Monday, November 10, 2014

I May Have Done Some Flips and Stuff...I Can't Remember ;) Elder Kolby Madsen

Written by Elder Kolby Madsen, serving in the Denmark Copenhagen Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, speaking Danish.


Dang that is crazy. I hope she gets it soon (he's talking about his sister, Maren, submitting her application for missionary service).  I was thinking about it. If she gets her call to Denmark and she leaves in March,  I could see her in Denmark. It would be great! Or she could just get her call for after May, and that would work too. Any way she is European bound,  I can feel it.

And yes, M** is still on track for baptism on the 29th.  She is looking forward to it.

I got your package right in time for Tuesday, which was the turkey bowl. It was so great. We had so much fun. The knee brace is perfect. It worked great. Thank you again. I also have to buy new pants today because I have worn through my other three pairs. I am satisfied though, because they lasted me eight months. So I will just get two more, they should last me to the end.

This week was great. I will start off with the bad news first. We can end with the best news. Bad news is that my companion, Elder Brycen Campbell Child, will be going to Frederiksberg, where I started.  He will be an assistant to the mission president. It stinks that I have not had a companion for longer than six weeks for the past five transfers. That's like 7 months, haha. I guess I am not good with people or something. Way sad though. I love Elder Child.

We had two members pass away this week. One of them the sister missionaries worked with, and the other the one we worked with. Way sad. The one we worked with was the most steadfast lady, and used to ride her bike to church every week. Almost 30 km every week. Then she started to get really sick and old, so she could not do that anymore. I think she stopped doing that when she was about 70. She was the same lady who, every time we would go visit her, she would ask who we are teaching and then ask when they are getting baptized. Then she would write down the dates and tell us if she can find a ride. She always wanted to talk about our work and about the ward, not about her pain or the fact that she said "no" to chemo therapy. We found out the last time we went to visit her that she refused chemo. She was in pretty bad shape. Then when we went up on Saturday, they told us she died on Tuesday. It was way sad, but there was a peaceful feeling. She was really fighting towards the end. We could see it in her eyes every time we visited. Her funeral will be next week. On the bright side, she is in a better place. She is without pain. Her faith was a defining characteristic and will be a very good force on the other side in bringing the lost back!

S** came to stake conference. It was great to see him there. He is really starting to do the things he knows he should, patience and love. He has been reading every day and it's looking up. He is going to be moving to southern Jylland in January, so that should be good. He will be without his girlfriend and will be going to a higher level of education. Way good.

We also had the opportunity to meet with some of our less active friends who came to stake conference as well. Such a  blessing.

Denmark Copenhagen Mission - Football
 We had our turkey bowl this week. It too was perfect. I love football. It's been awhile and my knee held up 100%. It's such a testimony builder for me because I remember when I was set apart as a full time missionary, I was promised that as I forgot myself and worked hard and did the Lord's work, focusing on the things that matter, that my knee would be back to 100%.  I have been taking it easy my whole mission, but I decided to try and do some of the things I used to, like jumping with both legs and maybe some flips and stuff.  I can’t remember.... ;) but I had no problems! ACL surgery six weeks before leaving on my mission, two days of physical therapy, and a mission full of walking and riding bikes. Priesthood is real. It is the Lord's power here on the earth. His love is eternal. I know it!

We also had a baby shower in the ward. We got to see the Plan of Salvation in one week. Our life on Earth is just a step on the path of happiness.

The last thing is that my new companion will be Elder Ogden from South Jordan, Utah. He has been in my district in Randers, and is one of my good buddies. It's going to be great! Elder Zalewski will be our district leader, down in Nykøbing.

Speaking in Zone Conference
We had our zone training this week. Everyone was so great. We followed up on our zone goal from last month. It really stretched us. We came super close, and it was great I stand up there and tell everyone of the great success we had. After all, we are the smallest zone and ended up, as a whole, teaching the most lessons this month. It was great to see. The faith of the missionaries in Denmark is rising. And the faith of the members in Denmark is rising. The hastening is now, and we can see it everyday. The time is now!

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