Monday, October 20, 2014

House of God - Elder Kolby Madsen

Written by Elder Kolby Madsen, serving in the Denmark Copenhagen Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, speaking Danish.


I am way glad to hear you had the chance to go see the movie. I really am way jealous you all get to see it. I hope we will get the chance. I can’t believe that our little Joshy poo is all grown up. That’s crazy to think that he is already in the MTC. I will just send the email to him on what he can expect and the good stuff. It's way weird to think that Linds will be home tomorrow. I sent her an email and hope she gets it before she leaves. Send me some pictures and tell me if Brad (Lindsey's dad and Kolby's uncle) cries because that’s always good information, haha. I can’t believe that Brother Avery is finally going to be able to move back home. That is great news. I am so happy for them. I think it’s also great because Jared will need him to slap him around and keep him in line, haha. It will be good.

This week was so great.  We have been teaching so much. It's great to see how many people in the area are willing to meet and learn more. To start it all off, we were on splits down in Nybøbing with Elder Brindley and Elder Peterson again.  I now know what Louie was talking about when he talked about being in leadership, how you are always out with other missionaries and stuff. I love it though. We get to learn and teach with them, so it's really good. We had the chance to do some good, solid finding while we were down there. We found some potential people to teach.

On Tuesday, we went back to visit our  friend who I mentioned last time needed to stop being with is lady friend. He said it’s been hard, and it won’t be easy, but he is going to stop by and talk to her about it.

We had a great time in a little city in our area, out in the middle of nowhere. We met this guy named Søren (that's Kolby's dad's name). He is great. We had his name on a record and we started to teach him. We went out expecting to see this guy who was interested in the Book of Mormon, and he was, but he is probably one of the most faithful people I have ever met. He loves the States and wants to visit there again. He has been many times. The only problem is that last time he went was like ten years ago. This was before the accident.  He was giving his daughter a bath one day when he turned around to grab something. The last thing he remembered was turning back to see his daughter's face, then black. A month later he woke up from a coma. He was out for a month and when he finally snapped out of it, the only thing he could move were his eyes.

Over the past five years, he has been able to gain movement back into his neck and up. He lost his faith. He says his faith in God was gone. He had no idea why such a thing would happen to someone that has never done anything wrong to those around him. As he started to come to, he had thoughts of just giving up, thinking it’s not worth it. He got this feeling there is a God and how present He is. To this day, he does not know how, but he knows there is a God. Someone to watch over and protect. So he started over with this new found faith, very small he says, but enough to keep him going.

He started to set goals to walk again. In the last two years he has gained movement of his shoulders almost to his elbows. While we were over there, he told us the story. It's very touching. He said he likes the Book of Mormon and  he wants to read it more. He would love to continue meeting with us.  He just does not know when he could because he is busy with training and physical therapy, but he will make time once a week if we can. We told him yes, and then we felt prompted to talk about Ether 12:27.

At first when we read it, I was very confused as to why we felt impressed to read it. So we just opened our mouths and they were filled, just as the scriptures and Preach My Gospel promise. We talked about how the scripture rings true to us, and how it makes sense. Then we talked about how this is not a test from God. He only give us the challenges that we can handle. Then he asked why it doesn’t happen to someone else. We told him very lovingly and boldly, it's because he is stronger than them. He thought about it for a bit and then asked where do I go from here? We felt impressed to tell him to be an example of your faith, even though you have this challenge. Shine bright and be a light to people around you. We felt very prompted to tell him those exact words, and then out of nowhere he says, "You're right," and we set up a return appointment. He wants us to come back and talk to him more about the doctrine and core beliefs of the church. We look forward to it. He's a very nice man.

I had another first this week. I thought I was done with firsts, but I have come to realize that you are never done with firsts. One of the new converts in the ward that we have had the chance to teach often, scheduled a date to go to the temple. We got it all planned out and went and did baptisms for the dead with him. It was so much fun. We got special permission to go because it was his first time.  It was so great to be in the temple again. There is just a special spirit in the temple. It was also way fun to do the prayers and everything in Danish because we were all male we were allowed to do it. It was way fun, and really felt like home. I feel so blessed to have had the temple so close to me in my life. The fact that we have two so close to our house at home, two within 20 minutes, and the only place on earth to have 2 temples in one city (until Provo gets the second one finished). The temple is my favorite place, and I am so glad that we have the opportunity to go in the temple and feel of God’s love and Spirit as well as to do the work that is much needed. Tommy did it for his first time this week, and was so excited to go back.

I know that the temple is a house of God and that the things that are done in the temple are to bring to pass the immortality of all those who live, have lived, and will live on this earth!

Love you.  Have a great week!

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