Monday, September 22, 2014

My Big Brother - Elder Kolby Madsen

Written by Elder Kolby Madsen, serving in the Denmark Copenhagen Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, speaking Danish.

Missing seat and slashed tires...could be worse!

Sounds like you all had fun with the family and stuff. That’s crazy that is has been that long since you were all together. Well, sounds just like Josh waited until the last second. He will learn. (Kolby is referring to Josh finishing his Eagle Scout project).  You don’t have time to wait until the last second on the mission. It’s now or never, haha.

Well I am sad to hear the Broncos. Still can’t beat the Seahawks, way lame. They need to get it together. I am sure it was good game. I can’t believe that you're selling that house. It hurts to think that it will not be ours when that time comes, and I come home. Geez, well.

Lindsey has a month. That’s weird. Elder Earl just got his five month letter. It was funny. I was laughing at him, then he made sure to mention that mine will be here in about a month, which was not a fun realization. Time is flying too fast.  I can’t believe it. I guess that is just a part of life.
Well, this week we had some great things happen...some sad and some fantastic To start off, the bad news. We went to get my bike from the train station and someone was being dumb, stole my bike seat, and slashed my tire. On the bright side, I still have my bike. I just have to buy a seat and new tube. It could defiantly be worse!

We are still going strong with Sa**. He had to change his baptism date because he forgot about some previous engagements, but he will be getting baptized on the 11th of October. So, that is great news.  He is progressing so well...just so willing to follow our big brother, Christ. He also has stopped smoking.  He said he does not really have the desire to even smoke anymore. The Lord has really blessed him, he says. Great to see him realize these things for himself, and to see his strong faith. We are excited to continue to work with him.

We also met with his mom and dad. They were really wondering about the church because it is kind of frowned upon around here. So we went over and taught them a little, answered all their questions, and had some really good chats. Well, long story short, they want us to come over and do service and to teach them more. They will be there when their son gets baptized.

Denmark Sunset
The Lord is so merciful and knows His children. We are excited to just go out and help them and teach them. We also taught another friend this week and showed him a video of Thomas S Monson's talk about being courageous and standing tall. Long story short, after the lesson we asked him if he believed that Thomas S. Monson was a true prophet who was called by God?   He said,“ Yes I do! I don’t know how, I just feel that he is called of God to be a prophet.” So great!

We are looking forward to General Conference. We  have a goal of seeing all four sessions that are broadcast here in Denmark. We have a goal to see all four of them with investigators and at their house. It will be tough, but we feel like it will be a great goal to have them see the prophet in their own home. So we look forward to that.

I  love it here. We just heard from Elder L**. He might be coming back to the mission next week.  He has one more doctor to clear him. So great! The Lord is so loving and just great. I love this!

I have a poem I want you to print out and read with the girls and to talk about it. Read it together at a time when you are all home ASAP. And talk about it. I love this poem.
                                                               My Big Brother

            When I was just a small child, I had a favorite big brother. He was great to me. He'd put his big arm around me and we'd go scampering down some cool dirt path. At times like this I felt ten feet tall. He didn't seem to mind me tagging along one bit, and there was nothing I liked better.
            I was so proud of him! When I was with him I felt like I was beaming stronger than the sun. He was good at everything. I never could seem to match the mountains he made out of sand. Mine always seemed to crumble and sag, but his would stand as firm as the Rocky Mountains.
            Dad always tried not to show how proud he was of him...him being the oldest and all, but his smile always seemed to be a bit brighter when my big brother came around.
            I felt that my world had collapsed when he went on his mission. Dad and Mom both had to fight back the tears. He called Dad and Mom regularly and let us know how much he loved us. He even told us about how great his mission was, so Mom wouldn't worry.
            The persecution was really bad there as the church was just getting started. But he never seemed to let himself get down, even though the people wouldn't believe his message. We'd all share in his joy when he'd get some new converts, but I don't mind saying that I was scared that the nonbelievers would do something to him. It even got to the point where men were plotting to take his life. But Dad never seemed to be worried for some reason.
            Then one day we received word that his mission had ended, but not as most men's do. I was struck by the terrifying news.
            They finally got hold of my brother. The big brother that I had played with. The one who never seemed capable of doing anything wrong. My big brother who loved everyone he knew, and who most everyone loved.
            They beat him and mocked him. He suffered all they did to him without striking back. Why would anyone want to hurt my big brother? I couldn't understand.
            A mob took him to a hill just outside of town, and spitting on him, they nailed him alive to a cross. My soul moaned as I heard that he begged father to forgive them. Racked with unbearable pain, he gave up his life for what he believed. My big brother, my king, my idol was dead. I cried though what seemed to be the darkest day of my life. Where was my big brother with whom I had shaped mountains of sand? Why did he of all my brothers have to die like this?
            Time passed and I was called on my mission. Sometimes I forget what happened so long ago, but every Sunday a small piece of bread and a small cup of water remind me of what my big brother did for me and assures me that he yet lives. - Author Unknown

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