Monday, June 9, 2014

Raining, and raining....and raining! - Sister Justyce Oliphant

Written by Sister Justyce Oliphant, serving in the Mexico Tuxtla Gutierrez Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, speaking Spanish.

Hermana Justyce Oliphant - Mexico Tuxtla Gutierrez Mission
Hello everyone! This week wasn't really interesting. We did a lot of walking in the rain, yelling in our lessons to teach because the rain is so loud on the roof, and waiting in houses for the rain to lighten up. OH, and did I mention that it rained this week?

Haha, if you can't tell, it rained a ton this week. One day we were in a new area trying to find the house of an investigator and it started POURING rain. My companion forgot her umbrella so she was soaked. I was soaked except my head and shoulders, and we were trudging through the RIVERS that were running through the streets, asking people in their houses if they knew this lady. It was quite the adventure. We found the house and they weren't there..... so we were walking back the way we came and a lady called to us to come to her house and wait for the rain to lighten up. This family was really nice but they kept saying that they have their church and that they just didn't want us to get sick. We taught them about prayer and watched the rain and lightening and the THUNDER that sounded like it was blowing our ear drums out, it was soooo loud! When the rain was just sprinkling we ran to the bus stop a few blocks away, then went to our house to change.'s STILL raining!

What an adventure this area is becoming! I took a ton of pictures but this internet place doesn't have a place to connect my memory card to send them. I lost my cable in San Cristobal, and literally no place has cables for my Nikon camera. Weird, right?! I will just send a million next week!

Today we ate hamburgers in a nice restaurant in the city. It was really nice because we were seated at a table and had a waiter and everything! My first time with a waiter in Mexico! And, yeah, I ordered my own food and he understood me. I even said, "No onions." haha!

I was asked to sing in Relief Society yesterday and it was the combined men and women meeting. It was on the spot....literally, my Bishop said, "And now Hermana Oliphant is going to sing a hymn." He said the hymn number then he looked at me like,"Please?!" haha! I had only heard that hymn like 2 times, but I think I did okay. Who knows the tune anyways. Oh, how I love sharing my testimony EVERY week in song and through music. :)

I have been studying a lot in Chapter 9 of Preach my Gospel, and also in 1 Nephi. I am so happy to hear that you are all doing well and keeping busy. I am glad Dad is home safe from his trip (I didn't know he was going, or I didn't remember!), and I am glad that everyone is enjoying their summer! I will send more updates about our investigators next week. Deal?!


Hermana Oliphant

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