Monday, October 26, 2015


Written by Sister Maren Madsen, serving in the Arkansas Little Rock Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, speaking Spanish.

Well this is kinda hard to remember, haha we have all these great experiences and then by P-day all I want to do is sleep and can't remember the difference between this week and the last. #thestruggle... :) so with the forty day fast that we started, I have come to realize that even though we are doing all these things to sanctify us and consecrate us, the Smart work is still required. Something I heard this err that stuck with me was to not just work harder, but work smarter. Because I can recognize that I am a pretty hard worker, but I am not seeing much growth just frustration. So we have decided that it isn't necessarily about knocking on doors when all your appointments fall through, but rather  using the Lord to help guide us to the most successful activity that we could do, and si, a veces that is knocking. But I have quickly realized that there is a fine line between doing activities that are most effective and those that just take up our time. Any advice? Creative finding methods. I am fresh out of creativity. :) 
    So the beginning of this week we had a lady in a trailer park that dropped us because she wasn't interested, so we knocked on some of her neighbors doors, because often when someone isn't ready, the Lord has been preparing their neighbors and you may have just knocked on the wrongly door in the beginning. Haha no but sometimes it feels like that.... Better put, we are lead to each area for a reason, so try all the options. Then that's when we found Adrian, she answered all the questions perfectly and is truly converted to Christ! We thought she was our prepared sheep... Haha yeah... Well we went back for our return appointment and it seemed as though she had already made up her mind that what the gospel of Jesus Christ offered is not in accordance to her baptist upbringing. But Santa vaca did we bring it! We testified and we were really bold with our questions and I was really trying my hardest help her feel that the reason we were teaching her was because we love her and this is it. But what a let down. She just could not accept that there were going to be three degrees of glory (even after reading 1 cor 15:40-41) and she was not about to believe that Christ would be her advocate and that she would have a resurrected body... Hermana Hudson was poppin out inspired questions and asked her if she had prayed about Joseph Smith and the Book Of Mormon. She said she did, and got her answer. Then her follow up question was if she had done it with an answer already in mind, or if she had an open heart. She told us that she was praying with a bias..... Well... There's your problem... But she told us she was content with her 66 books and she knows that by following that book (the bible) she will get to heaven. It was really sad.. But she also kind of aggravated me by moving around the cute pictures of the spirit world, the three kingdoms of glory and placing them on top of each other and telling us that there will be no division, just one heaven and one hell. Like woah lady, this is Gods plan... Don't mess with the plan. But it's safe to say that even though we left on good terms, we probably won't be getting any return appointments with her unless she prays with an open heart. It was a real bummer. 
      I think that was one of the times I really felt l gave my all in a lesson. There was nothing I could have testified more of and there was no bold questions left unasked. I felt like a real missionary. Why can't I just do that more often, because although it was incredibly sad to leave her once again going back into the traditions of her fathers, it felt good to leave it all there. To feel that. Missionary work is cool. I feel as though there is a better way to do missionary work and I am starting to see how. 
    Happy day! On Sunday Abigail Eades will be getting baptized! She is so amazing. I am really excited for her although her having no concerns is a little concerning. Como, que? Nadie progreso como este! Pero Si! Es Verdad! 

Well. Suppose I can talk about the deer we saw on the road since I haven't had a good roadkill count in a while. 
We had to drive to Warren a few too many times this week and the first time we saw this giant deer in the median... Muerte.. And Every time we past it it got smaller and smaller and more... Mangled it was actually really gross and sad, but it's really common for large animals to be just lying in the road... Here they don't really clean it up like they do in the city! But hey we also saw a huge Vulter/Falcon (I don't know the difference between my birds) eating who knows what in the road. I'll send a pic! 
Well I love y'all and am really grateful for the emails and support! 
This Vulture was as big as our Cheeba! 

Our investigators' Babies

This House was definitely Latino

Hermana Maren Madsen

Giant Mushroom!! Nov 2,2015