Wednesday, December 11, 2013

It Snowed!

Written by Elder Nate Jensen, serving in the Washington D.C. South Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, speaking English.

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Thanks for the other letter from 3 Nephi. Even though we aren't really teaching anyone, we are working hard We track how many lessons we have set up that people just don't show up to, and we had six lesson "shoulda hads," which resulted in us only teaching one lesson this week. But we have two new investigators which is pretty cool, and we tracted a ton. So we have a lot of appointments set up for this week, one of which is with a Baptist preacher who says that if we can prove in the Bible that Jesus Christ is not God the Father then he will be more than willing to hear what we have to say. YES! I have many scriptures for him to read and I am hoping for the best.

I had some success on Facebook this week. Funny story:  There is this international market by one of the areas that we do a lot of work in, and whenever we have to pee we go use their bathrooms. There are always like five or ten Mexican guys just chilling by the Virginia lottery booth, wasting their money on lotto tickets. Anyways, we are walking out and these two Mexican guys stop us and try talk to us in Spanish. One of them is just hammered, haha! Well, we tried to explain that we don't speak Spanish while the drunk guy just starts hugging Elder Black (who hates hugs...he doesn't even hug President!). It was pretty funny! Then he hugged me and we went on our way.

Yesterday it snowed an inch and just paralyzed everything. They canceled the last hour of church and we weren't aloud to go out and work unless we had a super important lesson. And if we did have a super important lesson, we had to get a member to drive us around. It was pretty funny! We didn't have any firm lessons, so we just chilled in the apartment then a member of our ward came and got us for dinner. We found out his car was broken down in the church parking, and since Elder Black is a mechanic, we said, "We literally can't do anything else tonight. Would you like us to come and get your car running?" Turns out there was something wrong with his terminals, so an hour later, with a little bit of pushing, we got his car home.

R** (name omitted for privacy) left this week for Bolivia. They get back on the 14th. We weren't able to meet with J** because of the snow storm. Our new investigator, B**, has met with missionaries before, but M** never has. So we are pretty stoked. Anyways, I need to go. I'm going to try to send some pictures. Love you guys lots and miss you!

Elder Jensen

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