Thursday, May 7, 2015

Mexico MTC Week 4 - Sister Maren Madsen

Written by Sister Maren Madsen, training at the Mexico Missionary Training Center. She will serve in the Arkansas Little Rock Mission, speaking Spanish.


Thanks for the letter! I like going to the mailbox and getting something. That’s my second favorite time of the day (the first is going home at 9:30 and going to bed).

So I am still shocked that it is already P-day again, the weeks go by so fast! We leave to the field in no time. I am scared but also very excited to not have the exact same schedule everyday. It starts to become tedious.

So last Friday I was a little sick so that was kind of terrible. But by Monday a whole handful of people got some virus and Hermana Siler got it too. I would just chill in the bathroom most of the day. It wasn't the most fun experience. She is still recuperating and we are back into the swing of things. Although since we missed Monday she wants to study all day's P-day, ain't nobody got time for that!

Yesterday we were practicing teaching one of our teachers about taking the leap of faith and being baptized to follow the example of Jesus Christ. He was struggling to commit and our job was to help him understand that being baptized was for him. He doesn't need to worry about what his friends and family thought. I remember feeling like I should tell him that I didn't know exactly what he was going through, and Hermana Siler went through something very similar, but she still didn't have the perfect knowledge of all his feelings and hesitations. I felt like I should explain to him that there is only One who knows him well enough to listen to, and of course that is Jesus Christ. As I attempted to say all this in my misconjugated, broken Spanish, I felt the Spirit so strong. I love that the Lord is so merciful as to bless us with real feelings, even if it is just for a fake investigator. It was just another testimony builder to me that the only way we are truly converted is through our promptings and our actions to those promptings.

After we were finished testifying, he told us that we needed to invite him to baptism again, which he followed with a Yes. I am grateful I have this opportunity, being so young, to see the works of the Lord firsthand. I am grateful for this time and look forward with faith that I will have similar experiences in the field.

In Relief Society I heard something I really liked from Elder Holland, "How often do we jump out of the boat of the gospel and decide that we can swim along side for a while? You can't do it, you're not strong enough." (Those aren't exact quotes.) But I loved hearing that because no matter how happy we think we are, we are NEVER going to be eternally happy without the Savior's atonement and the faith to act accordingly.

I hope I can share that with those I teach to help them understand their purpose in life. This is Christ's church and He does lead it. How comforting that is.

Until next week, I Love you Mom!

Hermana Madsen

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