Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sister Avery Arrives in Mexico City

Written by Sister Hannah Avery, currently studying at the Mexico Missionary Training Center (MTC). In six weeks she will travel to the Chile Vina del Mar Mission, where she will serve until February 2015.

Hola familia y amigos!

I am officially in Mexico! I must say that I am beyond exhausted, but I am SOO happy to be here!! The flight to Dallas was good. I met a guy from Bolivia who is a member of the church there. He asked me right away if I spoke Spanish, so I must look the part! I was able to talk with him a little, but the language barrier definitely held me back from having a full conversation. Still going strong here! I was the only Sister missionary on my flight to Dallas, with about eight Elders. I was quite outnumbered! And I am definitely the old one of the bunch. Everyone is 18 or 19! haha.

The layover in Dallas was not too bad. I had a McMuffin at McDonald's for $4.50...such a rip off ha! But that is all that I have had to eat today, so I am thankful for it at the moment. In Dallas, I met up with two other Hermanas (Sisters) and about six more Elders. So we had 3 Sisters out of 17 missionaries travelling together from Dallas to Mexico City.

I am not able to write for long since we are about to go to dinner. I am in Mexico City though, at the MTC! AHHH! I didn't get red lighted at the Customs check, hooray! (When entering Mexico, you push a button as you go through Customs. If the button turns red, you have to have your bags searched. If it turns green, you can go on your way. It's a completely random process. Hannah was worried her button would turn red, and she would have to wait for all her bags to be searched.)

The MTC is a lot nicer than anywhere else in Mexico City. People are literally living out of boxes and selling stuff on the streets everywhere. It is so sad, but it makes me want to share the Gospel with everyone that I can so that they can have that light in their lives, even though their life is not easy.

No classes today, just getting checked in and finding out where everything is. I have a name tag on right now (Mormon missionaries wear black name tags with their name and the name of our church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, to identify themselves to other people). It feels so surreal. I am so excited to get started!

We are about to go meet our companions now and get settled in our room. Then have dinner! Finally! It is super nice here, not humid, and very sunny. It feels a little chilly actually! Anyways, I love you all so much and will talk to you soon, when I have more time! Te amo mucho!! ( I love you so much!)


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