Monday, September 29, 2014

The Second Harvest - Elder Kolby Madsen

Written by Elder Kolby Madsen, serving in the Denmark Copenhagen Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, speaking Danish.

Denmark Copenhagen Mission Leadership Council

I still can’t believe that you are trying to sell the house but I understand why.  I guess I have always guessed that you would move while I was gone, it’s just different actually hearing about it now, you know? Good news, Elder Ludlow is coming back tomorrow. He will be back, but transfers are next week and I don’t think I will be moving. I just got here, but you know stuff happens, haha. We will find out about transfers later. There are a couple of missionaries coming in this transfer who don’t have their visas yet. Way lame. This visa crap is ridiculous, but everything happens for a reason.

Well, this week we had some really good stuff happen. We were very blessed to have a ton of things to do this week, which was great. We had some missionaries down from Frederiksberg on splits, way good stuff.  We were able to meet with some new converted members who have just made plans to go to the temple for baptisms for the dead. We are looking forward to that.

We also had some good times on Tuesday. We had some appointments, one with the lady from Brazil. She is great. She is getting so close to being baptized and stuff. We meet with her twice a week and talk about prophets. She has a hard time with Joseph Smith, but it is coming. My Portuguese is coming along nicely (just kidding!). It’s fun to learn new languages, haha.

We had a great week with S** too. He has picked the time for Saturday the 11th  at noon to be baptized. That is great. We are really looking forward to that and, of course, General Conference is way good. We already have plans to be with our friends (investigators) at their houses instead of at the church for Conference, which is way exciting. Every single one of us will be with less active members or investigators… goal achieved so far.

We are really having fun with S**’s family as well. We did some service with them last week, and we were able to teach them more and answer some more questions. They plan on coming to Sander's dåb as well. That should be good, and it will help them feel the Spirit as well. So we are excited about that.

We had a great experience this week with some of the less active members. We were talking to a member a couple weeks ago about the people she has not seen in a while in Slagelse. She told us of one who was also from Brazil and was very active, but then she just fell away. So we did some searching and called her. The number was incorrect, but then two days later I got a call from a lady saying that she needed help with moving and that she was moving into Slagelse. We went to help and it was this member from Brazil. She felt like she could trust us. Now the bishop has her contact information and she is planning on coming back to church. We are excited for that.

She has an awesome story. She was born into the Baptist church and her father was a priest living in Brazil. She saw a ton of Latter-day Saints missionaries and one day asked one of them to teach her. Long story short, she got baptized at 13 years old and has never looked back, even though her family are still very active in the Baptist church. So great to hear about the faith and trust that she has in the Lord. She will come back, and we are excited about that.

We had a fun little leadership conference.  This week ended with the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders, along with the Assistants and President Sederholm. We had an activity afterwards.  We played soccer, it was way fun.  Then we played volleyball. I cannot jump as high as I used to, before the knee surgery. It will come back, I know it.

Four of the six Sister Training Leaders for the mission are from my MTC group, so that was fun. Five of the eight Zone Leaders are also from my MTC group, so we all had a great time catching up and saying goodbye to our Sisters because they leave next week, right after General Conference. It's crazy how fast time goes by. Then, Lindsey will be coming home right after that. I can’t believe it.

Oh, and I lost my really good knee brace on a train coming back from København. Is there any way I could get one just like it, the ACE one? It was great with side supports. I liked that one the best.

Anyway, great week.  The Lord's work is really going strong here in Denmark. The mission numbers have almost tripled since I first got here. The second harvest is really here and the time is now!!

Love you have a great week!

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