Monday, April 7, 2014

General Conference - Elder Kolby Madsen

Written by Elder Kolby Madsen, serving in the Denmark Copenhagen Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, speaking Danish.

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How did you enjoy Conference? It’s a little bit different over here, so we watch the Saturday afternoon session live at 6 pm on Saturday, then we go home, sleep, wake up Sunday, and come in to watch the recorded Priesthood session then the recorded Saturday afternoon session. Then at 6 pm we watch the live the Sunday morning session. Then we have to set time aside on preparation day to see the next one. So, yeah, that’s that.  I haven’t seen the Sunday afternoon session yet, but we will after I get finished emailing. Its was a great conference. I really enjoyed it.

Well, this week was really good. We had a great day on Tuesday. We meet with the Bible study group. It’s good to be there because we get to make some really good friends and talk about some good stuff, but it's hard because it’s not a very good use of time. We talk about feelings and stuff and don’t really get to teach more than 5 minutes. But we had a great little lesson on Christ.  Always fun to talk about. It's just such a great thing in our lives to know that Christ has suffered and died for our sake, so that we can, and will through him, be able to live in eternal families.

Well Wednesday we had a good chance to go on splits and talk to some great people. I was with Elder Pitcher and we knocked into a home where two Jehovah’s Witnesses lived. We had a great conversation and tried to talk about prophets. It went well, very nice people.

Then we had a zone training on the Book of Mormon. It went great. Right after that we had an appointment with Peter. He is Chinese and a great guy. I really like him. We talked about praying and things, and then we talked about his prayers. While we were talking, he let us know that he doesn’t think prayers helped so we talked about what we can do to receive a witness from the Holy Ghost, then he started to perk up and listen a little better.

We were learning how to say our names in Mandarin, but apparently the way I said our last name (because I pronounced it wrong) it sounded like the "f" word and then your mom. He recorded me saying it to send to his friends in China, and then he told us why. He was laughing. I was super embarrassed, but the Lord was watching out because when he tried to send it, the sound didn’t work, so they could not hear me say it. The Lord works in mysterious ways, right? Way cool. Anyway, great week ended with the best General Conference. I really love the talk by Elder Uchtdorf about not sleeping through the restoration. We need to wake up and get to work. The time is now, and we need to thrust our sickles. The Lord’s work is hastening. We need to get going and help the work to progress and grow.  All 15,000,000 of us.

Well, Mom, I love you. Thank you for the great letter. Have a great week.

med kærlig hilsen,

Eldste Madsen

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