Monday, March 16, 2015

New House - Elder Brian Burgess

 Written by Elder Brian Burgess, serving in the Mexico Puebla North Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, speaking Spanish. 

Our new house

I have this goal just to keep working and working and working. The sad thing is... Mondays just keep coming faster and faster and faster.

My companion and I are working great. Gi** and his daughters F**, and Fa** are progressing and have a baptismal date for the 11th of April. It's tough for Gi** to get work off, but as of right now, we are seeing many miracles so that he can get Sundays off of work.

On Friday, President Christensen gave a fireside to the investigators in the stake about the Book of Mormon. Gi** and his daughters went with us. And it was an amazing fireside!

Right now we are working on the Godhead with his daughters. But God beats science, so I am not worried. haha. We will see how to next lesson goes.

EXCITING NEWS! We finished up signing the contract to our new house and we are officially moved in! I have been bathing with a bucket of water that we heat up for the past month. And now we have a shower with an amazing boiler. And a kitchen with a stove and OVEN! The first house I have had in my mission with an OVEN!

Today we went and played soccer and ate some tacos.... I love Mexico!

I testify that God is a God of miracles. And he blesses us, according to our faith, obedience and desires in this world! I have seen countless number of miracles these last 22 months and I am sure I will see more!


Elder Burgess

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My bed

Our kitchen and OVEN!

Shower - no bucket required!