Monday, June 23, 2014

De la Costa de Virginia - Elder Dallin Remund

Written by Elder Dallin Remund, serving in the Virginia Chesapeake Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, speaking Spanish.


How are y'all? I didn't email the week before, but it was a rougher one. Not a ton of success from first glance. This week took things for a major turn and has me heel clicking all the way down the streets of Newport News!

Yesterday we had three investigators at church. E** and M** were there, and then N**, our new investigator came to church with his wife. They're from Belize. His wife, C**, was baptized in the church but has been inactive for years. This was her first time back in a very long time. N** said that he really liked church and that he would keep on coming every week. When I hear that, I just want to call up a mariachi band and start a big fiesta with piñatas. Maybe some potential investigators would show up to the fiesta, too! Haha!

But it was amazing! A couple hours later, a member went and picked them both up from their house in his tiny truck and we had dinner. N** and C** got along well with the members and we had a great lesson on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. At the end of the lesson, N** committed to be baptized on July 12th! You should have seen me last night. Whoo! We are very excited. It's going to be a busy next couple weeks trying to teach all the commandments and helping him to live all of them, too. We will be trying to arrange a marriage in the midst of it, too. This is no small feat, but we have faith that the Lord loves them and that the ways will open up for them to take this big step in their lives.

Everything else is going great. We're having lots of fun! We went to Williamsburg last week and we went disc golfing this morning. I'll get pictures to y'all once I get my camera! We might be going out to a lake with a buried church from Civil War days, so we're just having lots of fun and loving the growth from the mission.

I'm about in the middle of the Book of Mormon right now. I'm reading it in Spanish right now and I've seen my Spanish improve quite a bit as I've been reading out loud and understanding a ton more as well. I love the middle of Alma because it talks a lot about the sons of Mosiah and their missions. A lot of their records are bringing up the same exact feelings that I get as I teach and find people every day. It's pretty awesome. Aaron's account with his teaching King Lamoni's father had me feeling that same excitement and joy that I feel as I teach others about the Savior and prayer. Watching someone repent and change is something that just brings me so much happiness.

I love you all. I hope that all of us keep pressing forward this week!

Con todo mi amor,
Elder Remund

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