Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Don't Jump in a Loose Elevator...Elder Kolby Madsen

Written by Elder Kolby Madsen

May 7, 2013

Hey everyone! Everything is going well. I have been humbled this week as the language and the stress starts to build up. We leave in 13 days!!!

Funny story!...So, me and my companion were assigned to teach some Danish members over Skype yesterday. It was on the third floor of the building, so we decided to take the elevator...just to have fun, I guess. Right as we got on, I noticed that the the elevator was really loose. I thought it would be funny to jump and scare my companion. After three bounces, the elevator stopped and turned off. That's when I noticed a sign that said, "ANY MISSIONARIES CAUGHT JUMPING ON THE ELEVATOR, CAUSING IT TO MALFUNCTION, WILL BE FINED $50."

Well, I started to laugh because we were just joking about what we would do if we got it stuck. After reading the sign, I started to feel like a real idiot, and I could not stop laughing because we were stuck in an elevator in the MTC. My companion laid down on the ground and began to just yell jokingly, "My air is fading...I can't breath! I can't breathe!"

I tried to open the door on the elevator (all the while thinking of Tom Cruise in the movie Mission Impossible). When I got the door open, to my surprise, there was a solid concrete wall! There went my Mission Impossible dream! So we were just stuck.

I really didn't want to have to pay $50, so I asked my companion if he would join me in prayer. We knelt down right there and prayed. I asked that we would be able to get out of the elevator and get to our appointment with the Danish people on Skype. I also asked, "If it be Thy will, wilt Thou let us out without getting in trouble...only if it be Thy will."

Twenty minutes later, the elevator turned on and went back to the floor where we started. When the door opened, we saw our teacher. He just looked at us with the goofiest smile and asked what happened. When we told him, he laughed.

I share this story for two reasons. First, never jump on a loose elevator, especially without reading the signs! Second, always pray when you are in need. The Lord is willing to teach us valuable lessons (even as he is probably laughing at us!). He will answer in His time and according to His will. He blessed us with a caring teacher, and He helped us get out of the elevator.

Everything turned out okay with the appointment too. Even though we were late, there were only four Danes on Skype, so we would have been waiting anyway.

The Church is true! Hold strong! Stay in!


Elder Madsen

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