Monday, February 16, 2015

We Are Here to Baptize - Elder Jacob Avery

Written by Elder Jacob Avery, serving in the Peru Lima West Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, speaking Spanish.

They closed one of the areas in our district, so we're only six elders. Well, they just combined 2 areas together. That makes me kind of sad because we used to be the biggest district in the zone, and now we're the same as the rest.

The new elders are Elder Quezada from Chiclayo, Peru, and Elder Meyers from Idaho. They came with some very much needed positive energy. I'm so happy that they're here, and I'm super happy that they're going to have a baptism this week!

The other new elder in the district is Elder Harne from Hagerstown, Maryland (I know where that is!). He's had kind of a rough start to his mission due to some very poor choices by his other companion, but he's super happy to have a nice companion and an area that's ready to explode.

Things for me are getting really intense because I'm watching the time tick down. There's still like 25 baptisms I need to reach my mission goal, and that could happen if we do things right. An** and Va** told us that they want to get married!! We taught them the law of chastity, and it was really funny because they were sitting on opposite sides of a bench when we started. As the lesson went on, they got closer and closer until they were holding hands by the end. That means that the Spirit was present! We celebrated by getting our hair cut with An** (which he did for free!).

We found a new family to teach named the Go** family. We met the wife doing service by sweeping porches. We got to her restaurant and she told us to not sweep there because the dust would get in the food. Two days later we knocked on a door, and it was her. She was already interested as to why we were sweeping, and we told her that we'd visit them when her husband gets back in town. On Saturday when we went back and the husband answered. So we got an appointment for the next day, but mid sentence the guy was like, ''Yeah, just come in now and explain it to me.'' We explained everything to him from Adam to Joseph Smith. He had a question about angels because our friends, the Evangelists, like to use Galations 1:6-8 to defraud the visitation of the angel Moroni. So I explained to him that an angel is only bad if it tells you to do something contrary to the gospel. For example, the angel who talked to John in Revelations was a good angel, and taught John new things, but they were pertaining to the gospel. The husband took the Book of Mormon and we talked about getting his whole family baptized. We came by the next day and did a family home evening. It was awesome!

Well, this week was great, but we're ready for the baptisms. My companion and I are ready. One of the things that Elder Uceda told the brethren in South America is that missionaries aren't glorified home teachers, but we're here to baptize. Without baptism, there's no gospel of Jesus Christ. Our call letters all say that we will be led to people who are ready to be baptized. I know that the ordinances of salvation are necessary, and I know that priesthood authority is here on the earth to do it. Jesus commanded all to repent and be baptized. He doesn't ask all of us to die for Him, but asks us to LIVE for Him, and it all starts with baptism.

I had a few surprises for my birthday. My companion woke me up with fire crackers before 6:30 a.m.
Elder Salas and Elder Clouse (we were in a trio that day) gave me 20 birthday spankings.... hard. They also egged me during lunch, so I had to shower and change.

Birthdays are pretty brutal in Peru....

I went out to lunch with my companion too :) We also found a  new investigator for Elder Salas that day. My companion was thirsty, so we looked for a store. I had a good feeling about one but it was far, so they looked for another store but the other stores didn't have water.... so we went to the store that I had a good feeling about, and the guy said that my companion was buying the last water bottle he had. I was like, ''this dude is chosen.'' We started a conversation and he accepted to be baptized a day or two ago. Birthday miracles!!

Life is too short ot not have fun! Have a great week! It's time to get to work and to get 'er done! I love you guys and I'm so grateful for your prayers and support!

Elder Avery

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