Monday, November 10, 2014

Hit by a Car, a Broken Window, and a Good Game of Soccer - Elder Brian Burgess

Written by Elder Brian Burgess, serving in the Mexico Puebla North Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, speaking Spanish.

Hey y'all.....

So I had a great week... just a few funny stories...

So I was crossing the street with my companion the other day, and this car totally saw us crossing the street.... actually the car was parked.... but as soon as we got in front of the car he hit the gas.... wow... I was in front of my companion, so I pushed off the hood of the car and did a cool James Bond spin and all was good. My companion did the same. The guy slammed on the breaks, glared at us in shock (as if he hadn't seen us), and drove off.... We are totally fine and alive and, as of right now, we haven't seen the same guy since. haha! 

Another story... I bought a soccer ball... a very cool Wilson ball. My companion was teaching me some sweet moves and I broke part of the window to our apartment. I talked to the landlord and she said that there is a glass store that will fix it for 20 pesos.... like a little more than a dollar....I was pretty scared to call her. But all is well.

So after my practice session at home, we got together today to play soccer. Elder Mendoza and I verses Elder Hartvigsen and his new companion, Elder Garrido (he was also my companion for 3 months), and we had a sweet soccer battle... I have never played harder in my life... we won!! By two points. But we won! It was fun!

I love you all. I love this church! Some investigators didn't go to church this week, so their baptismal dates fell through. But this week we will be working hard with them. And I hope they progress.

Tomorrow we have interviews with President Christensen and a meeting in the night to talk about the monthly report with the stake president. Then Friday we have a leadership council at the mission home. I am excited for this week. And pray that my investigators start to progress more!

I love you all!

Elder Burgess

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