Saturday, July 23, 2016

MTC Week 5 - Elder Brigham Rush

Written by Elder Brigham Rush, in the Provo Missionary Training Center of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He is assigned to the Nicaragua Managua North Mission, speaking Spanish.

Hey everybody! This week was super awesome. We started out the week with our regular Sunday night devotional. For the devotional we watched the Character of Christ video by Elder Bednar, which is a really good devotional talk that he gave to the MTC a couple years ago on Christmas. And when the movie got done about an hour and a half later, Elder Bednar was sitting on the stand!! Nobody knew he was coming, so it was like the coolest surprise visit. Me and Elder Dean went to choir that day, so we got seat's on the floor part near the stand. He then did a big question and answer session with the whole MTC that took about an hour and a half. That was an awesome spiritual experience.

The next fun thing about this week, is that this week was the last week without our flight plans (which we got last night) so it pretty much felt like we were going to be here forever. So our whole district is kind of going insane. But God breaks us down so he can build us back up stronger again, so the district is as strong as ever. I feel like every night we have a deep motivational conversation with the District in Elder Dean's room, and it brings us closer together every time. Oh and Elder Harrop is the new district leader. He's the tall one. 

So back to our flight plans, we leave the MTC on Monday morning at 3:30 am and our flight leaves at 7 I believe. Then we have a 5 hour layover in Atlanta, and we will arrive in Nicaragua around 8 pm. Sp in the word's of Elder Ward, "I can see the light at the end of the tunnel". I feel bad for Elder Avery because he still has like 3 weeks. And Elder Shetlin got in on Wednesday and me and Elder Avery got to go greet him so that was awesome. And the gym opened up again so 

Just a couple more things, but yesterday was our very last time teaching Hermana Meza :( And the worst thing about it, is they didn't even tell us it was our last lesson until after it was over! The MTC is so overcrowded these days. I guess they needed to free up the rooms for the new missionaries to teach. But it was an awesome lesson to end on. We taught her about the importance of studying the Book Of Mormon in depth, and searching for answers in the scriptures. I have a such a strong testimony that the Book Of Mormon literally has the answers to all of our problems in life. I don't know how, but it's truly amazing. That lesson with Hermana Meza was one of the best that me and Elder Mower have ever taught. I really need to take a picture with her, she's just the cutest little Guatemalan grandma ever. Teaching her is probably going to be the thing I miss most about the MTC, besides my teachers and my district of course. Our Spanish is coming along pretty well though. It's amazing because we can always speak in Spanish so much better during our lessons. 

Last thing I promise. So we threw an awesome Fiesta for P-Day Eve in our dorm room last night and Invited the whole zone. It was lit. Somehow someone had canned sardines so we opened them up and they spilled everywhere, leaving our whole room smelling like fish. So along with cleaning up after the party, me and Elder Mower scrubbed the carpets until like 11 pm. Which is crazy for the MTC. It was worth it though.

I'm just gonna leave you with a couple of my favorite scriptures. Alma 13: 27-29 I love to share this one with my investigators. 29 is actually my favorite scripture but the 2 before just add some background to it I guess. Yeah, the scriptures are awesome so if you need some guidance the answer is in there somewhere I promise. I hope you're all doing awesome, and I'll leave some pictures in some other emails. Have a great week!

- Elder Rush
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