Monday, October 19, 2015

I guess they don't have Laser Tag in Fiji, Our Mission President is the Best! -Sister Maren Madsen

Written by Sister Maren Madsen, serving in the Arkansas Little Rock Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, speaking Spanish
Presidents response to our asking to go play laser tag
   This week turned out pretty good! We went over to a small town called Warren and it is supposed  to have lots more Hispanic people than just the few that we see in Monticello. (Fun Fact: I found out yesterday that there is a Monticello,Utah) We were supposed to be fasting to receive inspiration on what to give up for the 40 day mission fast for consecration. Which led us into an interesting day. We begin our fast just before proselyting and we headed to Warren. (About a half hour drive) and we got a hold of some CES talks from John Bytheway and Truman Madsen and other general conference talks to listen to as we drive, we are kinda running low on new ones though because we listen to them so often. :)  One of the talks was discussing how we need to listen to the spirit and it's promptings. As we headed off to knock on some doors and contact referrals we were talking about how the hardest part really isn't getting promptings but having the courage to do what the prompting tells ya. So we were walking down the street and we were walking to a referrals house and for no reason at all I decided that we should knock on the door next to our referral. Soon as they answered the door we hear Spanish!!
It was music to our ears, we have the hardest time finding Spanish investigators and the fact that getting out of the form and trying on a random door (well the spirits knows) and us Running into a Hispanic family was a huge blessing! The mom welcomed us in and she was even excited that we spoke Spanish because she was telling us that it is hard having her family live in Mexico and not knowing the language of the which the country she lives. What a blessing! After that I realized that Satans a real punk and let's me tell myself that nobody is ready and those thoughts aren't from the Holy Ghost, well, what, No Hoy Satanas! I think that this is something that I am going to have to perfect over a long long time. But I know that when I do, miracles happen!
    This week was also cool because our friend Abigail decided that she wanted to get baptized on November 1!! She is so solid and she is just one of those people who were made for the gospel! (But isn't everyone?) Fits in so nicely plus she is kinda shy and awkward like us so we get along pretty well!
Well family, I hope all goes well this week and y'all stay safe! Thanks for the emails and the inspirational thoughts, and funny stories!
    This week I realized that not only are the people super chill but also the wildlife, you wouldn't believe how much road kill is on the roads, I just stopped counting, sometimes animals need to learn that they can't take to short-cut across the road to the bathroom... Also I have swallowed a few bugs and without fail, every time I ride my bike, a bug flys into my face or helmet.... Haha come on bugs just fly a little higher! No low-lane flying!

Hermana Maren Madsen
Say Yes to School and No to Jerks Oct 12,2015