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Covenant Keepers - Sister Lindsey Jeppson

Written by Sister Lindsey Jeppson, serving in the Arizona Mesa Mission / Mesa Arizona Temple Visitors' Center, speaking Spanish.

Hola mi familia! Wow what a busy week!

First off, I wanted to say that I love you all! Thank you for sharing those experiences, Mom. I wanted to cry becuase of the joy I feel from reading your email. I love each and every one of you so much.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY (tomorrow) MCKINSEY!!  I can not believe that you are turning 13! You are growing up way too fast! I'm sending a card, but you probably won't get it til later this week. Hope you have a great day!

How was the Women's Conference?? Seeing those 8 year old girls with their sisters and mothers made me miss you a little bit. I thought of me, you and McKinsey dressing up all cute going to Conference. I was in the Visitors' Center (VC) that night so we watched it in one of the theaters. It was just me and Sister Cameron (director's wife) for the first little bit because everyone else was eating or covering different posts in the VC. When the choir started singing, she had a tear in her eye. I hugged her and said, "I'll be your daughter if you be my mother" because we were both missing our families. It was good. I really enjoyed it. I love everything that they said. They put so much time, prayer and fasting into these talks. They're really inspired. But they'll only do us good if we apply them. So make goals to be better covenant keepers!

So, last Monday and Tuesday were probably some of the hardest days of my mission. I dropped Sister DeMille off at the mission office. We stayed there for a good 3 hours while we finalized everything, then she along with the other missionaries going home, left to the mission home. As she was walking out, I gave her a hug to say goodbye (I had not cried all day or all week). The second she hugged me, I just sobbed. Then she just sobbed. It was so sad. I then went to my area with a temporary companion. The next day, we went and picked up Sister Valladares from the mission office. Her flight wasn't until 10 p.m. that night. So she stayed with us. We did all the normal missionary routine, then at 8:30 p.m. we took her to the mission home. We got all of her stuff unloaded then she gave me a hug (I was doing really well up until that point). SHE STARTED CRYING, then I started crying. Once she caught her breath she whispered, "you'll be the best trainer".. I just lost it. The thing is, she's from Honduras, so I don't know if or when I'll see her again. I never want to "kill" another missionary. I took part in killing two in one transfer! It seriously is lo pejor! (the worst)

Wednesday was FILLED with meetings. My first one was at 8, then another one at 9, then the last one at 10. After the meetings, Sister Alcocer came with me. To answer your question Mom, no I am not teaching her Spanish. She is Mexican, so she is teaching me Spanish. We have been companions for about 5 days and we're already best friends. I have had really amazing companions. All of them will be my life long friends.

We kind of jumped right into missionary work after that. She got to meet some of our investigators and we contacted a few potential investigators. She has no fear. I am learning a lot from her. I just hope that she can learn something from me. Because she is newer, we get to do 12 week again. That is the training program for new missionaries. It has been helping me out a lot to because I have been reviewing basic principles to missionary work.

We have amazing investigators. I can not remember what names I gave them. But they're the ones that we have been working with for the last 2, almost 3, months. They went to a baptism on Saturday, then on Sunday they invited us over for dinner. We got there early and just talked with them. She basically bore her testimony to us. I wanted to cry. There is nothing like the feeling you get when someone you love accepts the gospel. Setting a baptismal date has been the challenge. They both want to get baptized, there are just some roadblocks that we need to get over first. It has been a little frustrating, but we'll get over it.

I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY! This is the best calling ever. I am enjoying every second of it.... even the rejections.

I love you Mom and Dad, Braden and Taylor and McKinsey and Brycen... and whoever else reads this letter!

Hermana Jeppson

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Spring Greetings from the East Coast - Elder Dallin Remund

Written by Elder Dallin Remund, serving in the Virginia Chesapeake Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, speaking Spanish.


It's the last day of March and spring is almost in full bloom. I can honestly say the grass is greener on the other side of the country! We have had some surprise snow, though. Everyone says it never snows in March out here, but here we are. It also had never been so rainy and cool last summer, so we'll see what this summer has in store!

I'm doing great. I was super sick on Saturday and Sunday, but today I just feel like I've got a little bit of a cough. I prayed last night that I would be able to get better a lot faster so that I could work hard, and sure enough I woke up this morning without my sore throat or runny nose. God's looking after me, for sure.

Things are going great in the area. Heavenly Father has been throwing miracles left and right. Just a few examples. Elder Bradshaw and I were tracting and  we found a Mexicano named Jaime who just moved down to Hampton a month ago. He was working out on his porch, and we agreed that we would come by soon to help him finish it. He said it would be alright if we went in and shared a message over the weekend as well. He's super friendly, and he just moved in, so this could be a really great time in his life for the gospel!

We got a referral from a member in an English ward. He said this man is from Puerto Rico and he's wanting to know more about the church. We haven't met him yet, but it's really exciting finding people who are interested in learning. The desire to learn, in and of itself, brings them to search and follow through with commitments that we leave with them.

I am so excited for General Conference. Our branch president talked about how his son, who is on a mission in Japan, asked him why Conference keeps getting better. He responded back to him and said that it's always been the same, it just gets better as you are more spiritually prepared. I smiled and thought about the truthfulness of that statement. My feelings towards Conference have grown so much stronger as each session passes. How amazing is it that we get to gather together and listen to a prophet of God every 6 months. There are SO many people that don't do that, don't want to do that, or can't do that because they don't know that that revelation exists.

I hit the 10 month mark on Saturday. Time is going by super fast, and I'm loving being a missionary. I love you all and hope all is well back on the other side of the country.

Con amor,
Elder Remund

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Baptism in a Canal - Elder Jake Avery

Written by Elder Jacob Avery, serving in the Peru Lima West Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, speaking Spanish.

Dad, I'm trying to send pictures okay? :P It's not as easy as you might think....

I know what you mean about people seeming like they've been members their whole lives. There's a man who was baptized in my town (my area is bigger here) in January and he's super old and walks with a Gandalf staff. He goes to church every week and reads his scriptures and talks to us about doctrine in the Book of Mormon like he's read it 20 times.

Another member from the other town was baptized a month ago. The sister missionaries had felt impressed to talk about his wife (he's old too) and he cried and told them she had died two years ago and he was having a tough time. He was baptized in two weeks and has now been called to be Young Men's President. There are miracles we see all the time, but I feel like we're all too focused on the miracles that didn't happen.

Dad, I love you! Have a great week. Share this with mom in case she doesn't read it on her own. Thanks for helping me go on my mission.

Elder Aldana and Elder Avery
Hi Mom,

Tell Jared to have a very happy birthday! I can't believe he's already 16.

I'm so sorry that I don't have time or very many interesting stories, but I'm doing well and I'm trying to get some people baptized and reactivated. The number one problem with the less active members of the church here is that they never gained testimonies before they were baptized. Their questions are ''Joseph Smith'' and ''Book of Mormon.'' Okay, who baptized you? And why did they baptize you when you didn't understand?

Elder Garner
The other Elders in my ward baptized a lady who had been talking to the missionaries for years. Elder Garner had the inspiration to just teach her everything again, and the second lesson she accepted a baptismal date. We got to baptize her in a canal! The current was really strong and she was almost swept away but Elder Garner baptized her very well.

We went contacting in the ''chacras'' and found some people that are painfully shy because they probably only have human interaction outside their family once a month. We did find the cousins of a less active family, so we're going back to visit them.

Have a great week everyone. I promise, they'll be better news next week! Take care! Love you!

Elder Avery

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Homework - Sister Hannah Avery

Written by Sister Hannah Avery, serving in the Chile Vina del Mar Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, speaking Spanish.

(Note to reader: Clicking on highlighted words links to additional information. Some names are omitted for privacy.)

Hey family and friends!

I don't have much to say this week, but here it goes!

First off, we found another investigator this week named K, and she will be baptized the end of April! We are crazy busy here! haha! I love it! I also finished the Book of Mormon in Spanish this week! WOO!!! I restarted again today. I have NO DOUBT in my mind that the Book of Mormon is true and really is the most correct of all books in the world. I love reading it, and am so grateful to have hours a day to study and teach it! We are so blessed to have this Gospel!

It is really hard to try to get people to read the Book of Mormon. I always think, "All you have to do is read a TINY bit and pray to know whether it's true, and you will get an answer in 5 seconds!" But sometimes it's really hard for them to wrap their minds around the fact that we really are sons and daughters of a Heavenly Father who knows and loves us more than anything! We just have to follow His commandments and be obedient, and He will help and testify of all things through the power of the Holy Ghost. We are trying to use the Book of Mormon more in lessons, etc. and it's definitely helping people want to read it more! There is a solution to every problem in the world, and those solutions are all found in the Book of Mormon. We just have to read it! Simple! Just like the Gospel of Christ - simple. Sometimes it seems like it's so simple for people that they just can't believe it. I hope that one day people will really understand that when things in life are hard, it's because of disobedience and Satan working in the world. God is fair, and always will be. When we love Him, we do what He asks.

Well guys, we are still keeping on here in Chile! I hope you are all doing great and getting ready for April Fools Days tomorrow (which doesn't exist in Chile, but since my companion is American, I am going all out tomorrow! haha!). Also, PLEASE invite people to General Conference this week! That is your homework! Many people don't have a clue that we have a living prophet today, and if they could just hear him speak....imagine it! No one can deny the truth if they are really seeking it and pray to know it's true.... So, that is what I invite you all to do this week. Invite a friend to watch conference with you. It doesn't matter what religious background they are... everyone deserves a chance to hear revelation from God! I love you guys! Have a great week and I will talk to you all next week! :)

Hermana Avery

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The Rolling Fields of Randers - Elder Kolby Madsen

Written by Elder Kolby Madsen, serving in the Denmark Copenhagen Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, speaking Danish.

Well, this week was really great. We had a good day on Tuesday, going around working with a ton of the less active members of the church. Not too many were home, but we gave them the letters and we actually have a part member family that we visited on that day show up in church. It was great. Just going to say it now, Randers is still a branch but the ward status is coming.

Anyway, Thursday we had a great district meeting. We learned about and discussed the importance of meaningful, random service. Out district is really awesome. We have some really good missionaries in the area. But we actually had a really good discussion from the chapters of Alma 17 through 20, talking about Ammon and his service and what happened because of his work ethic and his courage. We have all seen how the more and more we serve people, the more and more people trust us and our message. That makes it much better to teach and understand.

I don’t know if I told you yet, but J** took his whole family to Herning branch to surprise the missionaries. They stayed for the full two hours over there. I heard it went really well. J** also wrote me to tell me it was a really nice thing to receive there. For a while it was getting really hard to work for him, when it seemed like we were getting taken advantage of. But in the end, after digging all those holes and putting in at least 5 hours of service a week, he went to church to have big open arms to greet him. After we heard about that, we decided to go and try to follow the example of the scripture to fast and find those people looking for the truth, or God, or had need of service. So we fasted for a full day in the middle of our week as a district.  It was great to really think about everything on that day.

We had a great opportunity to meet with C**. He was so much fun. When we walked in with the member that we brought with us, it was like a family reunion. They just talked and talked, and had some many good things to talk about. And at the end, we all just had a testimony meeting. It went very well. Even though he is less active, he has one of the strongest testimonies I have ever heard. He just feels guilty. He says he loves the church, he loves the people, but when he goes to church it makes him think of the covenants he has made, and it’s hard for him. I told him that guilt is a tool Satan uses. Yes, the guilt will come sometimes, but Satan enhances that and makes it feel so bad, to the point where you feel hopeless, and then you don't even go to church because you’re not feeling worthy. In reality, to take steps back to our Heavenly Father, we need to go through and taste a little bit of the bitter cup. Christ drank it all for us. But it’s not easy, it never was easy, and I don’t think it will ever be, but I know that when you start to take those steps to coming back, you will see that the Lord is there right beside you. C** has some things that are going to be changing here. He says that he will be getting married pretty quick, and that it will be easier for him to attend church. I think that's what it will take. He is a great guy and really knows that what he has done in his life to follow Christ is very significant. And that is true. The things we covenant with our Father are true.

Well after that we were able to go with Elder Hicks and talk to a man who lives almost on the edge of our area. His name is T** Madsen. He is great. Not related to us, but it was way fun to talk family history with him. Anyway, he has a huge coin collection, which was way cool. He is doing great. Kind of just stuck in his ways, but one day. He likes to meet, so I think we will make another appointment with him.

The rolling fields of Randers, Denmark
Better light, less gut. It's because my shirts are so
big.... maybe...They feed me really good food here!
We had a good opportunity to spend the greater part of Saturday with our branch president who has a son playing football (American). He is way fun to talk to. Anyway, the branch president hurt his back a couple of months ago and has not been able to do the burning of the dead trees and stuff around his property, so we went and helped him. Its was way fun. I really enjoyed it. We were able to cut down 15 trees and then drag them down this steep, steep hill. Pretty much we had to just jump because the hill was so steep, and just drag the 30 foot trees down, haha! I felt like such a boss. Then we got to the point where we would just throw the trees down the rest of the hill. It was great. I also didn’t realize until after, but my knee didn’t even hurt at all, and it held up the whole time. I would say that is a very good thing. I feel so blessed right now. It's very humbling to think that it’s almost back to normal. I am still going easy on it.

Really good week. E** came to church and loved it. He loves the fact that we can discuss what we feel, and learn not just from one person coming up and telling everyone his one sided view. That’s one thing I have come to really appreciate; the power that comes from hearing others and learning from them. The power of the testimony of another person.

Mom, I love you and want you to know that I am very happy to be here in Denmark. I am grateful for the package. I probably won't get it until Thursday, but thank you. I can’t wait. I hope you will all have a safe week and have fun. Love you.

 Med Kaerlig Hislen,

 AEldste Madsen

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Five Months - Sister Justyce Oliphant

Written by Sister Justyce Oliphant, serving in the Mexico Tuxtla Gutierrez Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, speaking Spanish.

My companion sang to me to celebrate
five months in the mission
I can't believe how fast the time is flying by! Each day brings new adventures, new challenges, new trials and new experiences. Today we went to the mercado (downtown area... lots of people and shops and it's kinda crazy!!). Hermana Rodriguez and I wanted to find new clothes. I bought a cute dress and a new skirt! I will take pictures when I wear them and send them next week!

 Speaking of next week, it's already transfers again! Next Monday we will find out if we stay here together, or if one of us is leaving. I have really gotten so close to my cute companion and will be so sad to leave her! And this ward. I absolutely LOVE working with the members here in our ward Jardines!! They are always so willing to come with us to appointments, and if our appointments fall through, they bring us to their friends and family so we can teach them. Just yesterday, Domingo, we taught 4 new investigators because the members asked us to come teach their friends. It was such a good day! And tonight we have 3 lessons lined up with new investigators also. It should be a good evening!
This lady colored my hair
A few scriptures I loved from my study this week:

3 Nephi 22:14 (live righteously and don't worry!!)

3 Nephi 27 (KEEP A JOURNAL!!!)

Also, I went on companion exchange this week with Hermana Guzman. She is so awesome! I have a surprise friend that I saw too... but at this internet place we don't have a way to upload pictures... so you're going to have to wait to know who my surprise is! Lo ciento!!! jajajaja!

I really love you all so much! I have learned so much about being OBEDIENT and DILIGENT while I have been here. I have so much more to learn also.

I invite you to study and learn with me! I am working on studying 3 Nephi right now, about how Christ taught when He came to the Americas! (p.s. I think its sooo cool reading the Book of Mormon because it was sorta written where I am at!!!! kind of...)

te amo mi familia!

Con MUCHO amor,
Hermana Oliphant

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Killing a Companion is Not Easy - Sister Lindsey Jeppson

Written by Sister Lindsey Jeppson, serving in the Arizona Mesa Mission / Mesa Temple Visitors' Center of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, speaking Spanish.

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Sister DeMille and Sister Jeppson
Today is Hermana DeMille's and my last day together as companions. And let me tell you something, "Killing" a companion is not easy. It has been an emotional week. Sister Valladares is leaving too. When I drop Sister DeMille off at the mission home, Sister Valladres' companion and I will be companions until Wednesday.

Transfer News!! Can you believe it's already time for transfers?? Usually, we find out transfer news on Saturday and that's when we're suppose to find out, but because everything is electronic now, all of the changes are posted the day before. And because we're in the Visitors' Center (VC), and have an online area book, we see the changes a day early. So I've known what was happening to me since Friday..... ready..

My three in-field companions...two of them are going
home tomorrow.

I'm getting a new companion

I'm Training (well finishing training)

Staying in my area

and Staying in the VC...

My birthday cake
My new companion's name is Hermana Alcocer. She is from Texas and she's 21 (all of my companions have been over 20). She came in half way into the last transfer. She was suppose to come this transfer but because she already knew Spanish, she got to come early! She actually has been on my team/shift in the VC, so I got to know her. She's awesome. I'm excited for the transfer.

We're getting ready for Easter Pageant! It so much fun! Every Saturday, they practice on the stage. It's so fun to see it. It brings back memories, because my first taste of my mission was the Easter Pageant last year. We're practicing how to ask for referrals, how to start and end videos, etc.. Yesterday it got busy, and the new director made a comment on how hectic it was, and I said "Elder, you just wait til Easter Pageant".. he's a little nervous, but he'll be great!
Special birthday present - sweater and matching purse

So much good stuff is going on in our area! Although, it seems as though everyone that we set a date with moves to the Elder's area (still in our ward, different part though) and they baptize them. We're awesome finders.. :) (the Elders had 5 investigators at church yesterday, 4 of them moved from our area to theirs). That just means that there are more people in our area that we need to find :)

We were talking to our ward mission leader yesterday. He is a very sarcastic man. So funny. He's been telling us the last few weeks that he's glad we're in the ward and that he doesn't have to worry about us. Yesterday, he FINALLY told us why.... About a month ago, he came out with us. We had three appointments set. All three fell through. So we hit the streets and the parking lots. The last person we talked to was outside waiting for someone. When he talked with us, we found out that he was having some pretty serious family problems. We talked about how the Savior could help, and invited him to pray right then and there. He didn't take the invitation so we decided to pray there with him anyway. Our Mission Leader told us that not a lot of people can just pray in the middle of the street. He was impressed with how we worked.

These have been the best two transfers of my mission. I hope they just keep getting better and better.

The church is true. It's reconfirmed to me every day.

I love you all! Have a great week! Les quiero!

Hermana Jeppson

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The Mesa Visitors' Center Missionaries

It's Bloomin' in Virginia! - Elder Dallin Remund

Written by Elder Dallin Remund, serving in the Virginia Chesapeake Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, speaking Spanish.

(Note to reader: Clicking on highlighted words links to additional information. Some names are omitted for privacy.)

Hey y'all!

It's good to be writing again. I ran out of time last week, so I didn't get to give the usual update. Spring is coming in for good. All the trees are blossoming and the grass is getting green. The weather's still getting really hot and really cold, which always throws us for a spin when we're out tracting!

Not too much to say as of now. Things are getting in a pretty similar groove. We study and eat lunch till noon, get out and tract and find potentials all the way till around six o'clock when we eat with a member of the branch. Afterwards, we go and try to find some less active members or some more potential investigators. It stays pretty regular that way. A lot of our appointments fall through, but we keep going forward in faith!

A little update on E and M, we visited them and saw their baby. They are working towards baptism, but won't be able to do it until they are married in December. It was a little upseting, but we are pressing forward! The branch has been so great in helping them out and being good friends. In the end, the thing that matters is that they live the gospel and stay close with the branch.

On Saturday, I ate over at my Aunt Annie and Uncle Dee's house, who actually live in our proselyting area! They brought us onto the Air Force Base and we had some pizza. We got to share a message from the scriptures afterwards, which was awesome!

Something that has been on my mind a ton has been the attribute of charity. The whole idea of losing yourself in Christ's love is amazing. It connects to just about every attribute of Christ and principle of the gospel. I have felt Christ's love increase so much as I read about His love and then go out and try to share it with others. The greatest sacrifices come in being a servant to other people. Christ was the ultimate example. President Eyring referenced this scripture in the First Presidency Message for March:

 10 Neither be ye called masters: for one is your Master, even Christ.
 11 But he that is greatest among you shall be your servant.

I'm grateful that Christ loved us enough to do His Father's will and give us the Atonement.
We received news yesterday that the first weekend of May, an Apostle is coming to Virginia to speak to our stake. They chose us out of 5 or 6 stakes, so we are privileged to be there! I'll keep you updated on who is coming and everything. I am so excited!!!

Espero que ustedes tengan una buena semana!

Con amor,
Elder Remund
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Finding Sheep - Elder Jake Avery

Written by Elder Jacob Avery, serving in the Peru Lima West Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, speaking Spanish.

This week was a great work week. We got tracting done, walked for hours as it downpoured, and got a few baptismal dates nailed down. I got to see sheep and we got to make tortillas! The first tortillas in 8 months! They were home made and probably the best tortillas I've eaten in my life. We had a really good zone meeting, and one of the Zone Leaders is Elder Crozier who I met in my first two transfers. He's from Austin Texas, plays guitar, sings, and is really cool. We learned how to extend the baptismal commitment better. However, a baptismal commitment only does any good if they complete all of their other commitments.
Sheep selfie!

We're starting a focus on the Book of Mormon. Like Elder Holland said, the Book of Mormon really is a stumbling block for anyone willing to walk away from the truthfulness of the Church of Jesus Christ. Every time I talk to a less active member or an investigator of the church who wants to stop going to church, I ask the same question, ''Are you reading the Book of Mormon?'' The answer is always the same too... I feel so blessed that God decided to prepare and bring forth a book like the Book of Mormon for this, the last and glorious dispensation of time. It's short, powerful, has the ten commandments, prophesies of Isaiah and one of the most powerful testimonies of Jesus Christ that exists. It's so concrete that the Prophet Joseph Smith called it the ''most correct book upon the face of the earth.'' People that try to push the Book of Mormon to the background do not understand the nature of God or Jesus Christ. The only way we can know that the Book of Mormon is true is if we read it, meditate in it, and pray about it (John 7:17).  If we won't do that, we will never receive a definite yes or no from the Holy Ghost. I expect that all of my siblings will obtain a testimony of the Book of Mormon before they leave on their missions because it makes no sense to be a representative of Jesus Christ if you don't have a testimony of His word.

I'd like to bear my witness that the Book of Mormon is true and it's been manifested to me by the power of God. You can never receive too many witnesses of it and your testimony of it can never reach a limit. Like a tree, so long as it lives, a testimony will never stop growing if it's nurtured.

Have a great week everyone! I'm having fun here, and we're going to baptize and reactivate this month. Love you all!

Elder Jake Avery

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Baptism in a Canal (March 31, 2014)

Cow Hoof for Dinner - Sister Hannah Avery

Written by Sister Hannah Avery, serving in the Chile Vina del Mar Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, speaking Spanish.

(Note to reader: Clicking on highlighted words links to additional information. Clicking on photos will enlarge them. Some names are omitted for privacy.)

Hello my family and friends!

Wow, we had a super crazy week this week! As you all know, it was my first week as a Sister Training Leader here in Achupallas. That means more responsibility, and more interchanges! We had interchanges with the Hermanas in Quilpue, and I was with Hermana Monzon, who is from Guatemala. She is super cute! We had a lot of success there and found she and her companion three more people to teach! Woohoo! The work of the Lord really progresses, no matter where we are in the world! It was really fun to get to travel outside of the area and get to know other people and places!
Getting ready to taste the cow hoof...

We also had Zone Conference this week with our Mission President. Can I just say that Presidente Kahnlein (the mission president) is AMAZING?! He truly is inspired. As you may already know, he invited every missionary in the mission to read through the Book or Mormon every day of this year, and finish it 4 times (every 3 months) and mark different things in it while we read. From January to March, we have marked up the "Doctrine of Christ" (faith, repentance, baptism, receiving the Holy Ghost and enduring to the end). We are a few days short of finishing up this round! These next 3 months (April to June) we are going to be marking a lot about Christ, the things that He said, did, and also obedience and commandments. It should be really great! I am excited to see a really organized, marked up Book of Mormon at the end of the year! haha!
What it looks like up close....

Ready for the crazy story this week?? Here it is.... I ate..... COW HOOF! Yes, it's for real, and I have proof in pictures and videos! haha! It was disgusting, for real. A member gave it to us to "try" and to be able to say, "we ate something weird while we were in Chile." LOL! Hermana Stewart and I were about gagging the whole time. But, it was a good experience. And now I can officially say that I ate cow hoof, which I never would have imagined in my whole life was possible! What are the weirdest things that you all have eaten??
Here goes nothing!

Oh! We scheduled four baptism dates with people this week! They are two married couples with babies. The ones that are absolutely awesome are M and M! They came to church yesterday, and are SUPER interested in eternal families and the temple! They had SOOO many questions and are super excited for their baptisms on the 19th of April! Then there is R and L (also married). Their first baby died at 5 months old and was in NICU his whole life. I told them that my brother, Jonathan, was also in NICU and shared my testimony of eternal families. Well, a few minutes later, they accepted a baptism date for the 19th too :) We are really happy that we are teaching complete families! AHH! We are soooo blessed!!!

Well guys, you are all awesome, seriously! You love and your support keeps me going everyday. Thanks soooo much! I love you all and miss you all so much! Sending prayers, hugs and love from Achupallas, Chile!!! Talk to you next week! ¡Ciao!

xoxoxoxoo Hermana Avery (aka: cow woman)

New Area - Mirador, Chile (March 17, 2014)

Homework (March 31, 2014)

Food, food, food....Elder Kolby Madsen

Written by Elder Kolby Madsen, serving in the Denmark Copenhagen Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, speaking Danish.

Hey Mor,

All is going great. There is a family here that loves to feed the missionaries every week. She is from Scotland and makes great food. We also have a lady that make us food every Saturday. She is just the sweetest old lady. She says that she does it because she is inviting Christ over to eat at her house, and her testimony is just so great. We actually had a dinner appointment last night, and it was with a lady who has been a member her whole life and a convert of 2 years. She is about 82 but looks 65, and he is 59.  It was so much fun. He was making jokes and we just had a great time. I guess Elder Wawro told everyone that I can eat a ton because every time I see someone in church or at their house to eat, they say, "Let’s make sure that Elder Madsen gets the most." I feel bad but they say it in a way playful tone. It's really fun.

Elder Brindley and Elder Madsen
Things are going great. This week as a district we decided to focus on teaching people about family history, since we have that as our focus for the month in the mission. We decided as a district to work on it, and we made a little competition out of it. It was righteous competition, but it ended up being really good. In total we taught 18 lessons between the four companionships, one of them being the senior couple. They got one, which was awesome because the senior couples don’t usually participate in these. It was cool to see how following what our mission president had asked us to do, and by making a goal to teach as much as we can using the method he taught us in our own districts, and now we have had some great success. This again strengthens my testimony of following your leaders and the revelation they receive. Well, through that teaching method we were able to find 2 more friends this week to teach. It was great. We also were able to start teaching a lady that had been dropped, and we went out talk to her and felt prompted to use family history. We now have an appointment with her tomorrow. She had a baptismal date at one point, and now we are hoping to get her to that point again. She is great.

Well we met with E** this week. He is the guy who is on date for the 12th of April. We met with him and he said that he didn’t think that the 12th  would work because he knows how important it is to go to church, and he can’t commit to coming every week by that time. So I jokingly said, "Well we could move it to the 10th." He just gave me a look like I was not understanding him, so I quickly explained that would be a great gift for my year mark in the mission, haha! He laughed and then we went on. So for right now he is trying to find a new date, which is fine. His love for the Holy Ghost is inspiring. He wants to have it so bad. But he knows and understands the gravity of baptism. He just has to get to a place in the future when he can come to church.

We then had a great opportunity to meet with a less active member of the church who is from China. He is way cool. He actually taught me some Chinese. I can almost write my name. I know how to write forest and huge fire in Mandarin. I love learning languages, especially one we don’t hear all the time in the U.S. No offence to Spanish; it’s just not as unique.

We have still been working with the less active members, inviting them to the branch conference next week. I would love to see Randers branch become a ward. It would be so cool to be a part of that.

While we were with the guy form China, he had a tone of questions about why we pay money to come out and live away from home, not be able to go on dates or use technology, and all that good stuff. All I could say to him was, "Why not? I have learned more in the time I have been out here about myself and about the Lord, His work, and how we all fit in His plan in this short time I have been on a mission than I did in my whole life back home." I told him that there is no way I could have learned this before, or just by going to college, and I definitely would not have been able to learn Danish. Then we talked about him and his work. He is very talented and his boss is a very wealthy man. He told us that his boss tells him that happiness comes through money and that, yes, people can be happy without it, but it’s always easier to be happy with money. He asked why is it that we don’t feel the same. I explained that we agree, there are some very nice perks that can come from money. We told him that we haven’t really heard of anyone being sad on a cruise. But then we told him the happiness that can come from the gospel, and read the scripture 2 Nephi 2 :25. We told him that is why we are here on earth; to experience joy. And I told him that the greatest joy for me in my life is my family and close friends. He then told us that Steve Jobs had a quote that he wrote on his death bed...something along the lines of all the fame and fortune of this world that he had accumulated meant nothing. It was his family that was the most important and that brought him the most joy. 

As we were closing up the lesson we asked him about his praying, and he said he hasn’t done it in a while. So we felt prompted to invite him to pray at least once a day and see if his day goes any smoother. Then we felt prompted to promise him the blessings of praying to our Father in Heaven in gratitude, so he accepted our challenge. It was a great appointment.

Well, Mom, I love you and hope that all goes well this week. I am very grateful for the love and support.

Med Kaerlig Hilsen,

AEldste Madsen

First Week in Randers (March 17, 2014)

The Rolling Fields of Randers (March 30, 2014)

Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy Birthday, Sister Jeppson!

Written by Sister Lindsey Jeppson, serving in the Arizona Mesa Mission / Mesa Arizona Temple Visitors' Center of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, speaking Spanish.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA JEPPSON!! I totally forgot today was St. Patrick's Day, but I did not forget it was your birthday!! I hope everything is well, and I hope you had a fantastic day today! I love you so much!

This cute lady made me "zapatitos" (little shoes),
and she always brings us food. Whenever she sees
 me, she says, "Mi chiquita bonita!"
And Thank you Grandma Beck for the birthday card! I promise I will write back. I just wanted to let you know that I got it!

Yes, it is true... I turn 20 tomorrow. It's a little weird, but it's good. I just can't stop thinking that I'm half way to 40. I thought this day would never come. Tomorrow, I officially will not be a teenager, or in missionary terms, a "baby."

I just wanted to take this time, or this space, to say thank you to you Mom! Thank you for everything! Tomorrow you should do something nice for yourself. I'm just getting older and older, you're the one who did all the work. LOVE YOU!! <<Hugs>>>

Last night I got off the phone with and investigator confirming an appointment for Family Home Evening tonight. About 20 minutes later, she called me again and asked, "Can you come over Tuesday?"

"Lo ciento, hermana, vamos estar en al Centro" (we'll be in the Visitors' Center).

"Oh, okay. Is this Sister DeMille or Jeppson?"


"Hermana, porque no me dices es su cumpleanos martes" (Why didn't you tell me your birthday is Tuesday)?

"Hermana, how did you know that?"


So Wednesday, we'll have a little lesson and cake! She seriously is the sweetest thing! I love these people. They will give anything to serve. 

Sister DeMille and Sister Jeppson
It has been quite the week. We had Zone Conference, and preparation meeting, and worked at the Visitors' Center, and so many other things. We haven't had full studies for 5 days. That's bad. But all the meetings were good. I played the piano. I also accompanied a special musical number. I played "Come Unto Christ," the new youth theme song for Sister Valladares (my trainer) and another Elder in our zone. It went well. Also, Sister Valladares and Sister DeMille gave their "dying testimonies" (this is the last time they will share their testimony with us before they go home from their missions). It was the most surreal experience because two of my three companions in the mission field are going home. It is so sad. I honestly thought that day would never come, but it's coming and it's scary. We had lunch and we sat with President and Sister Jenkins and they were talking to Sister DeMille about her plans after the mission. Then he looked at me and asked, "Sister Jeppson, what are we going to do with you next transfer?" I don't even want to think about it...

Something that I have been studying is in D&C 138 where it talks about President Joseph F. Smith's vision of the spirit world and how he saw the chosen spirits who would come down in this time and labor in the lord's vineyard. Then, after their mortal lives, they would return to the spirit world and teach those who didn't accept Christ during their life. We will always be missionaries!! It was really cool to make that connection.

I hope you all have a fantastic week!!


Hermana Jeppson

Sanctified (March 10, 2014)

Killing a Companion is Not Easy (March 24, 2014)

Letter from the HEAT - Sister Justyce Oliphant

Written by Sister Justyce Oliphant, serving in the Mexico Tuxtla Gutierrez Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, speaking Spanish.

What!? Una otro semana (another week)!!??

How crazy that the door fell off the van...haha! It made me laugh to hear about you holding it on to drive to church.

My desk
About you letters...YES!! I got a whole bunch of them last Wednesday!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! It was sooo nice to read your hand written letters!! Also, I received a letter from Mom-mom for Christmas!! And a Christmas card from Shannon Avery. And from sweet Della!! And a package from Becky Pickle! Please tell them all thank you so much, as I can't do it personally for all of them! Oh, and Ashley Pilon from Chick-fil-a too!! It was so nice to hear from them all! and I now have Chick-fil-a sauce in Mexico!! I am going to cook my companion chicken this week!!! yummy!!!

Dad to answer a few questions, (I don't remember all of them and forgot to bring my notes to the internet today). We drink aguas of all different kinds. YE,S I have tried Polzol in blanco y caco. I will be honest, I like blanco major! YUM! It was so weird the first few times I drank it because it was caco and I thought that it was dirt. You literally chew your drink! It was kinda hard to get used to, but then when my companion explained that it was not dirt, I actually kinda like it now. There's another one, I don't remember the name...tascalate, I think. But that one really  tastes like dirt to me, but people serve it so I drink it! Other aguas are really delicioso!!! Como Piña y mango y otros fruitas!! que rico!!

Hermana Rodriguez doing dishes
Our bishop has a washing machine, and he lets us come and use it each week. So I haven't had to wash by hand! Seriously, it is such a blessing to just let electricity do all the work! And I feel like the clothes get cleaner too. He is our neighbor, so we are always at his house, for food or meetings or whatever. I LOVE the leaders in our bario, Jardines. They are all so willing to work right along side us. Last night after our meeting with the mission leader, he came with Hermana Rodriguez and I to our appointment. It is SOOO nice when we can have a member come with us.  Their added testimonies help so much and bring a different spirit, and also provide the friendship needed for the investigators!

I am not quite sure what other questions you asked Daddy. I will remember to bring my notes next week and answer them!! I sure miss the temple. It is our ward's turn to clean the Tuxtla Temple this week, and they signed people up on Sunday. I was jumping out of my seat because I wanted to go, but my work is in other areas for now. How amazing that my momma gets to work in and be in the House of the Lord EVERY single night!

Well, I have to go. This week has been really good, other than the fact that I went to the doctor Friday night...but that's a story for another day. I am fine just having problems with the heat, we think. Thank you for everything you do! I love you all!!

Hermana Oliphant

P.S. Five months in the mission this Sunday!!

My New City (March 10, 2014)

Five Months (March 24, 2014)

First Week in Randers, Denmark - Elder Kolby Madsen

Written by Elder Kolby Madsen, serving in the Denmark Copenhagen Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, speaking Danish.

Mor (Mom),

It’s all going well. I really enjoy Elder Brindley. He is really great, and we get along fantastically well. Anyway it’s been great. It's beautiful in Randers. It's way different than any place I have ever lived before. It is like San Francisco in the fact that it’s all hills. It’s crazy biking, but it's good. I will get some pretty ham legs again. We eat that kebab every Monday. It's the best thing known to man, haha. Everything is good here and I am happy to hear that all is well back home.

This week was pretty fun. We did a lot of less active work for the branch, so there was not much finding and teaching this week, but there definitely is going to be this coming week. We actually got to make letters for every single less active member (and delivered them) so they can be aware of the branch conference coming up. That's when we will find out if the branch becomes a ward or not. It was weird to see more than ten people in church. I got to meet a bunch of people, and they are all very nice.

We had some really cool experiences this week as we went out to visit these members. While going around, we thought of some people that may not have been on the list and went to visit them to give them a blank letter. Well, when we got to this guy’s house, we rang the doorbell and he answered.  He was on the phone talking about work, then when he hung up he said, in English, "What’s up guys?" So we started to talk to him and he was way nice. He  told us his story and all. It went like this: He was sitting at home with his daughter and his girlfriend at the time, and they were just enjoying a nice day at home. When the doorbell rang, it was two young Americans in black and white. They talked about  the Book of Mormon and he felt a little interested, so he took the book and said he would read it. That night he read the first chapter and went to bed. While sleeping he had a dream about a glowing tree and some fruit and a rod of iron. I was feeling the spirit so strong when I heard this. Anyway, he wanted to be baptized and so he did. In the process he had to leave his girlfriend and his house and move to where he is now. He told us that is kind of a miracle that he was home when we came by because he is only home 2 out of 10 days because of work. I told him it was a sign and he just smiled and we kept talking. He is a way cool guy we are trying to get time to meet with him again. Hopefully next week. He is a really great guy, but says he's only 85% Mormon now, but he is just going through some stuff. Just by talking to him, his faith is so strong. He told us that his favorite thing to do when he was investigating the church was to come to Zone Conference because he could feel the Spirit so strong. That was one of the big things that helped him get through the hard time of leaving his girlfriend, who was the mother of his daughter. He really loves the Lord and knows the church is true. He just needs to start living it now.

I am so happy that the Lord provided time for us to meet him. This taught me two important things. One, the Lord's timing is perfect. And second, in all things He is there for us, especially when we feel like he isn’t.  That is when he is standing there, arms open to embrace us, always ready to take us back. It’s up to us to grab his hand and allow him to pull us back. His hand is extended, we just need to grab it. Matthew 14:25-35 is a great story and very applicable to all of us.

I will send a pictures next week. I don’t have one now. But to answer your questions, yes, we are very close to everything . It’s just like my first area, except not as big a city. The area is smaller than Herring, but bigger then Frederiksberg. And the hills are just huge. But, yes, it's great. I love it here. I feel so blessed. Well, I love you. Have a great week.

 Med Kaerlig Hilsen,

Elder Madsen

Transferred to Randers (March 10, 2014)

Food, food, food.... (March 24, 2014)

New Area - Mirador, Chile - Sister Hannah Avery

Written by Sister Hannah Avery, serving in the Chile Vina del Mar Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, speaking Spanish.

(Note to reader: Clicking on highlighted words links to additional information. Clicking on photos will enlarge them.)

Hello my Amazing Family and Friends!

Well, I had the craziest week of my whole mission! We had lots and lots of changes.... First off, we had cambios (transfers) on Wednesday. We got called on Tuesday night at about 10 p.m. and the Zone Leader said, “Hermana Avery, usted se va (You are going).” I was like, “Well, dang it! Looks like that is the end of my time here in Ovalle!”

I was really sad. I had a feeling I would be leaving this transfer and was prepared for it, but my heart was really sad. Like one of the worst feelings ever. I felt like I was leaving my family behind all over again. I just hurt. I packed my suitcases until about 11 p.m. when we had to go to bed. Hermana Puertas and I were so sad that we stayed up and talked in bed pretty much all night, haha! But we finally got a little sleep and woke up bright and early Wednesday morning to finish packing my things. I got my things packed in my suitcases by miracle! Seriously! I had SO much stuff, I forgot what my packed suitcases felt like!

So, I'm packing all my stuff right? And I get this thought in my head, “Hannah, don't freak out, but you are going to get a phone call from the mission president!” I was like, wow, that is not what I want to hear right now! Haha! Anyways, I kept thinking that the mission president was going to call me any minute, and then about 10 minutes later.... RINGGGGG.... the mission president's phone number flashing on our cell phone. So what was my first reaction?? I yelled, “OH. MY. GOODNESS. WHAT?!”

Hermana Puertas came running downstairs, because she knows that if I am saying, “oh my goodness!,” that means there is a really big spider or something, haha! Anyways, then I am thinking, “Oh no....what did I do?!?” LOL! So I answer the phone, and I hear this super friendly voice on the other end of the line. “Hello, Hermana Avery, good morning! How are you?” I was thinking, “I am about ready to pee my pants right now, but...” haha!

Outside my cute house in Ovalle, getting
ready to board my bus to Vina del Mar.
So I say, “Great! How are you?” And he says, “Hermana, I am great. And I have an assignment for you! Will you be a Sister Training Leader?” Oh my goodness.... I was SOOOOO excited and said, “Yes, yes of course!” Anyways, that was the end of that super short phone call, and I hurried to finish packing my bags so that I could go visit Hermana Maria before I left. We were bawling our eyes out the whole time, and she said that I have to come visit her and Sofia and Catalina with the family next year when we come back to visit Chile! I hope I can see them again. They are incredible people.

Well, at 10:30 a.m., I boarded a bus and said goodbye to Ovalle, my second home, for a long time. It was really hard, but I knew it was time. It was a 6 hour bus ride to Viña del Mar, where we had our transfers meeting with the Mission President. We met in the Stake Center in Viña, and all waited for our names to be called over the pulpit in the chapel to learn where we were going and who we would be with. And guess what?? I ran into Hermana Page! (my companion from the MTC). She is doing great! And she got called to be a Sister Training Leader too! We were really excited to see each other after so long!

So, my name was finally called, and the Mission President said, “Hermana Avery, you are going to Mirador B with Hermana Stewart as a Sister Training Leader.” I was like WOOHOO! That was the first area where I stayed (for one week) when I arrived a week earlier than expected from the MTC (Missionary Training Center), due to the Chilean Independence Day in September.

One of our first appointments was the birthday party of a
little girl whose family we are teaching. This is my new
companera, Hermana Stewart.
So, I met up with my new companion right after the meeting. She is AMAZING! We get along soooo well and it is SO nice to speak in English again at night! Haha! She is from Cottonwood Heights, Utah and is 23 years old. She finished the UVU (Utah Valley University) Nursing program about a month before coming on the mission and told me that I HAVE to go there and do the program! Anyways, we get along great, and I think we have slept all of 20 hours in 5 days because we talk ALL NIGHT LONG! Haha! We have a ton in common and laugh until it hurts. It's so wonderful! I am on cloud nine!
The view from my new apartment. I know, Mom, if it starts
to shake I will run the heck out of there :)
Well, as a Sister Training Leader, I am not any better than any other missionary. In fact, I feel inadequate, but I hope that I can learn new things from the girls that we look out for! A Sister Training Leader does interchanges every week with a different pair of Hermanas each time. We are responsible for 5 companionships, so we will be busy! It's basically making sure that they are all doing okay, are getting along well in their companionships, etc. Nothing too crazy or different, but we have to be EXACTLY obedient and be great examples all of the time. We then report things to the Zone Leaders, etc. and then do our same work that we have always done...missionary work! We are teaching several FAMILIES who are getting ready for baptism! This area is a ward and not a branch, so it's growing really fast, and is really successful. We are super excited to get to work and bring more people to Christ!

Beautiful sunset and sky, here in Mirador.
Well guys, that is all I have for this week! I hope you are all doing fabulous! Know that I love and miss you all like crazy (as always!) and that I am always praying for you! Remember who you are, and never forget the Lord in anything that you do. I love you! Talk to you in a week! :)


Hermana Hannah Avery :)

Short Update this Week (March 10, 2014)

Cow Hoof for Dinner (March 24, 2014)

This is the progression of landscape I saw on my six hour drive from Ovalle to Vina del Mar last week. I can see the ocean from the top of a hill not far from where I live! There are hills everywhere and I'm getting a workout every day. The members don't feed us as much here (which is GREAT!) and they serve us water to drink instead of soda (also GREAT!).

New Area - Yungay, Peru ... Elder Jake Avery

Written by Elder Jacob Avery, serving in the Peru Lima West Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, speaking Spanish.

(Note to reader: Clicking on highlighted words links to additional information. Clicking on photos will enlarge them.)

My new area is sooooo awesome! It's a town called Yungay. It's much prettier, much cleaner, much safer, and much more what I expected Peru to be like. There are donkeys, pigs, and cows that the people just stake down in the street. The pigs scare me a little bit, but I'm getting used to it :) The streets are paved or dirt; no more sand!

Elder Avery and Elder Aldana (from Chile)
My ward is a descent sized ward. We don't have enough members for a chapel yet, so we're meeting for church in an office space. We have land for a church in downtown Carhuaz, but if we don't get attendance to 120 in six months the church is going to sell the lot. My town is the farthest from the church (20 minutes), but it still only costs 1.5 soles to get there by van. My strategy is to get the members to realize how blessed they are to have a church so close.

My new companion was in my old area, so I already know him. His name is Elder Aldana, and he's from Chile. He's really fun, works hard, and we're already good friends. He's only been here for 6 weeks and was actually with Elder Larsen (my companion from the MTC), so they already have a good pool of investigators and trust from the members. The down side is, there are no directions in our city. There's literally nothing but memorization for finding houses. So I really hope Elder Aldana doesn't leave in 6 weeks!
Yungay, Peru

It's a lot colder up here in the mountains, and it rains cats and dogs every other day. I'm so glad I brought winter clothes! It doesn't ever snow in the valley, but we get snow in the mountains. We really don't see the mountains though because there's always an overcast. I'm guessing it's like a really elevated Oregon.

I hope that everything is going well at home. I'm just glad to be in the mission right now. Things might change if I'm sent back to Lima next transfer, haha :P No, I'll go where the Lord wants me. I know I've been sent here for a reason, and I'm ready to get the wheels rolling.

Have a great week. Love you all! Bye!

I Feel Spoiled

Finding Sheep (March 24, 2014)

Yes, it's a little chilly up here!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Sanctified - Sister Lindsey Jeppson

Written by Sister Lindsey Jeppson, serving in the Arizona Mesa Mission / Mesa Temple Visitors' Center of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, speaking Spanish.

Dearest Familia!

It's good to hear that everything is going well! I cannot believe baby R** is a year old! I hope you had a good time, Brycen, at your birthday! I'm glad you got my card! I talk about you guys with the missionaries I serve with. I have a family picture in my Book of Mormon that I show, and they say I have a precious family! I showed it to a senior Elder who serves in the Visitors' Center, and I told him how old everyone was, starting with Braden. When I said 16 almost 17, he said, "Oh, so this picture was taken a few years ago." Nope, last April.

It was a good week this week. We are teaching some amazing people! I have never met people so prepared. A lot of them are willing to complete commitments, but are a little hesitant to commit to baptism. When we explained to them the importance of baptism, I thought to myself, "Do I really understand the importance of baptism?" So guess what my study was focused on this week...baptism. It was really cool to read. One of the blessings of being baptized is being sanctified. I have heard that word a lot, but I didn't understand the meaning. I looked it up and it said something like being sanctified is being pure, and free from sin. When we are baptized, we make a promise to God, and in return He blesses us. If we are willing, we can be sanctified....pretty cool.

Another thing I learned this week was in D&C 88:74:

 74 And I give unto you, who are the first laborers in this last kingdom, a commandment that you assemble yourselves together, and organize yourselves, and prepare yourselves, and sanctify yourselves; yea, purify your hearts, and cleanse your hands and your feet before me, that I may make you clean;

Revelation I received.... Reaching the celestial kingdom is no easy task. It is something that we have to work for. We can't passively live life... that's boring and not fulfilling. We have to actively live life.

P** and P** are doing well. P** has been listening to the Book of Mormon at work, and is almost done! His personality kind of reminds me of yours, Dad. We were like "P**! Do you think the Book of Mormon is true?" "NO..." "Liar!" *He smirks* "I'm joking!" He's a good guy. His wife is just the sweetest thing ever! She reads everything that we leave! And she's starting to quote scriptures that she likes! They are amazing people! I love them to death!

I love you all to pieces!!

Hope you have a great week!


Hermana Jeppson

The Book of Mormon Changes Behavior (March 3, 2014)

Happy Birthday! (March 17, 2014)