Monday, December 29, 2014

Merry Christmas from Malaysia! - Elder Joshua Avery

Written by Elder Joshua Avery, serving in the Singapore Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, speaking Mandarin Chinese.

Current area: Ipoh, Malaysia

Elder Li and Santa, Sister Chris, and the cute kids!
The Relief Society gave us presents too!
Hello Family and Friends,

Yesterday at church the members said that I look much better. I guess my first Sunday I was a little out of it.... :)

So, I have the coolest Christmas story. On Christmas night, Elder Li had the impression to visit a less active member in our branch. We went over to their home, and we quickly realized that they had nothing. Their house was in poor condition and there were no Christmas presents to be found. The mom has breast cancer and isn't really there mentally. It is quite sad. I was able to share a brief Christmas message in Mandarin. Yay! Before we visited them, we'd had dinner at another member's house. Those members had given us cookies and marshmallows, and the investigator we visited before them had given us presents as well. Our bags were full of presents! After I shared the Christmas message, we emptied our bags and watched the kids get so excited. I could see behind the dad's eyes how grateful he was. I imagine it would be hard to have nothing to give your kids for Christmas. We invited them to come to the branch Christmas party Saturday and they said they would try. Sure enough, they came!! It was the best!

I loved getting to Skype for Christmas. It was the best, but it went by so quick. I feel like it was over when it started, haha!

I** is still struggling. His mom is really worried about him. She is fasting and praying for him. I will keep you updated.

Ipoh pretty much has the best members in the world! I don't know if I have received so many Christmas presents in my entire life. They just keep giving and giving. Sister Chris alone got us like 5 presents each, including badminton racquets. Amazing!

Last night we had dinner at a member's house. They had the cutest house! They are Chinese, but the
mom wants her house to look like an American house. She asked me if it looked like a Chinese house. When I told her "no" she was so relieved! haha! They fed us so good. We are so blessed. The people here take such good care of us!

We had the church Christmas party Saturday. Lots of our investigators came. I got to be Santa. The kids were freaking out, haha! At the Christmas party a potential investigator from China came. She told me my Chinese sounds like garbage. Ouch! Oh well, it's getting better, and people telling me my Chinese isn't good makes me want to work harder.

I love you all! The pictures took a while to upload so I couldn't write as much :/

Feng Zhang Lao

Sister Chris's husband owns a restaurant and
lets us eat for free! They are so great!

Ipoh, Malaysia (December 22, 2014)


Our apartment is really nice (and a little messy...)
Our kitchen

That little box makes our water warm...
I didn't know that for a few days, haha!
Our Christmas FEAST!

The kids were so excited!

This little guy is so cute :)

Last Sunday of 2014