Monday, November 3, 2014

Deja Vu - Elder Kolby Madsen

Written by Elder Kolby Madsen, serving in the Denmark Copenhagen Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, speaking Danish.

This week was great.  We were able to have a couple meetings in København which meant that we could not work four out of the seven days in our area. It’s all good. Someone has to do it.

When we were in our area we went to meet with S** and had some great chats. He missed church again this week. It seemed to be a legit excuse, but we are still working with him. He is still willing to meet, and we are being patient. Things will pick up. I know it will.

Well, we had a Halloween party at the Kristiansen’s, and it was great. As missionaries we can only dress up in so many different ways. We decided to get fake mustaches and look like Mexicans. So just imagine Jake with a thick mustache, but then put my body with all his skin color and looks. It was funny! We had some good laughs. I will try to get some of the pictures for the members.

Toy swords
We also had a chance to go work with the Assistants (to the mission president) in Frederiksberg. It was way fun to be in my old area again. We actually went out to visit a couple people who I could remember. It was fun to talk to them. I was with Elder Ockey. He is great. He felt like we should go to a place I had not remembered visiting when I served there. So we went out there and, right as we pulled up in the parking lot, it clicked that I had been there before and Elder Ockey was about to tell me who we were visiting and before he could get his name out I said, "A***?" He said, "Yeah, how did you know?"  I told him the story. It was my first day in Denmark as missionary. My companion and I went out to visit this man who had been pretty positive. We walked out to the edge of our area and stopped by to visit him. I, being completely new at the time and only being able to say my name and the first vision in Danish, could not understand him at all. So I was just sitting back, listening to what my companion had to say. Elder Hansen told me, after their conversation was over, that the man was no longer interested and that he did not want to be visited again.

Now, back to when I was there with Elder Ockey this week. It was great. We walked up to the man and he told us that he did not like to be visited at random times, that he would still like to be visited, but just not right now. So we made an appointment. He kept looking at me like he had seen me before. Part of me wanted to tell him, but I just let it go and we made the appointment for a week's time. Now we wait.

It was so great to have that experience because now, over a year later, I can speak the language, understood 100% of what he said, and now he is positive about the church. It was great to be there.

The kilo burger!!
This week we also met with one of our friends who Elder Earl and I found. We taught her the second part of the second lesson and then invited her to be baptized. It was crazy because me and Elder Child had prayed for a date that we could invite her to be baptized on. In the beginning of our companionship, we'd felt impressed to invite her to the 29th of November. Then, as time went on, we had not felt like it was right anymore.

So, last night, the 2nd of November, almost a full month after we'd received the prompting, we invited her to be baptized on that date (Nov. 29). It was weird because at first we both felt like maybe we should suggest a different date, but then we both felt an instant confirmation that November 29 was the right day. Without hesitation, she said, "Yes!" We are looking forward to that. She is so prepared. We plan on teaching the rest of the lessons and then going over them again. She is so ready.

The Lord's work goes on, even here in Europe, despite all the non-believers. The Lord's work is for everyone. All His children. I know it and believe it.

Love ya,

Ældste Madsen!

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