Monday, September 1, 2014

Weddings and Work - Elder Kolby Madsen

Written by Elder Kolby Madsen, serving in the Denmark Copenhagen Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, speaking Danish.


This week we had some good stuff happen. As a district, we got 42 lessons. Just great. Still improving. We actually had many of our lessons fall through. It happens. It's all good. We did get to meet with some great people, taught An** a great lesson, and invited him to baptism. He said he would be ready on a certain day, but we are still pushing for him to continue to follow Christ well.

We had the opportunity to go to a Danish wedding. This time there were not as many people who were not invited. We got invited by a lady in our ward, and it was great. We went to the church, and she had a great service. She and her new husband are great. Then we got to clean up the church afterward, haha. It was great.

Unfortunately they did not have any traditional Danish things because they had the real party afterward,  and we were not invited. It's ok. One day, haha.

We also had a chance to go and visit with Ma** and Ka**.  It went ok.  She told us that she could not come to church and that she is going to be out of town. We set up some service with Ma** because he canceled last week, for this week. So we look forward to that.

Well, it was a great week. Weddings and work. That’s what we do around here. Many great opportunities and great things set up for this week.

We planned an activity for the young women and young men in the ward here. The focus was on missionary work. We planned to have a great meeting with them about what we do, but we wanted to throw a twist on it. So, we gave every youth a pretend mission call to a fun country where they would be speaking the Danish language, and made up fun stuff.

We had this planned out to be where we were going to show them how to teach, assign them companions, have them teach us missionaries in normal clothes, and go through some of the things we go through daily. Throughout the whole thing, I was very, very impressed with the teaching skills of these future missionaries.

After we had these great experiences with teaching and learning from them, we went back to have a wrap up. One of young women’s leaders stood up and asked how many people wanted to serve missions. More than half the sisters raised their hands and all of the young men. Then, right after, she asked how many of you have changed your minds because of the activity we had. Half the young men and all the sisters who raised their hands did so again. It was the most awesome young men’s young women’s activity I have ever been a part of. I plan on doing it in my next area and at home if I can. It was so great.

It really puts the focus on the Spirit. The Spirit will testify of the calling and will tell those who doubt that the time is now. Anyway great week. The time is now. The second harvest is in motion. No doubt, we need to help our Father and do His work. It’s in motions. Don’t sleep! Get 'er done!

Love you.  Have a great week..

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