Monday, March 23, 2015

More Miracles in Malaysia - Elder Joshua Avery

Having lunch at our Zone Conference
Written by Elder Joshua Avery, serving in the Singapore Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, speaking Mandarin Chinese.

Dear Family and Friends,

I know that a lot of you are wondering what happened to Jo**. We went to the lighthouse and the guy was able to tell us when Jo** goes there. The lighthouse is owned by a Methodist church and they feed people for free. That means Jo** is starving, and it breaks my heart :( But at least there are faithful Christians here, of multiple denominations, helping him.

Earlier this week, Elder Wadsworth and I went out with faith that we would have a "member present" lesson for a particular appointment. We both felt really good about it, but every member we called had said no. We went to our investigator's store for our lesson, sat down and started praying, when a customer walked in. The owner went to tend to the customer while we continued praying with his children. While we were praying, we heard someone say, "Hello, elders!" When we closed the prayer, we opened our eyes and saw Sister Ta** from our branch there. She began talking to our investigator about church. Sister Ta** explained to us that she works two shops over and that she came here to get her fax machine fixed. She helped us introduce the Book of Mormon, and we all testified of the power it has to strengthen and guide his family. Afterwards, we had the opportunity to serve Sister Ta** by carrying some heavy boxes up the stairs to her shop. It was an awesome experience!

We found 5 new investigators this week and have multiple potential families. The work is hastening. I love my companion! He is so in tune with the Spirit. I am learning so much from him, and we have seen so many miracles.

We met with Q** yesterday, She lives an hour away but comes to every church activity with her 17 year old daughter who is also a member of the church. This Thursday we are going to meet her family. Her husband is Buddhist and strongly opposes the church. Q** said he doesn't allow her to take her daughters to church, but she takes them anyway. She told us we need to prepare because things might get intense. Elder Wadsworth and I feel really good about it though :)

Love you all!
Elder Josh Avery

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