Monday, July 6, 2015

Miracles with Rough Edges - Elder Joshua Avery

Written by Elder Joshua Avery, serving in the Singapore Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, speaking Mandarin Chinese.
The reason we have ankle and knee issues....
Hello Everyone!

This week was rough as far as numbers go, but it was still filled with miracles. I've learned that an aspect of faith is not getting down when things are tough. We spent a lot of time out talking to people and knocking hoping to find some more prepared investigators. We were able to find some potential investigators and get a couple numbers, but for the most part things were a little slow. At the beginning of my mission I would have thought this meant God wasn't with me and I must have done something wrong.  After a more careful study of the last verses of Hebrews 11, I would say that this week was typical and I should be grateful that things are going better for me than they did for many of Christ's disciples. At least I'm not getting stoned or have birds bring me bugs to eat. Cendol for under 2 ringott is amazing!!!

On Saturday we went to visit the K** family to help prepare them for their baptismal interview. They are an awesome family!  They are the only investigators we use Chinese with here, so I am always a little rusty when we go teach them. We explained a little more about the baptismal interview because they seemed to have some anxiety about it. Even though we explained to them that it is not a test and role-played with them what it will be like, they are stressed. We also invited them to fast on fast Sunday and they all started getting competitive, haha! We had to help them understand it is private between you and God. I felt the Spirit strong and really felt the Gift of Tongues as we taught so that we could help them hush their fears. On the train ride home, I was somehow able to learn 50 characters which was a great blessing.

We tried visiting some less active members this week, but only one was home and most are inaccessible. We are trying to be a little more creative on how to reach them. We plan on calling through all of our less active members tonight and hopefully set up some appointments with the members in our branch as well. Elder Cash has been visiting members and watching the Restoration DVD with them, and it has been bringing in a lot of referrals. I think Elder Li and I will start doing the same thing.

Love you all!,
Elder Avery

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