Monday, March 2, 2015

Praying Specifically - Elder Kolby Madsen

Written by Elder Kolby Madsen, serving in the Denmark Copenhagen Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, speaking Danish.


Well, that is great news about Braden’s call!  I am so excited for him!  He will love it. July 8th... that’s forever away, holy cow!  That’s great. He will love it. I am excited to hear where Michael goes. Does he still speak Spanish?  I am glad to hear that it all went well.

Ve** (family I told you about that has a West Valley house) told us that her husband is actually in jail because of some stuff and that her son is the one who had cancer, but now he is fine. He just has had some crazy scares and has had a hard time adjusting back into life after fighting it for 5 years. But he is healthy and just wanting to go on with life, so school has been rough because he missed so much. Anyway, we taught them and we invited her to baptism.  She said yes, and we are praying over a date for this week. It's great! We are hoping to get her and her family to church as soon as possible. That is our goal. It was a great appointment, and we had a good chat with her and her two daughters-in-law. They both are interested as well, and we look forward to seeing them this week. She said she would love to have her whole family in the church.  She says that the whole thing feels right. It was a great appointment!

Another great experience we had this week: We were going to go and visit our friend Ro** from Brazil. We have worked with her every single week since I have been here in Slagelse and she has always been really positive, but has some disagreements with certain things. She feels like she is just not getting answers to her prayers. So, a couple of appointments ago, we asked her if she got an answer that he church was true. If she got the answer "yes", we asked her if would she get baptized. She said yes. So we started to invite her to pray more specifically.  Well, long story short she still has not gotten an answer, so we invited her to pray to receive an answer by a specific date and put her faith in motion.  As she works towards the goal to be baptized, the Lord will either confirm or not confirm what she is doing to be right. So, she set a date to be baptized on the 18th of April.

I was super excited about this for two reasons. One, she is going to get an answer (and I know it will be a yes as long as she does her part) and 2nd, that the 18th will be a great Saturday for her also because that just happens to be the Saturday that we will be in Denmark! That will be the best feeling ever to see her enter the waters of baptism, as well as to see her take the first steps on the path through the gate of baptism.

We had a great mission leadership conference, discussing what we are going to focus on for the new month of March, in regards to zone training. So we are looking forward to that.

So many good things this week. We are looking forward to teaching the two families we found this week as well. All is well, and the work is truly hastening! As a mission, we have surpassed our goals for the month and it has been great. We are going to do it again in March! Nothing can stop the work from going forward. We have been told this so many times in the scriptures and it's 100% true. Great week. Well, love you all.

Med Kærlig Hilsen,

Ældste Madsen

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