Monday, February 2, 2015

MOLE: Not the animal - Elder Brian Burgess

Written by Elder Brian Burgess, serving in the Mexico Puebla North Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, speaking Spanish.

MOLE: Not the animal!
Hey family! Hey friends! Hey you!

Amazing week! So we were able to go on divisions with Elder Hernandez and Elder West in Texmelucan on Tuesday. I went to Texmelucan with Elder Hernandez (he was actually my companion for about 3 weeks in Zacatelco, very funny and cool elder). Then we also did divisions with the Assistants on Wednesday. I was with Elder Araujo, working in my area (Tule). It was nice being with him again. Very fun day working! Very spiritual lessons! He was also my companion for 2 changes once in Zacatelco and once in Fuertes. So I guess it's been a week with past companions!

My companion and I visited a couple members throughout the week as well. We showed up at the Relief Society President's house and she was making MOLE! Not the animal! Just Google search it. Here in Tlaxcala they have these huge pots to cook in (looks like a cauldron!). In that pot there are 4 turkeys, 4 chickens and 4 ducks. Mexicans sure do know how to throw good parties! A lot of food and music! Haha. They invited us to stay and eat (we couldn't resist) MUY SABROSO EL MOLE!

Today, in a the early afternoon, we traveled up to one of the branches in the mission. The branches in the mission (branch of the church, not a tree) are so pretty! Very green landscapes and a lot of unique stuff. I took some pictures and I will attach them.

Ni**, an investigator from one of the wards in our district, invited to take us up to look around. She has a couple pharmacies and a couple nice cars. She called us and said, "Elders should I take my Cadillac, my Dodge Ram, or my SUV?" I told her, "The Cadillac will be just fine!" haha!

So she drove us up, Elder Olea and I, and Elder Enos and his companion, Elder Ayala.  There was a lot of fog in Chignahuapan! We were going to go all the way up to Zacatlan, but we didn't have time. Because in Chignahuapan we bought some famous (mission fadish) Chignahuapan shoes (picture attached, of the store). I remember some bracelets back in high school made out of nylon or a similar fabric. Well, these shoes are just the same material. But even cooler!

In Chignahuapan there is a famous Catholic church with a guge Mary and Jesus from floor to ceiling made out of wood! So we went and took some pictures!

I am so happy! I hope you are as well!

"Be yourself, and let yourself be Christ-like. That way you can be your best self" - Brian Alma Burgess

Know you are loved,
Elder Burgess

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