Monday, September 22, 2014

Independence Day in Chile - Sister Hannah Avery

Written by Sister Hannah Avery, serving in the Chile Vina del Mar Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, speaking Spanish.

Hello family and friends!

This week was a fast one! We had a lot of celebrations, and lots of exciting things going on. Here is the update for this week:

Monday: We wrote our families and went shopping, then went home to relax and talk :) It was a super relaxed day! We did have a Family Home Evening with a less active family in the ward and had a great time. But when they dropped us off at the bishop's house afterward, the security gate to the apartment complex closed on their car and left a dent and broke the side light. We made them a "sorry about that" card, even though it wasn't our fault. Their car is fine and they aren't mad...thank heavens!

Tuesday: We did quite a bit of walking around! Pretty much everyone canceled on us, so we walked around and around and around...nothing too interesting :)

Wednesday: We saw Mat*** who is still getting ready for her baptism, but we had to move her date to the 5th, after General Conference, since she didn't come to church yesterday due to illness. She is doing great and is ready to get baptized. It's just a matter of time now :)

We also saw A*** (our new convert) and his family and, well, they are in pretty bad shape. They are fighting a lot and have several problems in the family. It was a hard lesson to be in with them yelling at each other, but we have faith that things will get better. He still comes to church every week and is fine, but it has to be hard being the only one in your family who wants the Gospel...please pray for them!

Thursday: Was the 18th of September! That's Chile's Independence Day. No, we didn't eat a ton, but we did go to our ward mission leader's house and helped him make empanadas, bread, etc. to sell because he has a in-home bakery! We had a lot of fun, and yes, I am expert in empanada baking now :) We also saw a few less active members that day, but we didn't find hardly anyone since everyone left town to celebrate with family. It was a fun day with our ward mission leader and his family though :)

Friday: We had zone conference with our mission president! We learned a lot about how to be valiant, and how we should always be faithful and obedient. It was a really awesome day with the mission president. Sorry to not write more with this, but time is killing me here, haha! I will try to write more on it later :)

Saturday: We had interchanges with Hermanas in another zone in Quilpue, Chile. We had a pretty good day, but did a lot of walking and visiting less active members. It was a LONG day and very hot!!! We had success, but I was just ready to get back to my cute companion, Hermana Mori, ASAP :)

Sunday: We had a great Sunday. It was the first day of SPRING here in Chile! It is getting hotter everyday, and we are starting to leave the apartment without coats! Wow, my tan lines are back on my feet again from my shoe straps, LOL! It feels like just yesterday that I had these in Ovalle. How the time flies! We had "once" with Mat**, which is like "tea time" here in Chile. It was super fun, and she is super excited for her baptism. She always thanks us for coming over because she lives alone. Sweet lady :) I love her so much!

Well guys, I don't have much news other than this! Thanks again for all that you all do for me and for my family :) I hope that you all have a great week, and I will talk to you all again next week! :)

xoxoxoxoo Hermana Avery

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