior will pick up where I lack. And He has done that! It is amazing. My relationship with my Savior is stronger and continues to strengthen everyday.

Something cool that I learned yesterday: Faith is not only believing in something that is not seen, but it is believing in the power of God. It is believing that with the will and power of God, anything is possible. I have experienced this SOO many times while being in the MTC. I can not wait until I get out into the field.

On Tuesday, we had a pretty cool devotional. Here are my favorite quotes: "Give your all, DO NOT hold anything back from the Lord. You have been GIVEN either 18 or 24 months to serve and your whole life to think about it. Don't waste a minute." After hearing this devotional, I have been striving NOT to waste any of the Lord's time. And it's not easy when most of your day is spent studying and teaching.

Heavenly Father LOVES each of us SOO much. WE are so precious to Him. I feel so honored that He trusts me enough to teach his precious children and help them come unto Christ. We are sent to save souls, and save families. This work is SO amazing. I regret all the doubts I had before coming. Yes, it is hard, but IT IS SOOOO WORTH IT!!

Yo se que este la Igelsia is verdad. Yo se que Padre Celestial amo su hijos. Yo se que Jesucristo muerte por nos pecados. Yo se que nosotros podemos regresar a nos Padre Celestial y vivir con nos families siempre. YO amo la Iglesia de Jesucristo. Yo estoy animado por la oppurtunidad a compritir el Evangelio con las personas de MESA! En el Nombre de Jesucrist, Amen.

That probably has so many spelling and grammar errors, but the Spirit is definitely present. I feel it so strong right now. Mucho gracias por su orarciones (prayers). I feel them!!! I pray for all of you!! I love this gospel.

REMEMEBER!! Every member a missionary. Spend 5-10 minutes every morning and night in prayer. Ask for missionary experiences, you will get them! Listen to the Holy Ghost. He will tell you who needs a friendly smile. Remember, we are all children of God. Respect one another. Love one another. Serve one another. You will be blessed.

I want to hear about everyone's missionary experiences! Will you all commit to do a Christ-like act? And then tell me about it :) I promise, if you pray, Heavenly Father will give you an opportunity, and I promise you will be blessed. The work is hastening, and the Lord NEEDS ALL OF US!!!

Have a fabulouse Week!!! I love you all


Hermana Jeppson

Super Fun and Super Busy  (May 17, 2013)

Visitors' Center Training (May 31, 2013)

Sister Jeppson's MTC Roomates


Sister Jeppson's MTC Zone

Surprise birthday party for Elder Yorgeson

Sister Jeppson and Elder Patten

Our district with our two maestros, Hna Ayala y Hno Arnold

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Elder Madsen is Re-assigned to California

Written by Elder Kolby Madsen

So this week we got reassigned. I am not going to lie, it has been hard to know that we will not be going to Denmark right now. But this has only made me realize, more and more, that we are called to serve a mission for the Lord, on his time and where He will need us. I don’t know why he needs us in California and Oregon, and Denver, Colorado and Missouri, but there are reasons. Maybe I will find out in the near future, but I know that there is a reason.

Today we woke up at 3:35 a.m. to drop off our Sisters at the curb so they could go to Missouri. Then we went back to bed. I woke back up at 5 a.m. to drop off my companion, who will be serving in Carlsbad, California, for a bit. Then I got up at 6:30 a.m. (normal time), got breakfast, and at 7:45 a.m., we dropped off the remaining two Sisters left from both districts. They will be serving in the Salt Lake City West Mission. So today has been full of, “I'll see you in Denmark.” Tomorrow I will be waking up at 4 a.m. to send off three Elders to Oregon, and I will be going to Fresno, California, leaving the MTC at 7 a.m.

Last night, as I thought about what my first day in the mission field was going to be like, I started to go through some contacting scenarios. Half way through, I realized I was speaking Danish. This is going to be weird because we have drilled and drilled contacting in Danish, and now I don’t even think I can do it in English. My biggest fear throughout this whole thing (being re-assigned) is forgetting Danish. But every time I start to have doubts about what is going to happen, and the negative things that could go wrong, I am comforted by the Spirit and reassured that everything will be alright. The Lord has a plan for me, and for all of us. Even though we may not know at the time what to expect, we just have to have faith...just as I was told to have faith when I first tore my ACL. I was told it would take anywhere from four months to a year to get out in the mission field, and I just had to have faith that the Lord would allow me to heal in His time, and in His way.

Well, I am out here and doing well. Yesterday I ran a mile for the first time in four months, and I feel great. I have a testimony that through faith in the Lord, Jesus Christ, and exact obedience, that miracles can and will happen. We have to be willing to do our part. I love the Gospel, and I love the Savior and what He did for me. I know that through Him all things are made possible. And through faith, miracles can be made, even in this day and forever.

With love,

Elder Madsen

****This is a little additional information from an email Kolby sent me today****

It's been a blast here. I can't believe I leave tomorrow. One of the really cool things about going to the Fresno Mission is that the Mission President is Larry Gelwix (the coach featured in the movie "Forever Strong" about the Highland Rugby Team). So that is way awesome!

I forget that it's almost graduation time. It is not the same here in the MTC. Everything is way slow, but super fast. Tomorrow will be seven Wednesdays in the MTC. Crazy stuff!

I said farewell to my companion today. We also said goodbye to all of our Sisters this morning. It's weird to think that District Meeting tonight will be with only five Elders.

The Danish is coming along really well. While I'm in California, I am going to have to re-translate my teaching back into English. I know the Lord will provide.

Jeg elsker dig. Tak for ale den du har give mig.
I love you. Thank you for all you have given me.

Elder Madsen's First Week in Fresno (May 28, 2013)

Surprise Call from Elder Madsen  (May 16, 2013)

Elder Madsen's Danish District at the Provo MTC

Joel Fuell returned home from his mission two weeks after  Kolby left for the MTC, so they saw each other at the airport before Kolby left for California.

Checking in for his flight to Fresno

Time to go!!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Super Fun and Super Busy! - Sister Lindsey Jeppson

Written by Sister Lindsey Jeppson

(Notes were added by Lindsey's mom, Holley)


FAMILY -- THANK YOU, THANK YOU, for sending my companion that package and writing her!! (She is from Tonga and doesn't get very many letters or packages).  She totally burst into tears when she got it. All week she's been telling me how amazing my family is. Brycen, she is absolutely in love with you.  She tells me how cute you are. And she's been working on a letter just for you. She'll send it today, and you'll probably get it on Tuesday.  (NOTE: (Brycen wrote her a letter and told her that he LOVES Tongan's and wants to be a Tongan.  He asked her if we could come and visit her there when she gets back from her mission).

YEAH!! Braden, congrats on getting your license. That is so, so, so exciting. Mind the speed limit!!! Obey the rules. Exact obedience brings miracles :) You'll love Merrell!! Make sure you tell him I'm your sister!! (Merrell was one of Lindsey's favorite teachers at Herriman High School, and Braden has him for Financial Literature next year).

DAD, where's my letter??? Letters are not a mother's responsibility... I'm expecting one from you.  P.S. It's probably not a good idea to make a missionary mad :)

So, on Tuesday we have devotionals. Guess who spoke!?!? Elder Russel M. Nelson. We sang in the choir.  We sang "Come thou Fount of Every Blessing." It was amazing!! He talked a lot about missionary work (of course), and how the ancestors of our investigators on the other side of the veil will be with us.

He also stressed how this is the Lord's work, and we have the privilege of representing him. So we should focus less on ourselves and MORE on the Savior. I really feel that it is a privilege to be a missionary. I've only been out for a month, and SOOOO much has happened, and I have changed SOOO much. Elder Nelson also referenced his talk from the October 2012 General Conference. He said, "I told the whole world to ask the missionaries if they need help. Well, Elders and Sisters, that is you. Don't make me a liar." That's not exactly what he said, but basically.

On Sunday in Relief Society, Janice Kapp Perry spoke to us!! It was super amazing. She talked a lot about the importance of music. We sang a medley of her songs. The spirit was so strong. Anytime temptations come, or bad thoughts come into your mind, think of a Primary song. It goes away!!

She also showed us a new song that she wrote. OH MY, it was the best thing ever. She took the music of "As Sisters in Zion" and added new lyrics relating entirely to sister missionaries. The song is called, "The Sisters of Zion". I can't remember the lyrics, but we were officially the first ones to sing it!! I cried so hard!! Look it up if you can! I'm not sure if you can find it yet, but I'm sure you'll be able to find it sometime in the next 18 months. Great, great song.

This week has been similar to a roller coaster...some parts great and some parts humbling. We now have five investigators, plus we do something called TRC (Teaching Resource Center). TRC is when volunteers from the community come and we give them a short message (in Spanish, of course). Because there are so many missionaries, we started Skyping. That was cool. We taught a girl who lived in Texas. Lots and lots of teaching. And it's kind of difficult because I can understand more of what the investigator is saying, but my companion can not. She is struggling a little bit, but hey, we all are. These experiences are so valuable.

Anyway, our teacher, Hermano Arnold, is our investigator Juan. He is married and has two kids. Usually we just teach him. But, this week we go to teach him and he has three pieces of paper with his family member's names on them on three chairs. HE WANTED US TO TEACH HIS PAPER FAMILY! I lost it (LOL!)! I could not do it. (I'll send a picture).

This week, since we've been here for four weeks, we got to host all the new missionaries. It was pretty cool to be on the other side of things. I hosted four sisters. Three are going in the states, so they'll only be here for two weeks. The other one is going to Hong Kong. It was awesome to be able to do some service and help them out. Some of the sisters looked so scared and overwhelmed. I just wanted to hug them and say, "It gets better, I promise!"

Half our zone leaves in the next few days. It is so sad because we have all grown so close. Next week my district leaves. Then, I leave the following week. It is so weird to think that we will probably not see each other again. It is so sad

I am so glad everything is going well for you! Thank you for all your support and prayers. I feel them. I love you all!!!

Hermana Jeppson

The Gift of Tongues  (May 10, 2013)

Travel Plans (May 24, 2013)

Hermano Arnold's Paper Family

Our weekly Temple walk, photo bombed by one of our Zone Leaders

Eating cinnamon rolls. Sister Uele ate two, which is surprising because she's not a fan of sweets

Matchy, Matchy!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Surprise Call from Elder Madsen

This evening, Elder Madsen's mom received a surprise when she answered the phone. On the other end of the line, she heard, "Hi, Mom!"

Kolby was given five minutes to call home and let his mom know that none of the visas had been approved for any of the missionaries in his MTC (Missionary Training Center) district. The Elders and Sisters will all be sent to different missions until their visas come through. The Elders will be sent to various California missions and to Oregon. All the Sisters will be sent to Missouri.

Marianne (Kolby's mom) said the conversation ended as abruptly as it started, "Oh, hey, Mom, I've gotta go. I love you."


Elder Madsen is Re-Assigned to Fresno, California (May 21, 2013)

Don't Jump in a Loose Elevator  (May 7, 2013)

Hamburgers and Double Fries...Anytime! (May 5, 2013)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

No More Double Fries for Elder Madsen

Written by Elder Kolby Madsen

Hey, all!

Well, everything is great here in the MTC (Missionary Training Center). I am sorry to report that we did not get stuck in the elevator this week. We try to stay away from it now.

I hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day, and that we can all remember what our mothers do for us.

Wednesday morning I had a scare. I tweaked my knee a little bit because I started to get confident with volleyball. I am happy to report that I went to the doctor here in staff and he said I was fine. It feels great, so no worries.

I have also made a pact (as of last week) that I am not going to eat fries in the MTC until we leave. I am happy to report that I have gone a solid nine days without fries. That is a new personal best, and rising. I also have given up on some things I love in life for the MTC because it is too scary to have a little pain in my knee. It gives me flash backs.

We got our travel plans. Denmark bound....hopefully it stays that way! No news is good news when it comes to visas. I am so ready to get out in the field and serve the people of Denmark. I know that the first couple of months we will be serving them by making them laugh. As much as we think we know Danish, we don’t, and the Danes will get a kick out of that, I hope.

I have learned this week that missions are forever. I intend to keep it that way and serve at all times and in all places, forever. I know this church is true, and that through prayer and faith in and to our Heavenly Father, we can have blessings beyond measure. We just have to have faith and do our part. I love this Gospel and the opportunity I have to serve the Lord and the people of Denmark.


Elder Madsen

*******The following is from Elder Wawro's blog (Kolby's MTC companion) *************

Customs in Denmark is pretty funny. On any package you send to Denmark just write, "GIFT." If you say you sent medication and write "MEDICATION" on the customs box (or whatever), they will just pull it out and then tax me. Also, Cheetos and Beef Jerky are illegal in Denmark so don't send me those...I know, weird.

Ok, time to give you all a heads up. As of right now, our VISAs have not come in. That may delay when we leave the MTC, or they may reassign us for a transfer if we don't receive them in time. If anything happens or changes I'll be allowed to call home for 5 minutes to tell you about it. It doesn't really look like we are going to get our VISAs in time, but for some reason all of us have this feeling that we will. Maybe it's just a feeling of peace. I don't know for sure. We fasted on Sunday that we would receive them in time, and we've been praying hard. If you can pray for us as well, that we will receive our VISAs, that would be amazing.

Don't Jump in a Loose Elevator  (May 7, 2013)

Surprise Call from Elder Madsen (May 17, 2013)

Friday, May 10, 2013

The Gift of Tongues! - Sister Lindsey Jeppson

Written by Sister Lindsey Jeppson


Thank you for all the letters! And thanks to the Founders Park 10th Ward Young Women. I had a huge grin on my face when I read your cards. You are all so sweet!

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY MOM!!! I'm sorry I can't call, but I have a special note for you!!
CONGRATS BRADEN (for being ordained a Priest)!! I'm SO proud of you!! You'll do great on Sunday (blessing the Sacrament).

So this week, we were walking to class and I saw these two Elders praying. It wasn't in English. I was curious as to what language it was, so I listened. And then I realized that it was Elder Madsen speaking! Holy Cow!! He was speaking in full on Danish!! It was so great!! It's funny. Now everytime I see him he'll say "Hi", "I love you", or "what" all in Danish. And it totally comes out naturally for him now.

Spanish is great. Everything from high school is coming back. I understand the grammar principles, but now I have to start using it. That's what we are working on. Our entire district made a goal to speak in as much Espanol as we can.

This week has been so great! On Sunday we had a devotional from Chad Lewis. They introduced him as a NFL player, and I didn't believe he was a NFL player until he started showing us pictures from when he played. It was a really good devotional. It was like a pep talk. So great!!

So, we've been struggling with bringing the Spirit into our lessons. I was reading in "Preach My Gospel" under Christ-like attributes, and I read humility. It said, "Being humble is accepting the Lord's will and and giving Him the honor." So we were going in to teach our investigator Juan (first, he was our investigator Claudio, then he became our teacher, his real name is Hermano Arnold, and now he's our investigator, Juan), and I freaked out. I didn't know what we were going to do. We decided to teach him about faith, repentance and baptism. Before we started, we went to the restroom and I stood in the stall and I just prayed. I prayed for humility and for the Spirit.

We went into the lesson and it was going good, but I could tell that the Spirit was lacking a bit. As my companion was speaking, I prayed for her and for inspiration. We began talking about baptism and I gestured to her to extend the invitation to be baptized. She asked him, and he told us that he was baptized as a baby and then again when he was older, into the Methodist church. I got the impression to go back and talk about the Great Apostasy and Joseph Smith. So I did.

Then, all of the sudden, I started talking about the first vision. It just came out in Spanish. I'd worked on memorizing it the week before, but I never have been able to say it all the way through. IT JUST CAME OUT!! I was SOOO filled with the Spirit, like I can't even express it. I looked into his eyes, and HE WAS CRYING!! So after I explained the first vision, we extended the invitation to be baptized again, and guess what..... HE SAID YES!!!!!!!!! It was by far the best lesson ever!! After the lesson, I was just in shock. It took me a good 30 minutes to get back to normal. After the lesson, I said a silent prayer expressing my gratitude to my Lord. It was amazing.

The MTC continues to be amazing. I learn SO much every day. I guess I kind of have to, considering I'm in class 16 hours a day. I love it! Another thing that I gained a super strong testimony of this week is the Book of Mormon. We've been stressing how important the Book of Mormon is in the conversion process. We were watching a video clip on the Book of Mormon, and something inside of me just changed. It was a good feeling. My love for the Book of Mormon strengthened. I now read the Book of Mormon everyday with a purpose. I encourage you to read the Book of Mormon, daily, and with a purpose. It makes it so much more meaningful. My investigators are my purpose for reading.

Another amazing thing is the Priesthood. Can I tell you how amazing it is to be surrounded by worthy Priesthood holders? The Priesthood has blessed us so much. One of my roommates got a super bad case of bronchitis, and she asked for a Priesthood blessing. She is still sick, but the Spirit that was felt was so incredible. The Priesthood is amazing!!!!

I love being a missionary!! Thank you for all your support and love!!!

Te amor,

Hermana Jeppson

We All Have a Responsibility to be Missionaries  (May 3, 2013)

Super Fun and Super Busy (May 17, 2013)

Mi Districto! Elders Phillips, Beson, Wilson, Bigelow, and Hermanas Rosen, Uele, Huffman, Jeppson (me), Call

Our room at the MTC

Another walk to the Provo Temple

Elder Flake (a friend from middle school) and Sister Jeppson

Sister Jeppson and Elder Isaac Smith (a friend from high school)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Don't Jump in a Loose Elevator...Elder Kolby Madsen

Written by Elder Kolby Madsen

May 7, 2013

Hey everyone! Everything is going well. I have been humbled this week as the language and the stress starts to build up. We leave in 13 days!!!

Funny story!...So, me and my companion were assigned to teach some Danish members over Skype yesterday. It was on the third floor of the building, so we decided to take the elevator...just to have fun, I guess. Right as we got on, I noticed that the the elevator was really loose. I thought it would be funny to jump and scare my companion. After three bounces, the elevator stopped and turned off. That's when I noticed a sign that said, "ANY MISSIONARIES CAUGHT JUMPING ON THE ELEVATOR, CAUSING IT TO MALFUNCTION, WILL BE FINED $50."

Well, I started to laugh because we were just joking about what we would do if we got it stuck. After reading the sign, I started to feel like a real idiot, and I could not stop laughing because we were stuck in an elevator in the MTC. My companion laid down on the ground and began to just yell jokingly, "My air is fading...I can't breath! I can't breathe!"

I tried to open the door on the elevator (all the while thinking of Tom Cruise in the movie Mission Impossible). When I got the door open, to my surprise, there was a solid concrete wall! There went my Mission Impossible dream! So we were just stuck.

I really didn't want to have to pay $50, so I asked my companion if he would join me in prayer. We knelt down right there and prayed. I asked that we would be able to get out of the elevator and get to our appointment with the Danish people on Skype. I also asked, "If it be Thy will, wilt Thou let us out without getting in trouble...only if it be Thy will."

Twenty minutes later, the elevator turned on and went back to the floor where we started. When the door opened, we saw our teacher. He just looked at us with the goofiest smile and asked what happened. When we told him, he laughed.

I share this story for two reasons. First, never jump on a loose elevator, especially without reading the signs! Second, always pray when you are in need. The Lord is willing to teach us valuable lessons (even as he is probably laughing at us!). He will answer in His time and according to His will. He blessed us with a caring teacher, and He helped us get out of the elevator.

Everything turned out okay with the appointment too. Even though we were late, there were only four Danes on Skype, so we would have been waiting anyway.

The Church is true! Hold strong! Stay in!


Elder Madsen

Hamburgers and Double Fries...Anytime!  (May 5, 2013)

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Never jump in a loose elevator!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Inside the MTC with Elder Madsen

Elder Madsen's MTC Branch and Zone

MTC Laundry Room

Our MTC Family

Creepy Bathroom Stall at the MTC

Hamburgers and Double Fries...Anytime! (May 5, 2013)

Don't Jump in a Loose Elevator (May 7, 2013)

Hamburgers and Double Fries...Anytime! - Elder Kolby Madsen

Written by Elder Kolby Madsen

May 5, 2013


This week has been kinda crazy!  We had our schedule moved all around because our branch/zone is moving to Y View, the new section of the MTC. But, the change doesn't go into effect until after we leave. That said, because we are expected to move (our branch), our schedule is really late. For example, we used to have breakfast at 7:30 a.m. Now we eat at 8:45 a.m., so sometimes they run out of hash browns. We used to have gym right after dinner, which was way nice because we could go on the field and play softball or kickball. But now our gym time is at 6:45 a.m. So yeah, it is way different.

I have come to know more about Denmark. Something exciting I learned is that Denmark is the highest consumer of meat in the world. The Lord knows me and loves me!

Thank you for the packages. The Jerky was great! I haven’t been doing my exercises, but I do squats and different things. I don’t have time to do a ton of things, but my legs are becoming even again!

I do not need anything. I'm good for now. Thanks for putting my address on Facebook.

Ok, so this week as we have been teaching, things have been going great. We have gone full lessons without reading any notes, which is a good thing. The language is coming along very well, considering the short amount of time we have been here. I thank Heavenly Father for the gift of tongues. I know it’s real!

When me and Elder Wawro teach, it is kind of difficult sometimes because we don’t quite agree on how to do it. Elder Wawro is very smart when it comes to doctrine, and he knows it very well. So when we teach, he feels we need to teach lessons and let them know of the Gospel. I, on the other hand, feel like we should relate the story to the investigator, make it personal, and teach them through their life experiences. We are both seeing each other's side and working on it. He is really great and we rarely disagree, so this is just a small thing that we have been, and will continue, to fix.

Because of the schedule change, our P-days are broken. We have service and devotional on those days, so we can write letters in the mornings now.

I hope all is well. Let me know if Braden got his birthday card from me. It was the funniest one I could find. Keep in mind it’s the MTC, so it’s not always as funny as out there in the real world.

Well, I love you and hope that all is well.


Ó”ldste Madsen

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Mmmm...Hamburgers and double fries...anytime!

Friday, May 3, 2013

We All Have a Responsibility to be Missionaries! - Sister Lindsey Jeppson

Written by Sister Lindsey Jeppson

HELLO FAMILY! Thank you for all the pictures! It's nice to see that you still exist! That's super cool to see that you went to the airport to pick up Joe! How was that by the way??

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRADEN!!!! Sorry I didn't send you a card, but I have a letter coming your way.

So, our investigator, Claudio, is now our teacher, Hermano Arnold. He is a super great teacher. We also got another new teacher, Hermana Ayala. She and her twin sister served missions in the United States. They arrived at the Provo MTC at the same time, were companions, and learned English. She is SOO amazing. Both Hermano Arnold and Hermana Ayala are our 'investigators'. We teach almost everyday. And let me tell you, it definitely isn't easy. But what great thing is ever easy?

So this past Sunday, we had amazing meetings. In Relief Society, Sister Bonnie Oscarson (the new General YW President) talked to us. She told us that her husband got called as a Mission President in Sweden when she was 25 and expecting their 4th child!! Talk about crazy!! She also spoke about Jacob 5, the allegory of the olive tree. If you aren't familiar with that chapter, I definitely would go read it. We also had a devotional given by Stephen Allen, I think. Anyway he was asking some elders what they gave up to come on a mission:

Stephen Allen: "What did you give up Elder?"
Elder 1: "Taylor Swift."
Stephen Allen: "We are so glad that you did. How about you Elder?"
Elder 2: "My girl."
Stephen Allen: "Well, on behalf of RM's everywhere, thank you for your donation!"

This past week, an Elder in my district got super sick. He missed a few days of class. The sickness slowly made it's way to the rest of the Elders and one of the sisters. I was so paranoid about getting it, I sanitized everything and made them all wash their hands. I was going strong until Tuesday night. Yup, I got the most nasty cold. Tuesday night was the worst night of my life. I went to bed with the chills and woke up in the middle of the night in a sweat. I slept ALL day and didn't go to any class. I was doing good Thursday, but then I woke up this morning feeling terrible. But I'm getting better. It comes in waves.

We seem to have a hard time teaching with the Spirit. I found myself getting super discouraged. But, last night Hermana Ayala was pretending to be a contact whose son died and didn't believe in God. She asked us to do a role play teaching of the plan of salvation in English. All members in our district acted as one companionship. It was so amazing, the Spirit was strong, and we all were able to work in unison. It was great. She also shared a quote with us that kind of stuck with me, "Questions invite revelation." Afterwards, we watched a Mormon Ad about the Atonement, and she invited us to kneel in prayer and ask Heavenly Father what we need to do to be better. I did it, and I got my answer. I encourage you all to kneel in prayer and ask Heavenly Father what you can work on.

This week, I was thinking how important missionary work is and how we all have a responsibility to be missionaries. The Lord is hastening his work. And we all can be apart of it. It is super cool. All of you youth preparing to go on missions, work hard. Read Preach My Gospel and pray for missionary experiences. Act on inspiration, no matter how weird it my seem.

This gospel is amazing and it blesses lives!!!!

I love you all! Thank you for all your letters, prayers, and support!!


Hermana Jeppson

Sister Jeppson's Second Week in the MTC  (April 26, 2013)

The Gift of Tongues (May 10, 2013)

DECA Officers and Elder Nestman. In the back is Elder Benson saying, "Wooo, Hermana Jeppson!"

Most of the Elders in Lindsey's MTC Zone

Sisters at the MTC Map

Most of the sisters in Lindsey's MTC Zone

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

New Photos of the Cousins!

Eldeste Madsen and Hermana Jeppson at the Provo Temple....NOT touching!

Lindsey and Kolby at the Provo Temple

The cousins...being themselves :)