Sunday, August 14, 2016

Learning Malay with Elder Harker and Elder Gara - Elder Joshua Every

By Elder Joshua Avery, serving in the Singapore Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, speaking Mandarin Chinese.

This week Elder Avery sent a voice recording and several photos. The following is transcribed from the voice recording:  

All Right! (In kind of a southern drawl voice for most of the time) Let’s jump into things, “MY WEEEEK”. 
So, this past week was just superb. On Monday, we had an exciting turn of events. Um, we went to the hospital to pick up a missionary named Elder Gara… from Malaysia. No worries, he’s fine. He had gotten in a bike accident earlier, and then before that, I guess he got in a bike crash like months and months before. And he hurt his wrist and then hurt it again, and it was actually good that he hurt it again, because sometimes Malaysian doctors miss things and it  turns out that his wrist, like his hand wasn’t like,  really fully attached to, like bones or anything. So he needed to come and do surgery in Singapore, glad he didn’t stay in Kuching, because the doctor there was gonna do something different that was going to be terrible. So we brought him into Singapore then. He’s been our companion this whole week. He’s really nice, he’s from Sarawak and he is Iban, which is one of the dayak tribes here.  He’s a really nice elder, we’re glad we get to work with him. We did another family home evening with Brother Y* P* and his wife Yu* and their cute little daughters, one’s like 3 or 4 years old and the other is a little baby and we went over how to increase faith in Jesus Christ. It was a lot of fun, we drew pictures with the little girls, the ways they were going to increase their faith- it was way fun. 

And then, after that, it was Tuesday.  After our reporting we ended up just going out and doing work and… pretty good day.. I would tell you more, except that I don’t have my previous planner to look over, because while I was going over my planner, my planner, random days were out of order and upside down and stuff… so I had a misprint planner, so I have a new one now.  So I don’t remember what else happened on Tuesday.. (haha)  Um.. so.. skippin' forward to when I got a new planner! (Pause)  Um… oh, this is awkward, I’m trying to remember my week and I can’t remember everything I just got Elder Harker’s planner and I’ll just go through his except that it’s all in Malay so I don’t know what to do… (Elder Harker laughing)  (Elder Avery) What?... (Elder Harker) So what day?  (Avery) What is Raboo?  (Harker) Wednesday.  (Avery) Aww! That’s the one! Raboo!  

Okay so then, Wednesday we ended meeting with an investigator named Er*, he’s older.  He used to be, well…I shouldn’t say older, he’s like early 40s.  (Elder Harker chuckling) But, he used to be Christian and he kind of left religion and Christianity because of depression and other things and so, he was just talking about like.. I don’t know, he kind of got on the whole (southern accent in higher pitch) “Yeah, well why did Joseph Smith get to see God, like, I’ve never seen God… or like an angel and he got to do this and we just have to go off like faith and stuff”  like I’ve never seen God”  So we had to explain that, do you go off faith… but I got a little fiery because sometimes it heats me up a little bit, when people say things like that.  So I was like, “Yeah. Joseph Smith got to see God and Jesus Christ.  Because after he was beaten nearly to death, multiple times and tarred and feathered, multiple times, lost multiple children because of the ramifications of things that mobs did and other tribulations they were going through and his people were  marched through snow and left like blood in their footsteps and all that stuff… and then HE DIED. He never denied it, whereas any other human being, any other person, would have done that. Joseph Smith was an exceptional man and not only that, but of course he had to exercise and use faith before he received a witness just like it says in Ether 12:6.  So, we told him that and hopefully that will help him, I think he should be good. 

Then also that day, we taught an awesome investigator from Indonesia named Sister Em*, that we found a little while ago and now like even now,  my phone is going  off cause her and another member in the stake, who’s Indonesian, named Sister I*, they just talk all day about what’s happened, just message each other and talk about gospel stuff.  But, on Wednesday when we taught Sister Em*, which was a super good lesson, which was really short, because she only had 20 minutes, because she is a domestic helper and doesn’t get a lot of spare time. And she really like it, we reviewed the restoration and she was like, “of course I’ll be baptized on September 17th, like why not?” And that’s really cool, she’s doing really well with the Book of Mormon, she’s reading it and then…. …
Oh, yeah, (in a fast then drawn out funny voice…) 

Fast forward to Thursday, evening after our weekly planning, we had to go pretty far out of our area, because one of our recent converts named Ro*, her friend’s grandma needed a blessing so we went way far to, I forget the name of the place..but we went really far to there, to go give the blessing (Josh yawning and talking), but we felt like it was … sorry that was a yawn… but we felt like it was necessary because, I don’t know, Ro*... um... never mind... this.… Members are great. I love them… But sometimes... it’s hard to go to your home teachers and stuff like that, when they are not close to you, when you have things like that pop up. Sometimes recent converts just have to go to the missionaries.  Anyways… (laughs)... so that was out of our area, but we did that for her and because she really wanted us to do and not a member. 

And then after that, it was Friday and so, Friday... let’s see Friday… (some foreign word for Friday) Juoomant.. is that what it is? And Friday was a finding day and we ended up kind of finding this really awesome guy from China, I feel bad, we keep finding awesome people, but then they’re not in our area, so HA! I need to be careful about that.  But, we found this really awesome guy from China, so we passed him off to some Chinese elders that day, so that was cool. We also went to "Singbon?" park and met this really cool girl who is also from Indonesia and we like, when we first ran into her she was not open at all and we were like “Are you kidding me.. do you think God doesn’t talk to us like he did in the Bible, that would mean God has changed. And if God has changed, then God has ceased to be God. So then she was like, whoa, ok..she was kind of like.. ok, I’ll read the Book of Mormon and pray about it and we were like, Wooo!” It was exciting. 

And then “saptoo”, that’s “Saturday”… I’m learning Malay!!  We ended up teaching…let’s see… a lot of these lessons fell through I realize, let’s see which ones actually happened.  Oh, G* and M* happened… so then we ended up being able to teach Brother M* at Brother W*'s house and he’s amazing and he’s like “Yeah, okay, but Sunday I don’t want to go to your church again, because I’ve been going to the Catholic church for the past 7 years and I feel like I should tell my priest what I’ve been learning and see what thoughts he’s had” and of course, like always, we’re like, “what? that seems like kind of a silly idea, we all know what your priest is gonna say, like he’s gonna say like stay in his church, it’s like been 7 years… bla bla bla… “ok, fine, we’ll letcha do it. And so we did it and we prayed really hard, and then yesterday we talked to him and his priest was actually cool with it, and he was like “it’s your choice” and we were like, “woohoo!” and so… we’re excited, because we’re pretty sure we know what his choice is going to be.  (clicking sound with the side of his mouth like people do when they then point after… like some people do and wink at the same time they point… haha.)  BAPTISM!!
Then… after that, brother G*, we taught brother G* again and he’s been doing well, he has his work figured out and stuff, he should be able to come to church more… um, so that is exciting.  Sunday we taught Sister Em* from Indonesia again- it was a really good lesson, and then after the lesson, she gave us nine referrals who are also Indonesian and Christian so that’s amazing.  Only 2 or 3 of them are in our area, but that’s still amazing nonetheless.  And then we also were able to teach Brother Y*, who is a recent convert who came back from Brunei and then we were able to meet with Ro*, which is always amazing.  Then we came back… Oh, and then Sister Ri* ended up coming church, which was so good, because her phone has been having problems, so we haven’t been able to contact her and I’ve been waaay stressed about Sister Ri*, but she ended up being able to come to church, but she came with the 2 kids even though they live out in Compassvale, and we were able to go teach her and her husband later last night, down in- not in Compassvale, down in Queenstown and I guess they’re only going to be there for the month, then they’ll come back to Izhevsk, then we’ll be able to meet with them again.  So we’re excited.  

Um,  yeah, so that was our week! Love you all!! Be good.  Bye!!
Elder Avery

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