Monday, February 3, 2014

Kristus - Elder Kolby Madsen

Written by Elder Kolby Madsen, serving in the Denmark Copenhagen Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, speaking Danish.

(Note to reader: Some names are omitted for privacy. Highlighted words will link to additional information. Clicking on photos will enlarge them.)

We had a district activity on Wednesday, so went to see and handball game. It was way fun! Handball looks like a ton of fun, but there are not a ton of big plays like in other sports. And it's not like soccer where it's rare to score. They score all the time. It is the Danish national sport, and I got to support my forever home in Denmark København, so that was fun. We had a blast.

Yesterday we went to church and got everything ready, then sat there and waited to greet people. T** arrived with the kind member that was nice enough to pick him up. He met the branch president and the rest of the eight members who came to church yesterday. We had testimony meeting. Fast and testimony meeting on your mission is always more meaningful, especially when you get to do it every month...because, in all honesty, there are only eight people. So, you get to hear everyone else’s and your own (haha!). It's way fun to hear and see the growth in Elder Wilsher. He is doing great.

In our guest class after sacrament meeting, we showed "The Restoration". The film brings the spirit so strong, so I always really enjoy it.

Well, after that we had some good chats and then went on. While waiting for the person who was giving T** a ride home, I overheard Ældste Johansen say that their talks for next week fell through. I immediately asked T** if he was planning to come next week, and he said, "No. I think I should wait awhile before I do it again." I heard Ældset Johansen asking others if they would speak, so I volunteered. Why? I don’t know. After I volunteered, I asked what I should speak about...if there was a topic. Elder Johansen said, "Why don't we ask T** what he wants to hear next week?" T** gives me this look and then just says, "Kristus!" So now I'm speaking on Christ. I told T** that he surley must come next week because he chose the topic. He said that we will talk about it. I think he will come.

We had a great day after church as well. We prayerfully considered who to visit the night before, and four names came to mind. So, we set out to do it. The first was a referral from the office. The other one was a less active member who just came back to the mother land from the USA. She is about 21 years old and has two children. She is really nice. The others were two old investigators who I have not yet had a chance to meet with, in all 13 weeks in this area.

My district, minus Elders Metcalf and Wilsher
First, we went to the referral and he was home, so we made an appointment. Then we went to the less active member's house, praying all the way that she would be home and that we would have the spirit with us as we spoke. She WAS home we talked for a couple of minutes. She took our phone number and will call to let us know when we can meet with her. Then we went to see K**. He has cancer and has been very busy. He told us he had good news; he'd had his last bit of chemo therapy and he's considered cancer free. He also wants to meet with us Friday at 1600 and will have a cold drink waiting for us :)

We approached the final house, just happy as can be because we haven't had so many people answer the door in a while. And the people at the last house answered the door too. We chatted for a little while and they said they were busy then, but will call in a week to make an appointment. So that was 4 for 4! The Lord knew who, what, when and how. All we had to do was listen. It was a great day!

Yummy, homemade dessert! One of the many things
you learn on a mission.
Saturday we had a great opportunity to go with a guy named G** to a girls' soccer game for a team he coaches. It brought me back to when we would go to the girls' (Elder Madsen's sisters) games. It was a ton of fun. Right after that, we went to famlien Rå** to helped them set up some shelves. They drank coffee and served us herbal tea :)

This week I have learned a very valuable lesson. I learned to include the Lord in aspect of our planning more than ever before. By doing this, we have learned and seen what can happen as we follow the spirit and are worthy to receive those promptings. We will always know that we have God, our Father, creator, and leader to help us on our path of life!

Mede kÆrlig hilsen,

Ældste Madsen

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