Monday, February 17, 2014

Transfer Week - Sister Justyce Oliphant

Written by Sister Justyce Oliphant, serving in the Mexico Tuxtla Gutierrez Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, speaking Spanish.

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We had such a good week! Hermana M** R** was baptized on Saturday and confirmed on Sunday! Also, a family that I taught when on companion exchanges was baptized as well. What a neat day and soooo many miracles!

M** R** has been very sick, VERY sick, but her testimony is so strong and she has so much faith!! We picked her up and her daughters weren't there. They support her but don't want to have anything to do with the church. When we got to the church house, they sent us a text and said to wait because they were on their way!! What a miracle to see them come to their mom's baptism!! She was scared that the water was going to be cold, and the truth is, our boiler doesn't work in the church. The service was supposed to start at 5:30, but the water was freezing. We brought our stove and a pan and started boiling water and dumping it in. We also bought water heater things (metal pieces that you put in the water and plug in the wall) but it wasn't doing much. Finally, we got the boiler to work a little and said many prayers. The water was still cold when we started the service. M** R** went first and I stood ready with a towel for when she got out of the water. When I put her towel around her, her clothes were warm!! It was a miracle!

Pedrito brought gifts because I am leaving!  He was baptized
in November and goes out on teaching appointments with
 us while he waits to go on his own mission.
On the morning of her baptism, we went to her house for her interview with Elder Northtrup, our district leader, and she was so happy and LOOKED better! Sunday, after her baptism and confirmation, she ate real food and didn't get sick. I know it was a miracle and part of her baptism!

Members of the ward - the Hermano played the piano for
me and I sang in sacrament meeting yesterday! He
served his mission in Salt Lake City and speaks English!)
Today I am being transferred. I am sad to leave this beautiful area of San Cristobal, but I know that the Lord is sending me where he needs me! My new area is in Tuxtla and is called Jardenas. It's really hot in Tuxtla, but I am excited for this new part of my adventure! I got everything all packed up this morning and we are just waiting for the elders to call and tell us when our bus is and what the plan is. All they told us was that Hermana Perez is going to be training a new missionary here in this area and that I am going to a new area! I will have more information next week!

I love you all and just want you to know how much I care for you, and think about you, and pray for you! I sure am loving this. It's hard but I love seeing the positive changes in the people's lives!!

Hermana Oliphant

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