Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Wrapping Things Up at the Peru MTC - Elder Jacob Avery

Written by Elder Jacob Avery, currently training at the Peru MTC (Missionary Training Center) of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Next week Elder Avery will begin his service in the Peru Lima West Mission.

Hey! So I'm in my last week in the MTC and, let´s just say, I'm so anxious to go. Once you get a taste of preaching and teaching, you don´t want to sit in the classroom anymore. It's neat to look at the Elders who have just arrived and see how far we've come since then. I'm looking forward to having REAL investigators because our teachers all end up letting us baptize them in our practice lessons. haha!

Spanish is going very, very well. It could always go better but you know, poco a poco (little by little). I'm really able to understand about 60-70 percent of what is said at devotionals. I'm also able to talk to people on the street, and they understand me! Of course they start rattling off really fast and I just look at them with a blank stare. So then they realize that in order to communicate we must use caveman Spanish.

Me: Leer Libro de Mormon?
Them: blablablablabla
Me: Bueno, leer Libro de Mormon?
Them: Cuantos much?
Me: No cuestan. Es free.
Them: Gracias
Me: You es welcome

It's much easier to understand our teachers and the speakers from the Area Seventy than people on the street. People on the street mumble a lot, which really makes it hard to have a conversation.

Yes, we are all a little nervous (actually super, crazy scared!) to go out in the field, but we're ready. Next week will be crazy, but we are all looking forward to it.

Yo sé que esta iglesia es verdadera y qué podemos volver con nuestro Padre Eterno. Yo sé qué ustedes puedan sentir el paz y gozo del Evangelio si viven por los principios. Si, usted lee el Libro de Mormón y ore con fe y un croazon sincero, el Espíritu Santo manifestará la verdad a usted. Con amor - Elder Avery

Translation: I know this church is true and that can we return to our Heavenly Father. I know we can feel the peace and joy of the gospel if we live by its principles. If you read the Book of Mormon and pray with faith and a sincere heart, the Holy Spirit will manifest the truth to you. With love - Elder Avery

Dear Family,

Today Elder Larsen was able to give out a Book of Mormon on the bus. That was awesome because we had just finished talking to a Bible-bashing son of God who didn't feel like he has any need for more Bible. He wants it, he just doesn't know he wants it yet :)

I'm sending letters today! It's the first time that I've sent letters from the MTC. The return address will be to my mission home. Make sure that they go out to whoever they are for because I don't know everyone's addresses. Make sure Jared and Josh check their emails! Tell them to write me! I haven´t gotten anymore letters yet :( Everyday we go to the teacher's lounge to check for ''cartas!?''

Elder Speirs and I were able to play guitar. He's in my district, and he's a music major from BYU. We found a guitar shop, so we jammed for a while. He's much better than me.

Hermano Ibarra really wants to meet our families in Utah, so I'm going to give you his email address. He's the short guy standing next to me in the attached photo ;) He's the best teacher ever, but he has to quit his job at the MTC. Today was his last day :( He's studying to be a cardiologist. The doctors (they work for the government) have gone on strike, so the medical students need to take more shifts at the hospitals. So he won't have time to teach us Spanish anymore!

I hope my letters get there soon. Tell everyone that I miss them and that being a missionary is very fun. It's only hard work if you're lazy (Jared and Brig...).

Our doctrinal discussions get pretty crazy. I'm trying to take advantage of the reading time while I'm in the MTC because in the field I'll be studying for my investigators. I finished the Book of Mormon, the four Gospels, and I'm reading Jesus the Christ, and re-reading the Book of Mormon. I swear we have a million years a day to just read.

There can be some rougher days when I wish that I had been a better kid before my mission. But I know I'll have my chance to be a good man when I get home. It kind of clicks when you realize how far from perfect you are, and how much you need a Savior. I'm so grateful that I have my Savior, and I'm so humbled to have His name next to mine on my missionary name tag.

Mom, Dad, I hope you know how much I appreciate all that you did as parents. I know that I could be ungrateful, lazy, mischievous, and late for curfews. I understood your reasons for everything, but I don't think I really understood the urgency of obedience. In the mission, it's obvious why we need to be exactly obedient, on time, and everything else. I just never got that when I was home. Well, you learn new things every day :P

I'm going to keep working hard, and I'll be home before you know it! You have no idea how fast the time goes by and how busy you can get. Even in the MTC! Love you guys!

Oh, I shaved my head the other day....

Working Hard and Learning Much in Peru (July 31, 2013)

Elder Avery Arrives in the Peru Lima West Mission (August 14, 2013)

Elder Avery and his teacher, Hermano Ibarra, on Preparation Day.

Churro stand = LOVE
Elder Avery's MTC District on Preparation Day
Elder Speirs jamming at the guitar shop.

Translation: "ATM is broken. We are sorry."
Personally, I like the mustache guy!

The staple of every healthy diet!
I think Jared would survive in Peru.

Our soccer field at the MTC is super nice!