Monday, April 27, 2015

Melaka - Elder Joshua Avery

New companion, Elder Earl
Written by Elder Joshua Avery, serving in the Singapore Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, speaking Mandarin Chinese.

Dear Family and Friends,

Melaka is so awesome! I love it here. It is so beautiful! I have never seen so much exotic wildlife in my life, and it is all right outside. It is also very ethnically diverse. Most of Malaysia is comprised mainly of Indians, Malays, and Chinese. But here they have Arabs, and people from Sudan, Pakistan, Africa, Iraq and all over. It is pretty cool. Melaka's infrastructure is also pretty comparable to the U.S., that was a little bit of a surprise.

Elder Earl has been out longer than any other missionary in the mission and this will be his last transfer. His Chinese is way good and he can teach very simply in Malay. He isn't the quiet type, but he is quiet. He knows where to go and what to do and is teaching me a lot. He is also from Orem. He and Elder Wadsworth (my previous companion) go home at the same time.

On Friday we met with this very elderly member named La**. He wanted us to put him in his wheelchair and walk around, so that's what we did. As we were walking he wanted to pray, so he just started praying loud for everyone to hear as we pushed him through the neighborhood. I was a little worried the Malays would be upset by that, but I think they all know he is old and a little crazy.

We have a Nepali recent convert here named Mo** who has been a great help to us. He has a group of 5 friends that he wants us to teach. After he finished work on Saturday night, he hopped (he is so short he literally has to hop to get on his little bike) on his bike and biked with us for about 45 minutes to get to his friends' house. I was worried the little guy was gonna die going up the hills, but somehow we made it. Elder Earl, Mo**, 5 of his friends , and I squeezed into the smallest little room and we taught them. Mo** then stayed overnight at their house so he could take them to church the next day. About fifteen minutes before Sacrament Meeting started, Mo** and one of his friends came into the church dripping sweat. They told us that the bus never came so they had walked 45 minutes to church. It was crazy! The members here are amazing.

I love you all!

Elder Josh Avery

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