Monday, August 12, 2013

A Great Week in Virginia

Written by Elder Nate Jensen, currently serving in the Washington DC South Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, speaking English.

Well, I will send "a day in the life of Elder Jensen next week." Sorry, Kolby's email was pretty long this week, and you can't be mad cuz this was the first week I emailed him first :)

Anyway to take care of some business: 1) They can't forward letters anymore, so everything will have to be sent directly to my apartment. Transfers are next week, so I will wait to know if I am getting transferred or not before I give you my address.  2) When I do know where I will be, I could really use two large drilux, swoop neck tops. My nylon mesh tops are terrible. I dread having to wear them haha.

This week has been good. I was able to baptise Randy on Saturday, and that was really cool. But the highlight of the week was this...We were street contacting, and I stopped this guy and we talked with him for about 45 minutes. It wasn't going anywhere. He said we were preaching about a different Jesus Christ, and he was actually a black panther, haha. We were walking with him because it was our curfew, and he was headed to the 7-11 right by our apartments. We told him if he ever needed anything, like if he ever needed help moving, then to just let us know and we would love to help him. His face changed immediately and he said, "What did you say? Why did you say that? I have been wondering how I was going to move." We told him that it wasn't a coincidence we met him, and that God put us in his path. I bore testimony of our church and the Spirit was so strong he was almost in tears. So we wrote down our contact information and all that stuff. It was powerful. So yeah, that has probably been the coolest part of my mission so far. He lives in DC though, so we will have to pass him on to missionaries in his area if anything happens with it.

Hirut and Bayissa came to church this week too, so that was really good. They are praying to know if they should be baptised, so it's only a matter of time before they get an answer!!

Kolby is doing good, though the language is hard for him. That's crazy about Hannah leaving, and yeah, I am glad I am state side and that I don't have to deal with learning another language haha.

Ok, so September 13, you need to clear your schedule. Our entire mission is going to go to a Washington Nationals baseball game, haha. It's gonna be SICK!!  But you should watch it because we will all be in our proselyting clothes. So, in other words, about 300 missionaries in church clothes. They are gonna have to show us on the TV at least once! I am stoked for that. Not much else to report from this week, but it was a good one for sure. I will send more pictures to you tomorrow. Also, I have lost 20 pounds since being out here, haha. Crazy right??  Love you lots, and miss you guys like crazy!!


Elder Jensen

Elder Jensen's First Letter from Virginia

Hello from Virginia!

Elder Jensen with his Mission President and wife

The group Elder Jensen travelled with to the
Washington DC South Mission