Monday, November 10, 2014

15 Months - Sister Hannah Avery

Written by Sister Hannah Avery, serving in the Chile Vina del Mar Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, speaking Spanish.

Hello friends and family!

Well, 3 months from TODAY I will be back to the USA.... crazy! I feel like I just started my mission, blinked, and the time is gone. We are working our tails off everyday and trying to do everything that we can before we leave Chile! My companion, Hermana Martinez, goes home in 6 weeks! Crazy! We both are on edge and just working like crazy! And, we are seeing results! :)

We had a great week and found some great investigators this week! :) We found a man named L**, who is 85 years old and lives alone. We have to visit him with a married couple since we can't go in the house with him without another woman there. He came to church yesterday and loved it! He will be baptized on the 23rd of this month :) We are sooo happy and excited!

We did have a little bit of a scare with him, because he said that he had a contagious skin condition that was similar to herpes, but worse. Well, we called our mission nurse, mission president, and looked over his doctors' records and in the end, he was just confused :) He doesn't have anything like that, and doesn't have to be in isolation (away from contact with other people, etc.) like he thought! We almost DIED when he told us that, haha! Anyways, he is happy, healthy and received a priesthood blessing on Saturday to be healthy too. So we have lots of faith in him, and we're helping  him progress toward his baptism!

Our other 2 scheduled baptisms are for G & R, a mom of two recent converts who is about 40 years old, and her mom who is about 70 years old. They both didn't come to church yesterday because R**, the grandma, got really sick Saturday night and ended up in the hospital. She is doing better now, and we are going to go see them both tonight so that we can reschedule their baptisms for the 30th of this month. Please keep them all in your prayers!

We also had our monthly leadership meeting with our mission president, and all of the other Sister Training Leaders and Zone Leaders in the mission. It was AWESOME and I learned a lot! When I have more time, I will try to tell you all what we talked about :) But, the thing that was SUPER hard was that it was the last time I will see Hermana Mori and Hermana Puertas for a long time! They both go home NEXT Wednesday! AHH! We were all crying...blah! hahaha! But, they promised to take care of Jake, and take him treats, LOL! So happy to have such amazing companions that will take care of my baby brother! :)

I spoke in Sacrament Meeting again yesterday about the Book of Mormon and how we need to read it daily (not just once a year like many get in the habit of doing! haha!). It's the 4th time I have spoken in the branch in 6 weeks..... that's what happens when there are only 30 active members in the branch! And the crazy part is, that there are over 300 members registered in the area! Where are they?!?!? We have some serious work to do.....

Well guys, I hope that you all have a wonderful week! :) Always remember who you are, sons and daughters of the creator of the universe! It is too amazing for me to think about and fathom. You guys are the best! Talk to you next week! I love you!

xoxoxo Hermana Avery

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