Monday, May 26, 2014

Llanganunco - Elder Jacob Avery

Written by Elder Jacob Avery, serving in the Peru Lima West Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, speaking Spanish.

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So this week Elder Aldana and I went to the market one day and set up a table with copies of the Book of Mormon, pamphlets, Book of Mormon action heroes, a portable DVD player showing "The Testaments," and a big white board that said, ''Christ came to the Americas?'' We got several interested people, gave out a few books, and took contact information. It was fairly successful....and then the children came....

The first question one might ask is, ''What are children doing in the tarp covered vegetable market on a Wednesday morning?'' Doesn't matter. A bagillion kids got interested and began stealing pamphlets and watching the video. They wanted one of each of the 5 pamphlets, and another set for each of their cousins. That wasn't going to happen, so Elder Aldana and I began hiding the pamphlets but it turned into one of us on box duty and the other one talking to people.

After an hour or so of being in the market, we decided it was time to pack up. That's when we were swarmed. I began packing the box and all the kids freaked out and wanted something. I literally had to lean on top of the box to stop them. Then all the people nearby in the market wanted to see what was happening, and then realized that they too wanted free stuff. So we gave some adults a copy of the Book of Mormon, then told them enough is enough and left.
At least we got some publicity. We saw many of our pamphlets on the floor of the market a few hours later, but I guess now we know. Giving out free things in a Peruvian market is like dropping a bloody cow carcass in shark infested water :)

Later this week we got to do a family history project. It wasn't in our area, it was by the church. We started out by taking a table to the street with hundreds of unclaimed Ensigns from the past 5 years. We street contacted and tried to bring them to our family history display and, if they behaved, gave them an Ensign. We did the activity that night and had the participation of a few interested people from the street. I think more than anything it helped build ward unity (they were chasing down people with us!) 
Well, I don't want to bore anyone with too much's some photos!
I finally found a llama for Abigail!
And when I got close enough to take a picture
with the llama, it SPIT at me!! haha!

Other events:

We shaved sheep with paper scissors.

V*** (whose parents live in Lima but are members) was baptized in 2 feet of water. It took 7 tries at least.

We went to Llanganunco this morning (Google it!)

I love everyone. Especially my little brother, Josh, who is going to serve in Singapore! Have a great week!

Elder Avery

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