Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Meet Elder Jacob Avery

Jacob Avery was born in Richmond, Virginia, lived in Maryland most of his life, and moved to Utah in middle school. He is the son of Doug and Shannon Avery. Jake falls second in our family, the oldest boy, of seven children. He has two younger brothers, Joshua and Jared, and a brother, Jonathan, who died when he was a month old. He also has an older sister, Hannah (currently serving in the Chile Vina del Mar Mission), and two younger sisters, Rebekah and Abigail.

Jacob Avery

Avery Family 2012

We call our boys "The Three Stooges". Three boys born in three years, and they have done almost everything together for their whole lives. It will be strange as we launch into these next several years because we'll always be missing one of them, and sometimes two of them, when their missions overlap each other. Of the three boys, Jake is the analytical one, the calculated, organized, five year plan one. You couldn't ask for a better older child for the younger ones to look to for an example. Aside from the first two years of his life, he really has never given us any trouble. We are blessed!

Jake's 18th birthday is next week, and he just finished his Eagle Scout project on Saturday. Better late than never, right?! He will graduate from high school the end of May. That makes Jake in the first round of missionaries who will turn 18 during their senior year of high school, and will be available to serve missions after graduation. The guideline is that young people not submit their applications for missionary service until 120 days before their available date. Jake's available date is June 1, 2013, so he submitted his papers on Friday, February 1st. Typically, it takes about two weeks for the paperwork to be reviewed and an assignment to be issued.

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Jake before his missionary haircut
Elder Jacob Joseph Avery
President and Sister Archibald
Peru Lima West Mission

Elder Avery Leaves for the Peru MTC

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