Monday, December 15, 2014

I am a Chess Piece - Elder Jacob Avery

Written by Elder Jacob Avery, serving in the Peru Lima West Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, speaking Spanish.

(This is parts and pieces from several emails because Elder Avery was having computer trouble.)

My computer is broken, so bear with me. It keeps doing things without my permission...

Family baptism!! Peru Lima West Mission
So the whole Z*** family got baptized! It was definitely a very exciting day for everyone involved.  Our mission president even came to the baptismal service. It was a neat, beautiful experience that I'm never going to forget.

Elder Mamani, who was my companion when we first started teaching the family, came to the baptism and baptized two of the daughters. Several families from the ward came and it was a great night. I don't really have words to describe it.

I am very grateful and honored to have been able to be a part of their conversion in Jesus Christ. Really, I just feel like a chess piece and the Lord is just putting us where He wants us to be. I think that is a lesson He wanted me to learn. I just pray that we can find  many, many more families to share the gospel with! The goal is the Celestial Kingdom, so we're going to need to get a little more work done.

It's super funny that you mentioned that thing about Christmas music. So yesterday the bishopric told us that one of us  would probably have to speak in Sacrament Meeting, so I was thinking about what to say. The clear impression that I received was to talk about Christmas music, which seemed really weird to me at the time. There wasn't time during the meeting for me to speak, but it was a very interesting impression and neat preparation process.

It's not very hot outside. It's only hot when the sun is out.
Elder Avery's sister, Hannah, sent a package
from Chile with her two companions,
Hermanas Puertas and Mori, who returned
home to Lima in December.

The church building is super pretty but, because of the dust, it is always dirty!  Hannah's mission temples, the priesthood, and everything happy about the millenium.
companions stayed for Sunday school and I was the teacher. Our regular teacher left town and called us that morning to let us know. When I got to the class, another member had been asked two minutes earlier to fill in and teach. Instead of teaching Gospel Principles, they were planning to teach the Gospel Doctrine lesson from the Old Testament. Normally, I will help the members fulfill their duty to run the ward, but that was going to be the third time my investigators were going to sit through an Old Testament lesson that would either confuse them or bore them to death. Because the Gospel Principles book is, by far, the easiest book to use, the lesson went very well. We got to talk about

(That's all we received, either because he was finished or because the computer was dead.)

My Vow (December 8, 2014)

Dadiva  (December 22, 2014)

Hyrum (left) has been a dear friend to Elder Avery
since he arrived in Lima. He helped Hannah's
companions find the church where Elder Avery
is serving. Hermana Mori is helping obey the rules, haha!!