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Meet Sister Lindsey Jeppson

Lindsey Jeppson was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, and has lived in the Salt Lake Valley all her life, except for four months attending college at Utah Valley University. Lindsey is the daughter of Brad and Holley Jeppson, and the oldest of five children. She has three brothers, Braden, Taylor, and Brycen, and one sister, McKinsey. Lindsey is also the cousin of Elder Kolby Madsen, who will be serving in the Denmark Copenhagen Mission. Lindsey graduated from Herriman High School in 2012, and is currently working as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) at an Alzheimer's facility. She will turn 19 years old next month.

The Jeppson Family (and Kolby Madsen)

Like Jacob Avery, Lindsey is in the first group of young people who will enter missionary service since President Monson's announcement lowering the missionary age requirement for young Latter-day Saints. Lindsey recalls that after the announcement, she considered how neat it would be to serve a mission six months from that time.

Applications for missionary service are not submitted until 120 days (or less) before the person's date of availability. From the time Lindsey learned she could serve a mission at age 19, she had prayed to know if becoming a missionary herself was the will of her Heavenly Father. It was not until she talked with her parents (the night Kolby opened his mission call) that her prayers were answered. The next day, Lindsey called her Bishop and began the process of submitting her application for missionary service. Ironically, that day was also her 120 day mark.

Lindsey competed all her medical and dental appointments in one day. It took about a week to get her other paperwork in order, and a couple of weeks to meet with her Bishop and Stake President before submitting her application. Her call arrived two days after Christmas 2012.

In our Church, missionary service is considered a "calling" (a responsibility or duty assigned by Priesthood Leaders). As such, the letter received with one's missionary assignment is referred to as a mission call.

Depending on the desire of the missionary, some open their mission call alone, with just their immediate family, or with a group of friends and family. Lindsey chose to have a large group of friends and family (58 people!) present when she opened her mission call on December 27, 2012. Up to that point, there had been some "friendly discussion" between Lindsey and her cousin Kolby about who would begin their missionary service first.

Sister Lindsey Jeppson was called to serve in the Mesa Arizona Temple Visitor's Center of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She will report to the Missionary Training Center (MTC) on April 3, 2013, where she will prepare to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the Spanish language. As you can see, she'll beat Elder Madsen to the MTC by one week :)

Lindsey scanned her call quickly before she read it out loud to the group. She explains that as soon as she saw where she'd be serving, the Spirit witnessed to her that it was the place where the Lord needed her to be. She acknowledges that some people are disappointed when they receive a call to serve in the United States, but she is just so excited to go to Mesa to share the Gospel with Heavenly Father's children who live and visit there. She told me, "I'm going on a mission, not on a vacation."

Side by side missionary calls for Elder Kolby Madsen and Sister Lindsey Jeppson

Mesa Arizona Temple

With 56 days left until she leaves for the MTC (yes, she's counting!), Lindsey can hardly wait to get going! She's purchased new, unmarked scriptures for her mission, all the other required books, including "Jesus the Christ", "Our Heritage", "Preach My Gospel", "True to the Faith" and "Our Search for Happiness". Lindsey is attending Missionary Preparation Classes with Kolby and Jake, and plans to receive her Endowments at the Temple on Saturday. Because Lindsey already took 3 years of Spanish in high school, she is looking forward to becoming more fluent in the language during her missionary service, understanding this will be a great benefit in her later work in the medical field when she returns home.

Lindsey and her mom after opening her call
Grandpa Jeppson was present via Skype
Sister Jeppson's Departure is Slightly Delayed  (March 4, 2013)

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