Sunday, November 8, 2015

Birds of a Feather - Elder Joshua Avery

Written by Elder Joshua Avery, serving in the Singapore Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, speaking Mandarin Chinese.

Dear Family and Friends,

We had another wonderful week here in Sitiawan. The haze has cleared out, so it was nice to actually been able to see the sky and not worry about getting lung cancer in my later years every time I was biking outside. Maybe I was over reacting, but it was bad!

Early in this week we met with Mr. Z**. His catch phrase is "meiyou ganjuedao" which means "I haven't felt anything". We felt prompted to read Enos with him (just the verses the Spirit guided us to) and helped him learn on his own. We asked him what he needs to do to be like Enos and he told us "No more really short prayers" haha! We also invited him to write one thing he is grateful for in the back of his Book of Mormon everyday. I think that will bless him greatly. We sang for him before we left and for the first time I've seen it he looked happy.

We taught K** a couple days ago. While I was starting my language study I was thinking about what language I needed to study for K**'s lesson. I felt prompted to call an audible on the lesson and teach him about the law of the fast. I feel very strongly that fasting will be a big player in him overcoming his smoking addiction. The official fast was yesterday, but he ended up getting called into work so he couldn't come to church, we couldn't teach him, and because his work involves heavy manual labor I don't think he fasted...bummer but thats what we will do this week! yay!

Mr. Z**'s car broke down on the way to church so he couldn't! But we did have a Christian family from Pakistan and a less active family come. So that was a blessing. Things are going well.

Love you all!

Elder Avery

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