Monday, September 29, 2014

Dos Companeros! Dos Bautismos! - Elder Jake Avery

Written by Elder Jacob Avery, serving in the Peru Lima West Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, speaking Spanish.

Dos Companeros! Dos Bautismos!
(Two companions! Two baptisms!)

Ro** y Ma** have finally been baptized and confirmed into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It was really neat to see them as husband and wife get baptized. They looked like little angelitos. I thought it was so cool. Yesterday, they paid their first fast offering and received their first visit from their home teachers. That's how you begin enduring until the end.

We also had the unexpected arrival of Elder Mohlman this week. He's a brand new missionary. He left the MTC (Missionary Training Center) less than a week ago and had nowhere to go until changes next week. So they put him with Elder Estrada and I in the meantime. He's already been reassigned, but for several days we were in a trio (but I prefer the term trifecto!). It made it much easier to stop people in the street, but a lot harder to make enough breakfast and dinner. He was our lucky charm because the people also seemed to be much more interested in what the white gringo had to say than in what the "gringo falso" had to say. The best part is, he got to see a baptism his first week in the mission, so now he'll be a missionary machine in the field.

Well, that's my update for this week. I'd like to thank everyone again for all your support, prayers, and effort in the Work of Salvation. I know that it's a real work and that it's being realized by millions of people. We are taught by prophets, seers and revelators, both living and dead. We have a marvelous opportunity to eternally grow as we participate in this great and marvelous work. I love you all and hope the very best!!

Hi Mom!

I had a great week. We were with Elder Mohlman for several days. It was really weird to see what he's like, as a brand new missionary, and to think about how I was when I started my mission. I'm so thankful for President Archibald and all that he has done to make this a successful and happy mission. When I started, I was put with a kid who was only 2 months in the mission and hadn't finished his own training yet. Neither of us knew what to do, haha! But now I see these new missionaries finish their training as powerful teachers and strong in every phase of the work.

It was super nice to finally have baptisms. We're sad though because we can't have more baptisms until the end of October. Next Sunday is elections, so we won't be able to watch General Conference at the church. They'll show it the next week, then finally we'll be able to have more baptisms. I'm hoping to have a hundred by that time ;)

Mom, I love you more than you know! I'm so thankful that you guys raised me well and helped me understand what is important. I love you so much and I'm doing what I can to be true to what I'm learning :) Tell the family I love them and miss them!! Have a great week!

- Elder Jake Avery

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