Saturday, July 30, 2016

Last Week in the MTC - Elder Brigham Rush

Teaching Hermana Meza
Written by Elder Brigham Rush, in the Provo Missionary Training Center of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He is assigned to the Nicaragua Managua North Mission, speaking Spanish.

Hola Hermanos y Hermanas
This week was awesome, but more importantly WE LEAVE TOMORROW. 
I guess technically we leave Monday morning at 3 am but I probably won't be sleeping tomorrow night so basically tomorrow. Crazy huh? I am soooo excited to leave. 

So my Spanish is about as good as it's gonna get in the MTC, and I think I've prepared myself as much as possible to get to the field and "hablar en Epañol". But everyone says as soon as you actually get out into the field it's pretty much like you're back at phase 1 for understanding spanish again. So I've already come to terms that I will pretty much be talking to myself for the next couple months hahaha. 

Other than that, like Elder Ward said, "Being a missionary is THE LIFE". Being a missionary is literally the best. Having this spiritual power with you all the time is awesome, and I know I'm gonna miss it when it's all over. Have you ever felt that feeling like you already miss something but it hasn't happened yet? That's how I feel about being a missionary. I guess I can't really say much until I'm there in Nicaragua, but I get sad when I think about it ending in 2 years. Then I get excited for when I turn 65 and can go on a senior mission. Only 47 more years! (only a joke, don't worry guys hahaha). Being a missionary in general is awesome. This is probably one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life. 

Ok sorry for all that pep talk I'm just pretty pumped up. OK so Sunday was pioneer day so we got a special devotional where The Nashville Tribute Band came to the MTC and pretty much preformed a concert for us. But we weren't allowed to clap. Pretty weird huh hahaha. They are awesome though, if you like country music you should look them up. If you don't like country, but like the church, you should still look them up. They have a lot of good music. Maybe I'm just saying that because I haven't heard any music besides Hymns in over a month though. So don't judge me if they aren't as good as I think they are. 

Continuing from Sunday, we didn't get to teach any of our TRC investigators like Hermana Meza :/ But we did start teaching the other district in our zone that leaves tomorrow too as "investigators". So me and Elder Mower had the opportunity to teach Ethan and Enrique (Elder Hatch and Elder Packard) and we also got to be their investigators as well. Elder Mower was Rico (because that means rich in Spanish) and I was Pablo, which is Paul in Spanish. That was really cool because we we realized after the 2nd lesson that we just talked to each other completely in Spanish for like 40 minutes in a room by ourselves, no native speakers that could help us out with the language or anything. I don't know why, that was just really cool to us. 

The rest of the week went by super fast, and we have been preparing as much as we can to travel to our respective missions. We also all got matching ties (shout out to Elder Dean and his Family) and matching socks (shout out to Elder Slade as well) so that was super fun, we looked like a barber shop quartet all of Thursday. Also, we learned that as we focused on doing as much as we can each day, and focusing on the now, we were able to get a ton more done and the days went by quicker too. I'm not sure if I said this in my last email, but my mission and pretty much for the rest of my life is "happy always, content never". Feel free to take it and use it as your own. But it motivates me to be just a little bit better every day, progressing line upon line and moving forward step by step. Progression is purpose to our lives, so I want to challenge you all to try to become a little bit better every day, even if it's something small. Then make that thing a habit and move on to something else. Always be happy with yourself, look at yourself and say "wow look how much I've progressed" but always realize your potential to grow and how much better you can become. 

I know this email is a little preachy, but I swear I'm not a missionary robot. I just hope I can help out a couple of you in your lives because I love all of you and want you all to be happy :) I get to call my family on Monday and I have a 5 hour layover at the airport. So if you are part of my family, and would like a call just email me your number and I may be able to talk to you for a little bit :) I love you all and I hope you have a great week! Remember to read you scriptures and pray and go to church and all that good stuff. This is officially my last group email in America!
- Elder Rush 
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