Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Elder Avery's Plane Ticket and Passport Arrive

Our dog went crazy, as he always does when someone comes to the front door. This time, no one was there...just a FedEx envelope addressed to Elder Jacob Joseph Avery.

Inside the envelope was a tri-fold pamphlet containing Jake's passport, a travel itinerary, plane ticket to Peru, and detailed instructions on packing, what to do at the airports, and how he will travel to the Missionary Training Center when he arrives in Lima.

The moment was surreal. We'd heard from so many people that visas to Peru have been so slow, it was very unlikely Jake would attend the MTC there as planned. He was mentally preparing himself to receive a phone call telling him that he would need to report for training in Provo instead. However, as is always the case, Heavenly Father is in charge of His work, He knows each one of His children, and Jake will go to Peru as scheduled.

This ended a wonderful week of traveling back to Washington D.C., where we visited family and enjoyed the wedding of a dear friend. We were able to watch the "Work of Salvation" Broadcast at our old church building in Bowie, Maryland, where we lived for most of Jake's younger years.

We don't understand all the miracles that had to happen for Jake to be able to go straight to Peru next week, but we do know that it is definitely miraculous. He is ready, and he is eager to get going.

Elder Avery Leaves for the Peru Missionary Training Center (MTC) (July 3, 2013)

Elder Avery Receives a Welcome Email from the Peru MTC (June 15, 2013)