Monday, September 29, 2014

Scheduled Baptisms - Elder Dallin Remund

Written by Elder Dallin Remund, serving in the Virginia Chesapeake Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, speaking Spanish.

Flashback to 16 months ago today! It was goodbye at the MTC. 16 months later, and everyone's grown up and my sister has her mission call, and just barely went to the temple for her endowment. It has been the greatest sixteen months of my life thus far!
Hola a todos!

We were very blessed this week with lots of success. We hit our goals once again for 5 lessons with a member present; not an easy feat in sharing a small Spanish branch with 2 other companionships of Sister missionaries! Seeing lots of miracles from taking out members, like always!

Quick update:
J** W**, one of our American investigators who is a Latina member's husband is getting baptized this October on the 25th! Very excited for him and the changes he has made as he's come closer to Christ at this time in his life. His wife and sons are members, so that completes the family and the goal is the temple a year after his baptism! So amazing to be a part of this. This will be my first baptism in the mission after 16 months! A true blessing!

E** and M**, the couple from El Salvador that I've been teaching since I got out here in February, are getting married on December 20th and baptized on January 10th! Wonderful news after having taught them since the beginning of the year. They too have come a long way and I'm enjoying the blessings of staying in an area for 7 transfers in seeing the fruits of faith and repentance!

Les quiero mucho,
Elder Remund

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