Monday, February 10, 2014

Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover

Written by Elder Brian Burgess, serving in the Mexico Puebla North Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, speaking Spanish.

Interesting week....

We had a conference Wednesday in the morning about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, one of the lessons we have in Preach My Gospel. It was taught by Elder Richards, one of the assistants to the President.

Then Friday night we had another conference about the Book of Mormon by President Christensen! It was one of my favorite conferences so far in the mission. I have learned so much more about the Book of Mormon. Every time I study and read from the Book of Mormon, my testimony grows. I can't imagine life without it.

A member in my ward has one of the first generation Books of Mormon printed in Spanish. And he gave it to me! WOO!!

At the Friday night conference with President Christensen, we got there a little earlier then expected. Some Elders and I were sitting there in the foyer when a man came in... it was cold this night, and all he had was a backpack and a t-shirt and pants and some old shoes. He didn't look alright. I have talked to many drunks on my mission, so I thought this man was just another one. And I had a bitter attitude talking to this man. I then had a humbling experience. He tells us he has cancer, just got out of jail, and was trying to get back to the state of Veracruz to his family. He hadn't eaten in two days and had no money. He asked us to pray, so we went into a room and knelt in prayer. After the prayer he asked for the water I had in my hand. I gave it to him, and then I remembered the bag of oranges I had in my backpack that a member had given us earlier that day. I gave them to him too. We all gave him 20 pesos each. And then Elder Hernandez gave him his jacket.

At this point, I didn't know if he just robbed us blindly, or if his story was real. That night, when Elder Hernandez and his companion got on a bus back to their area, they told me that the man was on the bus. He had a ticket in his hand to Puebla bus station, to catch another bus to Veracruz, and he was wearing the jacket. The man was reading the pamphlet we gave him about the Plan of Salvation. I was very touched by this man's genuine desire to get back to his family. If he was in the jail or not, it doesn't matter. This man thanked Elder Hernandez with tears in his eyes. And made an impact in my life.

Don't judge a book by its cover.

Elder Burgess


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