Monday, August 12, 2013

Hey, ya'll!, from North Carolina - Elder Dallin Remund

Written by Elder Dallin Remund, currently serving in the Virginia Chesapeake Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, speaking Spanish. Elder Remund is in Albertson, North Carolina.

Hey you all!

Nah, I'm just kidding. Hey, y'all! How's everyone doing?

Well, this was a pretty good week. A little bit slower, because a lot of people are out vacationing the last couple weeks of summer they have. But nonetheless, a good week out in the field!

Last Monday, Elder Knott and I went out and raked up mowed grass that was all over an elderly sister's lawn. She was super nice to both of us, and she called my companion Elder 'Hansen' the whole time. I'm not sure why, but I got a kick out of it! It was hard work, though. People have big yards out here in the country!

On Thursday, we met up with one of our investigators, Michael (name changed for privacy), and his wife was there, too. We started teaching about the Plan of Salvation and we were only to about The Fall of Adam and Eve and he had so many questions. I have never taught the Plan of Salvation all the way through because it is so hard to teach! Lots of questions come up, but it is my favorite thing to talk about because it's all about our purpose on Earth and the Atonement! So we ended up teaching a quarter of the lesson. Michael is so great and he has a lot of really good questions. It's hard to meet with him regularly. I believe in time he will be baptized! He is just so busy with work.

Like I was just saying, work is one of the hardest obstacles to overcome out here. A lot of people here work crazy hours working out in fields, especially the Hispanics! Getting up with them is difficult, and it can sometimes be hard for them to get to church because they work a lot. Be grateful for the work schedules a lot of y'all have back home!

This week, we met up with lots of ward leaders and talked about the missionary work and how they can help. Thanks to the church leaders/new curriculum/the Spirit the work is starting to pick up and more, and more members are starting to see the importance they have in bringing others into the gospel.

Our most successful investigator we are teaching is Sergio, and we found him because the Hernandez family brought him to Church one week. He is now coming up every week and reading the Book of Mormon. We are continuing to teach him and he is progressing so nicely! People that have a connection with the members are that much more likely to receive our message and find the truth through the Spirit!

Exactly a month ago, I showed up to Albertson, North Carolina, not having a clue what was in store. I have learned so much already about the gospel, and my relationship with Heavenly Father is so much closer. I can't do this work without His help. I can understand now why going to Church every week is SO important. There are a lot of people who have been led away slowly, and church attendance is one of the first things to go. Don't deprive yourself of that spiritual nourishment you need every week!

I love this gospel and this missionary work. I know Jesus Christ lives and that he loves each one of us personally.

Mucho amor,

Elder Remund

Called to Know the Richness of His Blessings!

End of Transfer #1 in North Carolina