Monday, June 23, 2014

Chi-chi-chi-chi-Le-le-le-le! - Sister Hannah Avery

Written by Sister Hannah Avery, serving in the Chile Vina del Mar Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, speaking Spanish.

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Hermanas Avery and Giron

Hola, family and friends!!

We had a crazy fast week this week! I will try to sum things up pretty quick here, since we don't have a ton of time. Here is the gist of what happened :)

First off, as you all know, we are in the middle of the World Cup right now, and well, CHILE is rocking it! haha :) I heard my good ol' USA is doing well too :) woohoo! As missionaries, we can't watch the games, but you can hear it from the streets when Chile scores, LOL! The first time it happened, it scared me so bad! There is literally NO ONE in the street because they are all watching the game, it's completely silent.... and then..... "GOOOAAALLLLL!!!" haha! Literally, it's like the whole country of Chile is asleep and when Chile scores, the whole world wakes up. It's a really cool sensation! :)

So yes, they have won both of the games that they have played, and they are in the middle of playing Holland as I write you this email, haha! Not sure who is winning, but I hope things are going well :) Hermana Giron and I wear Chile t-shirts and paint out cheeks with red, white, and blue Chilean flags when Chile plays. The Chileans love it! :) Of course, we have our jackets over top to look like missionaries, dont worry!! haha!

We are still preparing the M** and N** family for baptism, although they are going through some difficulties. Please keep them in your prayers! They are progressing, but Satan really tries to destroy families, especially when they are progressing in the gospel....UGH! I wish he would just "take it easyyyyy!" haha! But seriously....get outta here!

Othen than that, we are getting ready for interviews in our apartments with the mission president again this week. We have to clean like crazy, haha! It should go well. Our apartment is like a 5 star hotel! We are just working like crazy and trying to enjoy this super warm weather we are having! I feel so close to you all right now because it feels like summer, even though here in Chile, it's winter! :)

Well guys, I hope that you all have a great week! Pray that the M** family's baptism happens this Saturday! We are praying and fasting like crazy! Thanks for all the love and support everyday. And remember, the way to a Chilean's heart is brownies :) They FLOCK to the church!! Talk to you next week! Love you!!

xxoxoxoxo Hermana Avery

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