Monday, July 13, 2015

Pinto Bean - Sister Maren Madsen

Written by Sister Maren Madsen, serving in the Arkansas Little Rock Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, speaking Spanish.

I read Elder Jeppson's email and it made me so happy to hear that he wasn't all sorts of stressed! And I could tell he liked the Missionary Training Center (MTC). I also think his experience is going to be different then mine because, not only is it a different MTC, but also that he is there for quite a bit less time then I was. That is great because it starts to get super repetitive. But he seems happy and excited, which is the key to missionary work I think.  But what do I know.. I'm still pretty green, haha:) Sometimes.

So this week, because Sister Kennach was gone until Friday and we are a trio, we were each taking turns teaching in English with Sister Nielsen. It was really good because I got to learn from her and teach without getting all awkward and stressed that I am conjugating wrong. #spanishprobs (Yeah, every missionary here speaks in hashtags and it's worn off on me.)

So we were able to teach V** and J** and their family, and they told us the they have been reading the Book of Mormon! I can definitely see a difference in the investigators when they are reading and when they aren't. The Book of Mormon is so important in conversion!! ustedes deben leer lo cada dia!! porque puede cambiar sus vidas, y esta es mi testimonio! Also one thing that happened this week, V** AND J** CAME TO CHURCH! It was so exciting! She was so cute! She got up and introduced herself in Relief Society and said that she was here with Hermana Ponce and....uhh las otra hermanas (yeah she loves Hermana Ponce :) but she is making lots of progress! 

During the week Hermana Hudson and I taught for a day and it was cool because we were able to get by (she was trained by Hermana Ponce the 6 weeks before me so this is her third transfer...we only have three transfers between the two of us). We actually teach very well together. We went to one of the less active member's houses, and he had his friends come over and we kinda ambushed them and taught them about the first vision in Spanish and English. It was a great lesson because, while we were talking about the apostasy, one of the girls asked where the true church was? The church that has the priesthood (talk about golden!) We then proceeded with the restoration and bore our testimonies about the Book of Mormon. She asked for one and she said she was going to read it!

It was a very cool experience for me because I was able to see that there really are some people who are just ready to hear the gospel and others who need a little push. I am sure it it no coincidence that that is what our Zone Meeting was about this week. I love how everything works together. How the puzzle is starting to come together. I love this mission life! I have thought to myself many times this week how lucky I am to be a full time missionary and working alongside God's chosen. He has a plan for all y'all, and He loves every single one of his children. Even those who are not accepting of His simple truths.

Love Hermana Madsen (or Pinto bean)

P.S. The elders gave us nick names bean because we are Spanish speaking, and pinto is because I have freckles... elders....

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