Monday, May 26, 2014

Scorpions - Sister Justyce Oliphant

Written by Hermana Justyce Oliphant, serving in the Mexico Tuxtla Gutierrez Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, speaking Spanish.

Dear friends and family,

What a week! So it rains everyday here and when I say rain, I mean I have never seen rain like this before. The thunder is RIGHT above us and it is like we are in a water globe getting shaken up!
Because of all the rain, everything is green... and muddy. Our area is HUGE! And has soooo much potential!

We have about 15 colonials (small towns) in our half of the ward and the Elders have like 20. The Elders live about 30 minutes in combie from our church. We are lucky because the church is in our colonial! So I am not sure what the calles are called, but we live in El Provenir and if you find Chederaui, it's close to that.

Hermanas Oliphant and Garcia
My companion is Hermana Garcia! She is from Sinaloa, Mexico! She has 8 siblings and is so cute! She reminds me of my friend Brooke! Anyway, we have a good time together. I have kinda taken the lead in the lessons this week because she is sick. We got soaking wet on Wednesday and then walked around wet and she got sick :( But we keep going, just now bring umbrellas with us every time we leave the house because sometimes the rain comes out of nowhere!

Oh, and I knew her already because when I was in San Cristobal she was in Comitan. Our zones always got together for conferences, so I had already met her. And when I transferred to Tuxtla, we were bus buddies! So I was pretty excited when I heard she was going to be my companion!

I have been studying about patience this week. Patience and marriage... coincidence? haha! But really, I have learned a lot about how to be more patient with myself, my companion, with waiting for answers, with our investigators. We have a lot of people to teach here, but our problem is that the area is so big and we can't go to each part every day. Its definitely a HUGE change from small Jardines!

​AND we had a baptism on Saturday. His brother was baptized the week before. We are working with some of the other members of their family now too!

Four investigators came to Sacrament Meeting, which was so good. And we have baptism dates with some other investigators. The work is moving along great here in our ward, Vista Hermosa. I love teaching the gospel everyday and learning new things myself!

We have to check in our clothes before we put them on, and in our sinks, and in the shower for scorpions. I am sooooo scared of them and literally have had nightmares this week about them, and that some huge one is going to sting me. But I pray to not ever find one, and luckily haven't yet. We do have a million millipedes and centipedes and creepy crawly things in our house. My companion is nice and kills them all because they freak me out with their little legs.... eeewwww

Well, time to go back to work! I cant believe that this last week I hit my 7 month mark. It's going CRAZY fast! I am learning to enjoy the hard things, including the bugs... and just get lost in the work.

I love my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I love my Padre Celestial. I love my amazing family (and congrats to Aaron on his mission call!). I love this gospel and KNOW that it is the ONLY true church on the face of the earth. I am thankful for my musical talents that I have the honor to share every day when we sing with our investigators (and when I sing in the shower to not be as scared of finding a scorpion...). And also by playing the piano in Sacrament Meeting each Sunday.

I love, love, love you all. Until next week,
Hermana Oliphant

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