Monday, October 13, 2014

Jamestown, Virginia - Elder Dallin Remund

Written by Elder Dallin Remund, serving in the Virginia Chesapeake Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, speaking Spanish.

Elders Cannon and Remund at Jamestown
Had a pretty good week. We worked really hard on getting lots of lessons and were pretty close to our goal. I've never been so driven to get members out to help us with lessons as I have been now with Elder Cannon. It takes a lot of effort to plan out.

I'll just share a couple miracles to keep things brief! (Which is good most of the time, right?)

So, JW, who is getting baptized in the next couple weeks is doing good. He had to start living the Word of Wisdom this Saturday and had a little slip up, but our stake president came by yesterday and gave him a blessing as well as a picture of the Savior. Getting that support from a key holder is astounding, and I am very humbled that such a busy guy will take time to focus on "the One" and help support J** in this struggling time. We've been praying and fasting that J** will be able to quit and be ready for baptism here very soon.

Elder Cannon with a cannon...oh, the irony!
As a mission, every Saturday we started to do something called "Walk and Talk" where we go out on the streets and just talk to everyone in our path. It hadn't proved to be very effective for us in terms of finding Hispanics, but we saw miracles before just speaking with Americans. Well, this last week we decided to go to a lake that has a big hiking trail. We park the car and what do you know? There's a giant Hispanic family of about 20. We go up and talk to them in Spanish, which surprised them and then gave them pass-along cards with our numbers. They start walking on the trail and one of the guys comes back and asks us if the church we go to speaks Spanish and we said yes. We wrote down the address, just assuming that he would maybe think about going sometime later on. We got a call that night and he asked what time church started saying he wanted to come! Elder Cannon and I had a little joyful celebration afterwards. He ended up coming late to church yesterday, but we gave him a tour and he got to meet some of the members. You just get overjoyed when things like that happen. It's the best!

We got to go to Jamestown last preparation day. It was pretty fun. Really depressing in some ways, hearing about what happened there over time. It's beautiful country out there. And we're on the verge of Fall, so I'll be sending out lots of pictures of the leaves.

Hope y'all have a wonderful week,

Elder Remund

1. Elder Cannon and I in Jamestown in an old church.
2. The James River. Really relaxing. Wish I could set up a hammock there!
3. Elder Cannon with a cannon. Oh, the irony!!!

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The beautiful James River